Composition of Elasticity.

I need to change my socks.
I've been wearing the same pair for several vintages now and the stories are starting to show. I knew the holes would inevitably grow and expose my bare toes...
These are the stains of an idealist perspective, reflective of my avid concentration and journeys through my rabid imagination where the dreams stretched the threads beyond their stitching and cotton no longer bares the composition of elasticity.
I need to change my socks.
Years ago, my Grandmother embedded my initials on the heels in red thread and now I fear my name will become worn out by the thousands of hills I have yet to overcome.
But this odor...this fucking odor that I can no longer disguise with harmless white lies about salts and powders that I've tried. The damp stench is undeniably coming from me.
I need to change my socks.
I'll soon find a pair that contour to the difficult extremities of my visions and bind with my wisdom. But for now, I'll refuse to remove my shoes at least until each intertwined thread becomes unstitched.

This is the first poem I wrote as a 19 year old. I'm switching my style up. If you pay close attention to the words, you'll see that I'm not really talking about my damn socks. There's more to it. What do you think I'm talking about?


Purple Stuff.

Just like a nigga to make off with a 2liter Non Brand Grape Soda after hoopin'.

Hahaha! Drinks are so much better when they're free.


Jan 30th - Feb 1st Mcdonalds will have this deal:
50 chicken mcNuggets for $8.99!!!


Dedan Theory #42

Now-my figures are not 100% but I have statistics and data that back my theory up on this one.
I believe that 92.33% of femals named "Stephanie" are physically attractive. Physically.


My studies do need further analysis but, the results prove that if your name is Stephanie, you are attractive according to the unwritten laws of man.
I would like to state that this is MY (opinion/) hypothesis but if you can provide research that backs it up, please contact me.


"I've Seen This Happen In Other People's Lives Oh...And Now It's Happening In Mine"

"There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain top of our desires."-Nelson Mandela
I was directed to post this quote on my blog by my friend Jeff.
The message behind this quote is the hard efforts that one must put into reaching true desires such as big time chillin', big time ballin' with big time money. However, I feel Mandela had a deeper meaning. I'll just keep it to myself for now...


Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Pt.3 Vol. 1

"I know I always say 'good niggas don't worry our time will come soon when we will be appreciated and taken care of ' but real shit, good niggas can't win in this world. My theories have been persuaded by movies: The only time good niggas triumph are in movies. In real life, good niggas always get the short end of the stick while these do-dirty niggas run wild and these stupid girls love these niggas. Girls love having to worry whether their man is out cheating on them again because it probably already happened. They love that shit! ...Girls really don't like the good niggas.

One thing every good nigga has in common is heartache/heartbreak. Out of all my homies and relatives [there are] only 4 good niggas: Myself, Booker [cook coke crrrrracccck], Brandon, and the lil' homie Dedan. We have all been hurt but I jumped in that pool head first fresh outta the jacuzzi and Dedan just put his feet in it to see how the water felt haha. Basically I have lost faith. Good niggas can't win unless they're on the movie screen so if its not to late for you, I highly suggest you change your ways. I'm pretty sure you know some do-dirty niggas so go have a chat with them and see what they do differently and study them because don't shit come out of bein a good nigga but pain.

So to all the niggas that still have time 2 change: go grab Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, go to track 12 "Cashmere Thoughts" and Jay says " lifes short so play hard and stick hard and the only time you love 'em is when yo dick hard" because these do-dirty niggas know the way and they're winning. ...Kanye and I are left with 808 and heartbreak. lol"
Boogie out!

Here's my take on Davon's message. I've always felt our generation has an extremely loose idea of what love is. "We're on each other's top friends, number one. So that means we love each other." There's no more love at first sight. What has exonerated this cliche is Love at first text.

We fall in love with looks. Our idea of beauty is purely physical thus we fall in love for the wrong reasons. Men mistreating women is ubiquitous in our day. The solution lies within the actions women take when seeking the best for their heart. And I can't tell you what that entails.


At Least Remember, This Is You On A Drab Day, You In A Drab Dress.

Have you ever had a relationship you couldn't explain to anyone else?...not a boyfriend or girlfriend, just someone special in your life....No jealousy, no envy, no drama, no fighting, just understanding.

You don't need the empty kisses and empty promises from the opposite sex to have a deep connection. There is absolute truth and respect between two who share a mutual feeling. What can disrupt this bond? Sex. However, sex alone cannot ruin the relationship.

Have you ever had a relationship you couldn't explain to anyone else? Your boys don't understand this bond. The rare, small things matter with this person.

I can put it into other words: Instead of offering them the world, you're koo with sitting on a hill together and watching it go by.

"Compare the best of their days
with the worst of your days, you won't win
With your standards so high and your spirits so low
At least remember, this is you on a bad day, you on a pale day."


Beautiful Hip Hop.

Every now and then, I'll post up some true hip hop songs which I feel to be a true masterpiece in many aspects. I wasn't sure which to start this off with, so since this song randomly came on, here's the first one:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/ Tha Crossroads.

This is just a real laid back track on a real emotional subject. No mention of bitches, weed, blasting gun, lowrider or hoes. I mean, they're speaking about close friends and family passing away, judgement, and "livin' in a hateful world". Even if you don't pay attention to the lyrics, the beat is very mellow. This song was not made for the Pop charts.

"God bless you working on a plan to Heaven/ Follow the Lord all 24/7 days, GOD is who we praise/even though the devil's all up in my face/But he keeping me safe and in my place, say grace/For the case to race with a chance to face the judge/And I betcha my soul won't budge/Grudge because there's no mercy for thugs/Oh what can I do it's all about our family and how we roll..."

Eazy-E signed these cats in 1993. In 1995, they released E.1999 Eternal. This was the same year Easy-E died from AIDS.



Thank You Esther&Tommy.



I learned a lot of shit when I was 18 and each lesson will make me a stronger 19 year old. It's an incredibly long list, so here are a few important ones:

> I learned to stay well away from greed. I was on informal probation for the whole year because of greed. SMH

> I learned that it is imperative to never burn your bridges. Always remember the ones who once held a spot in your heart, no matter how big or small that spot was.

> The bigger you dream....Life just seems easier when you keep focus on all your dreams.

> Don't choose a career just for the money or the small amount of school time. Follow your true passions. Create your own path.

> Smile as if you were insane. Smile for no reason. Smile when you're down. Encourage others to smile for no reason. Encourage others to smile when they're down.

> Use a defense with 3 safeties and 3 linebackers when playing against Davon in Madden.

> Beauty is not physical.

This was one of my most memorable nights.

There are many reasons why I chose to become a Pharmacist. My mother almost had cancer and my father is still recovering from prostate cancer. This is Simon, a friend who I keep close to my heart. When I found out that he has a cancer, it infuriated me even more. I can't tell you how much I HATE cancer. I use this anger as motivation to study cancer and work in the research field. I strongly believe the cure will be found in our lifetime. I might mess and find that shit.

"If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me a better man. Take a
better stand. Put money in my moms hand...Stay far from timid. Only make moves when your heart's in it And live the phrase "Sky's The Limit"


While my phone is buzzing and ringing, and my laptop lags due to the amount of IM's I'm receiving through AIM, I write this.
Today is my 19th birthday. Although it is not as significant as turning 18, it is very much important to me. I don't know how I can top my 18th year of being alive. I graduated High School, started college, started driving, fell in love, had _ heartbreaks, wrote a lot of poetry, started a kickass blog and met a lot of new people. (Few other things I can't publicize) How can I top that?
I can't say I'm more mature now for I've always been more mature than my age. However, I have become alot wiser. "Without struggle there's no room for progress" is a saying that sums it all up.

I don't really ask for anything for my birthday. I see it as today is a special day for my mother and myself. I feel obliged to provide her with a nice little token of my appreciation. I am very thankful for my friends who typed up the text message at 11:59 and sent it right at Midnight. [All 42 of you]

There's not much I can ask for, so my wish will be for someone other than myself. For someone to bring me a Pastrami Cheeseburger and Root Beer from Tam's!

So now I'm 19. When I turn 20, I'll update you on what I learned and obtained as a 19year old. I plan on beating Davon in Madden alot more often, stepping my poetry game up, and buying a new car. We'll see wassup.

Dedan Kevin Hedrick, January Nineteenth, Nineteen Ninety.




When you work retail part time for years, your co-workers become a group of family members. You see each member grow and through time, the relationship becomes stronger. I started at Finish Line when I was in my Sophomore year and throughout Junior year. I will never have a job as fun as this one was. From throwing shoe boxes in the stock room to falling off ladders, having this job was one of the greatest experiances I've had. When we spend time together, it's only the "Finish Line Family" and no one else. We've shared many good times and many good laughs.

Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Vol.1

"Yo, I've been hearing a lot of disrespect coming at my nigga Kanye [West] for that 808 & Heartbreaks. Muthafucka's ain't gettin it, that shit is potent like tropicana pink lemonade at AmPm 64 ounces. Man that shit is deep like emo hip-hop. Shit I guess you gotta be heartbroken to feel that shit cuz Kanye told me "Welcome To Heartbreak" and I was like my nigga I'm already there and been there for a while. But muthafuckas should be feelin it anyway cuz its good music man...P.S. For my "good niggas" out there remember girls are just like sea gulls. They sit back and plot waitin' for the perfect time to swoop down and shit on niggas. haha And another thing for all my good niggas: Don't worry, our time will come soon and we will be appreciated and taken care of like my nigga Jay-z said "If you don't give me heaven I'll raise hell, till it's heaven!" "

"Its so crazy I got everything figured out But for some reason I can never find what real love is about No doubt Everything in the world figured out but I can never seem to find what love is about."

Davon talks a lot of BS but he eventually says something that is meaningful. He recently said to me "Girls are just like seagulls as they sit back and plot, waiting for the perfect time to swoop down and shit on niggas". This struck me as true, whether they do it knowingly or unknowingly. Once you get too familiar with love, anytime is a perfect time. So I'm out here lookin' sick with a bunch of bird bombings all on the top of my head. Real Shit. [Pun intended]

If you have any questions for Day Boogie, email them to dedanxhedrick@yahoo.com and I'll post it up.


Oh, You Thought My Only Talent Was Writing?

Junior year Ceramics class, sucka! My skills were the bomb! [Pun Intended]

How I'm Feeling.

For a variety of reasons.


Need A Girlfriend?

For real though. Myspace is trippin' with these adds. In case you don't know, if you have a website or a blog, you can choose to have Google adds to bring in some revenue. The amount of money you make depends on how many people visit your blog and how many people click on these adds. But I'm saying, there's a bunch of shit wrong with this. First, YOU WILL NOT BE TALKING WITH THESE GIRLS! hahaa Believe that! Second, It's a shame that this has become everyone's idea of beauty. Men will no doubt fall in the hole if sex was a trap. See, the thing about these girls is that, they feel like they can only be accepted by portraying the image of "sexy" because, I mean, who doesn't want to be sexy? Who doesn't want a fly-ass dime piece on their arm? Her body could be on point but they are born with that. You can only respect a mind that is acquired through an education and morals. You feel me?

These adds remind me of Dave Chappelle's skit about If The Internet Were A Real Place.



Too much has already been said about my homeboy Heath Ledger for me to say anything. Except sorry for copping your movie on bootleg. What many people forget or choose not to mention, is his performance in Brokeback Mountain. This is the movie where I learned his name. There was a little Hollywood flame about his performance for a short while but it was shortly outlived. Many of my friends could not put their ignorance aside to watch this movie but I recommend it to everyone. I'll always remember Heath as one of the most versatile actors in the game.
Here's a good scene from:
10 Things I Hate About You

Met A Four.

I will always be the only man to fully understand your beauty and appreciate the complexity of your mind. I can't say much about our love because it never really existed in the physical form. We romanced in between the lines of paper and used black ink to enhance the unspoken metaphors. Our imagery became a graceful bird that came to life when the pages of our notebook were flipped. The day the last page became exhausted, our magical book flew away towards the undiscovered South. Our literature found the sacred warmth and the pages were shared with other birds who flocked with a different feather. Inevitably, the immense world heard our elegant stories through romantic chirps like a herd of rushing elephants. The world will never believe, much less get to see, the Adam and Eve that saw life within our powerful poetry. I will always be the only man to fully understand your beauty and appreciate the complexity of your mind. My love for you was hidden within origami, bent with no creases and crafted like ivory chess pieces. Our words were the pawns that protected us from an imminent defeat square by square and you were never scared to sacrifice yourself to keep our bird alive.


We All Get Into A Rut.

Life after high school is a very important transition. There's no way to prepare for it. There's no way to predict 3 flat tires and a babymama. You can try to save $50 a week for "Emergency Purposes Only" but honestly, 18 year olds can't save shit these days. A bi-weekly check from a part-time job barely suffices. I know the majority of my readers come from the same background as me so what I'm speaking of is relatable to many of you. We all find ourselves in a rut. A temporary struggle. Whether it's failing a class, multiple traffic tickets, babymama drama, heartbreak, or all of the above, the hole may seem too deep and the light may seem too far away at times but the best thing to do is to remain optimistic and take each obstacle one jump at a time.

My Pops recently said to me "It's normal to find yourself in a rut every now-and-then. As long as your know your goals and dreams, you'll find a way to get there."

In order to grow, one must acquire new lessons and learn how to apply these harsh teachings in real life. In the midst of stress and all that mess, always be thankful for each of your blessings. There's always someone who has it 10times worse than you do.

I don't feel like explaining why music can help you, no matter which situation you're in. Here's whats currently on my playlist:

Jay-Z-Feelin' It
Biggie-Everyday Struggle
Kanye West-Spaceship
Eminem-8 Mile
Tupac-Keep Ya Head Up
Tupac-Better Dayz
Tupac-Me Against The World
Miles Davis-Blue In Green


Day Boogie's Weekly Wisdom Vol. 1

I've seen a lot of shit go down in my 21 years of living and I realize something: Nobody has their bitches on lock like my latino brothers haha I mean some "do dirty niggas" be havin they bitches on lock but the latinos be havin it on master lock with the key and no duplication. I mean through the cheatin' and beatin' the girls are still there and don't let a baby get into picture [because] that's guarantee lock up for life. Even the girls that don't think they on lock are on L's cause that scum bum nigga is gonna be apart of her life 4ever. It's ludacris but I ain't hatin I tryin learn and see how a good nigga like me don't stand a chance and these scum bums always winning I guess that's just life and the unfairness of it.
Boogie out!!

Please take note of this mans wisdom. You may remember Davon "Day Boogie" from my "Nice Guys Finish Last" post. Real Talk.


I've Always Been Bothered.

By teenage girls picking up drinking habits. Not only is it unattractive, but it is also stupid. Girls these days haven't realized that guys go to parties with the intent of approaching and apprehending a drunk girl. "My nigga its finna be a party crackin' tonight and it's finna be a bunch of loaded skeez!"

I don't really say anything to my friends who post asinine pictures of their drunken episodes. I just shake my head. I mean, what would drive an 18 year old girl to pound Bud Lights and Jagerbombs? I guess what bothers me most is the thought process behind it.

"Hey! Lets all go out tonight, get some drinks, get absolutely drunk off our asses, throw up, spew out our guts, pass out, and wake up in a strange place with a hangover."

I've always been aware that public schools only have the goal of producing average students. The malicious forces outside school/after graduation pressure us to become less than average people and continue the cycle. If you are around drinkers, you are most likely around smokers.

Clubs such as The Fiest or The Heist. Whatever that shit is. Shaking my head...
And if you spend a bi-weekly check that you get from a part time job to pop bottles at a club, then leave in a '96 Explorer, rethink your life.
And if you feel stressed out because you decided to get it crackin' at The Heist instead of study for your college finals, then get mad at the instructor for being an ass, rethink your life.

Theres more to life than passing out and polluting your body. I remember hearing adults say "your real friends are the ones who tell you what you don't want to hear." The friends who watch you destroy/ruin your life/body are not for your benefit. I don't know how to feel about seeing my peers wasting their lives. One, these are my friends. Two, these are the people making it easier for me to get into USC and get a fly-ass job. Three, these are the jackasses that think they can drive after 24 Red Bulls and Vodkas. 4, these are the people who make me watch over my little homies and make sure they stay on the right track.

I, in no way, promote that stupid club. I'd rather spend my friday nights at the Senior Citizens Bingo and win some cash.


Retro Poetry/ Burnt Red & Yellow.

I sit hidden under the shadow of a cedar tree
Clenching the dagger I was stabbed with so tragically
The Moon shows its empathy and the wind picks up silently
The burnt red and yellow leaves above the soil understand me
I've lost the eternal companion of my heart, now it has no reason to beat
Every thump is a reminisced memory and I feel I must bleed
You see, beauty was ignored, friendship fullfilled every need
I ignored her breasts to swim in her seas
And float on the waves of every word to understand what her heart really sees.
The burnt red and yellow leaves above the soil understand me
The knife punctures my wrist and I can finally bleed in peace
I feel no pain because her name flows in my veins
And her love nutures my blood
And the burnt red and yellow leaves above the soil understand me
I silently weep for this passionate ceremony
Why is it that my scarlet essence illuminates a glow shaped exactly like her?
A puddle of light that reflects all that's left with an infinite depth
And she pulls me closer to remind me I've reached my death.
The burnt red and yellow leaves above the soil understand me.

Written in 11th Grade.

New Years Bubble Map.

Click and Move.

It's A New Year.

Start it off right.