What I Consider Genius.

A Huey P. Newton Story directed by Spike Lee.

I consider Huey P. one of the most influential persons in my life. I just want you to hear some of his words that I consider genius.
We were never taught about Huey P. or really even the Black Panther Party. If the teacher ever did say something about them, it was about their "militancy", right?

Newton called on the Panthers to "serve the people" and to make "survival programs" a priority within its branches. The most famous and successful of their programs was the Free Breakfast for Children Program, initially run out of an Oakland church.

Other survival programs were free services such as clothing distribution, classes on politics and economics, free medical clinics, lessons on self-defense and first aid, transportation to upstate prisons for family members of inmates, an emergency-response ambulance program, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and testing for sickle-cell disease. There was also a Ten Point Program...

The Ten Point Program was as follows:

1. We want power to determine the destiny of our black and oppressed communities' education that teaches us our true history and our role in the present day society.
2. We want completely free health care for all black and oppressed people.
3. We want an immediate end to police brutality and murder of black people, other people of color, and all oppressed people inside the United States.
4. We want an immediate end to all wars of aggression.
5. We want full employment for our people.
6. We want an end to the robbery by the capitalists of our Black Community.
7. We want decent housing, fit for the shelter of human beings.
8. We want decent education for our people that exposes the true nature of this decadent American society.
9. We want freedom for all black and oppressed people now held in U. S. Federal, state, county, city and military prisons and jails. We want trials by a jury of peers for all persons charged with so-called crimes under the laws of this country.
10. We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace and people's community control of modern technology

This isn't about Black History. This is what I consider genius. The words, the power behind the words, and the future of those words.


The First Nigga Only Put Out Albums Every 7 Years.

"Im ready to die
Without a reasonable doubt
Smoke chronic and hit it
Doggy style before i go out
Until they sign my death certificate
All eyez on me
Im still at it, illmatic

Talent Behind The Lens.

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The homie Gian has mad skills behind the photo lens. As good as I already look, he makes me look even better. Younger than me, Gian can do to still-life what I can do with words in poetry. Game recognize game. Goes to show that talent is not acquired at a given age, it's obtained through dedication and persistence. The first poems I ever wrote, I look to as garbage now.
But now, I've grown and so has the level of my poetry.

Hit me if you want a shoot with him.


Effective Ads.

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Rest In Peace, Raelene.

"Two women were killed early Saturday morning after they were involved in a traffic collision on the 15 Freeway.California Highway Patrol officers responded to the northbound 15 Freeway just south of Airport Drive at 2:33 a.m. after receiving reports of a collision.
When they arrived, they learned that a Honda Accord parked in the emergency lane was rear-ended by a 2004 Ford Taurus, according to information from the San Bernardino County Coroner's office.The Honda had four women inside. Angela McGowan of Moreno Valley and another 18-year-old woman were pronounced dead at the scene. The remaining two women were last listed in serious to critical condition, according to the release. The woman's name will be released once her family has been notified.

Life is not short. Everyday is made to be beautiful and it's on us to live it to the fullest. Nothing is written. I remember Raelene for singing and humming to herself just about every class period I had with her. She had joookes too.



This post is in response to a large number of girls taking shots at guys on facebook/myspace talking about "all guys are players/cheaters/pigs/etc..." I'm going to try to be unbiased with this post.

If you act like all you have to offer is sex, that's all we can use you for. How can we appreciate you as a woman if you don't carry yourself as a respectable woman? It's all about the way you portray yourself and what you choose to portray. If you have 400 pictures on your myspace photo albums and 970 pictures on facebook, all of them showing your tits & ass, sexy poses, caked up eye shadow, bra shots and shit like that then how is a guy going to be appreciate you for your mind, your true value? To me, it shows that your mind is translucent.

Girls are so quick to cry and shit when they get cheated on but never bother to ask what the cause was. I would say 95% of the time, guys cheat because their girlfriends aren't stimulating either their physical or mental needs sufficiently. These girls out here care too much about displaying their relationships of facebook/myspace that they think that thats what the relationship is for. Know what I'm talking about? A relationship should not be for the sole purpose of "bigging" up your own personal image. Shit like that just weakens to person advertising it. It shows how weak your heart really is.

No one should ever be able to break your heart. I believe Religion and Family bonds lie within your heart so if you're constantly putting it out there RAW for someone to stab it, what happens to your religion, your beliefs, and your bonds? Does it shatter into fragments as well? You see, what I have a problem with is everyone saying God and Family come before love and everything in general yet become sooooo depressed and emotional when the love/feelings aren't reciprocated. Feel me? My heart will truly be broken when God stomps over to me on some "Dedan...you're a real good guy but...I don't love you like you love me." Same with my momsduke. You know why? Because there is only ONE of each. No replicas, duplicates, nothing. If a girl doesn't love me back then FUCK IT! There's a cool BILLION more on this planet and it will be a fun adventure to find one that's 100 times better!

Love is a currency and we are all Billionaires so don't trip over ONE lost dollar.


A Word Of Advice.

"In the time of your life, live so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere and when it is found, bring it out of the hiding place and let it be free and unashamed. Place in matter and in flesh the least of the values, for these are the things that hold death and must pass away. Discover in all things that which shines and is beyond corruption. Encourage virtue and whatever heart it may have driven into secrecy and sorrow by the shame and terror of this world. Ignore the obvious, for it is unworthy of the clear eye and the kindly heart. Be the inferior to no man, nor of any man be the superior. Remember that every man is a variation of yourself, no man's guilt is yours, nor is any man's innocence a thing apart. Despise evil and ungodliness, but not men of ungodliness or evil, these understand. Have no shame in being kindly and gentle, but if the time comes in the time of your life to kill, kill and have no regret. In the time of your life, live so that, in that wonderous time you shall not add to the misery and sorrow of the world, but shall smile to the infinite delight and mystery of it."

MF Doom- The Doomilation Bootleg.

Flashes Of A Yellow Dress/Journeys Through Jungles.

Amongst my madness
My color receptors register this radiant yellow
And refract the image beyond my retina.
These sudden flashes of a yellow dress interrupt my dreams and defer my sleep.
These quick fluttering fragments flee before I can fully comprehend her beauty.
I reflect back to the first grade when I would find the most brilliant yellow to fill in the five points of a shooting star.
It was always a particular yellow that-
I never physically felt the material of her dress but I imagine each stitch was sown from the thread of a blazing sun much more superior to ours with gaseous yellows that glow amongst infinite darkness.
Each vision is a super nova and its luminosity blinds me with a foggy cloud of disintegrated iridescence incoherent with our spectrum of colors.
I can't physically have her so I traveled to find a yellow that matches the magnitude of the secret moments where I mentally have her.
In my journeys through jungles, I've seen Golden Canaries constructing nests in trees and swam amongst spongy yellow coral reefs in the Mediterranean sea.
As unique as they may seem, they weren't the particular yellow I see in my dreams.
However, there was a scene...
I found an elementary school in East Afrika with yellow hallways and doors.
The children dipped their hands in yellow paint and waved as I took a photo.
This portrait of 20 smiles and 40 painted palms d'ore worth 1000 words I value more than gold and diamonds dug from Sierra Leon shores.
I've been twisting and turning this rubicks cube with 80 tones of yellow tint attempting to match tiny squares into the image to keep her glow in physical print.
Vogue, Vanity Fair, nor Victoria's Secret have ever printed such a vixen that I envision.
Only universal variants of unreal women-
Vapor amongst paper.
I journeyed to admire every hue and once I finally found the picture, I discovered your dress was actually blue...

What I did with this piece...took me about 2 months to write. I wanted to make it a narrative-type joint. First off-this really happened to me. I kept thinking about a picture and in my mind and kept imagining the girl was wearing a yellow dress up until I finally found the damn picture. The dress was actually BLUE. The way I felt is what provoked this piece. I wanted the reader to picture the girl in this yellow dress and get to the end and be like "WTF!?" That's why I didn't add anything after the last line after I glorified the yellow. That type of cliffhanger feeling is what I had.

I didn't use a lot of rhyme scheme because that can take away from the picture. It's like-sacrificing what you really want to say just to make it flow. The incomplete lines and absence of rhymes give a sort of fragmented flow, which is what I felt when I tried to remember not only who the girl was, but also the color dress and why/when I got the picture. This also pays homage to Langston Hughes' poem "A Dream Deferred":

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

I gave it 2 titles because my narration has a sort of Cause/Effect thing going on. Feel me?
And also, the Palme D'or is the highest prize awarded to competing films at the Cannes Film Festival which my boy Quentin Tarentino won for Pulp Fiction.
"Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say what one more goddamn time."

Points For Creativity.


"...Return of the gangsta, thanks ta'
them niggas who got them kids
who got enough to buy an ounce
but not enough to bounce them kids to the zoo
or to the park so they grow up in the dark never
seein' light so they end up being like yo' sorry ass
robbin' niggas in broad ass daylight
Get down!"


Currently Looking Forward To:

Space Jams. Back when I was into shoes, I was always on the look out for a pair of crisp Space Jams. It's all good, now I just have to wait till late November to camp out for hours due to the amount of hypebeasts in Southern Cali. Middle Finger to all you size 9's out there camping in front of Proper and shit.
Morrissey concert at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. December 4th. Where my Moz fans at?
FIFA 10. I've gotten waaay to competitive with this game. I don't like Madden anymore and no one can beat me in Fight Night so I've gotten hooked on Fifa. I hope the new one has Costa Rica.
Out October 20th.
Dr. Dre's Detox. Aren't we all?! I've been hearing so many rumors about artists collaborating on different tracks-shits driving me CRAZY! Just give us ONE track ANDRE! I feel like a damn crack fiend. "C'mon, baby! Just oooonne! It's alll I neeeeeed!!" I do appreciate Dre actually taking time to produce a HIGH quality album, just like Eminem. Other artists out here think its necessary to put out garbage every month with bullshit Mixtapes and collab's with trendy artists (Wayne, Jeezy, Drake...) You have to take in consideration that Dre's son recently passed away. I think Dr. Dre is soo far beyond anyone else in the game. Far more mature. I mean Jay-Z still talking about selling cocaine on his 10th album! Word, jigga? Wooord? Respect, Andre. [No release]
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I mean daaamn, how much realer can they make this damn game? The next step is to just enlist yourself in the mo'fo' Navy or some shit. Soooo much time will be wasted due to this. I can get emotional, especially when someone Knifes me before I knife them. You know what I'm talking about. [November]

Monster Massive 09. You can catch me wilin' out dressed as a Star Trooper from Star Wars. [Halloween.]
Eminem's Relapse part 2. Enough said. [November.]

And also, I AM looking forward to the next college semester. The feeling of completing all your classes with good grades is such a good feeling/relief. I feel like Rocky Balboa racing to the top of the stairs.

Niketalk Truth.

"Hype all you want over a pair of shoes. If you don't plan on wearing them, you are only fooling yourself. It's cool to keep a pair of kicks on ice for a little while, but keeping a pair of shoes on ice for pure bragging purposes, or just for the self reassurance that you have "shoe game", or that you're a "shoe head" is just another way of clowning yourself that you're not a hypebeast. WEAR YOUR KICKS! ENJOY THEM!"


"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar."- Jimi Hendrix