The Power Of A Dollar.

I've been steady working since 10th grade. (Finish Line, Kaiser Permanente, and Mervyns)
Having a cool little income ($150-$200) every two weeks is fine while you're in high school because what the fuck do you really need to buy? A chicken sandwhich at lunch? $10 Movie Ticket at the Long Beach Town Center? $140 pair of Jordans?
Man...Shit changes the day after you put that fresh ass High School Diploma on the wall in your living room.
Your parents aren't taking care of enrolling you in school anymore.
Your school isn't within walking distance anymore, so you gotta drive there.
And Gas is $4.45 a gallon.
I remember when Shit was easy. Like when I could go shopping and buy whatever was in a Large or size 9.
Now i've got a phone bill ($50) Internet bill ($40) Weekly Gas ($85) Credit Card Payment ($25)
Weekly Food ($30) Court Payment ($25) and "Lost Item" Payment ($40)
That's how it goes when you wake up the morning after Grad Night.
The best thing to do is keep your head up and remain optimistic, optimistic as fuck!
We will all learn the power of a dollar. And the earlier we learn it, the better.

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