I'd show her off around Times Square with all the bright lights and lost foreigners. She doesn't fit in with the everyday crowds of Figueroa and Slauson. C'mon, Jenny. I'm taking you to Melrose And treating you to Pinks Hotdogs. You'll love it. And you'll love me. I fell in love with you in "A Beautiful Mind". You make more money than I so can you take care of the ceremony? I mean, A brotha could cop the engagement ring off a vendor in Downtown L.A. so don't trip, sweets.
"There's eagles and there's vultures. Eagles kill their food, and leave the spoils for the vultures, who have to pick from whatever the eagle saw to be unfit for consumption. Same applies to people. You have people that got money, and use their money to make more money, and you have people that don't have shit, and want to wait on someone else to come up so they can take it. You have a choice as to whether you want to be an eagle or a vulture... "

Basketball 101.

So this chump actually thought he could beat me 1-on-1 in basketball. A couple hours later, I became $50 richer and Justin retained his trophy for Fool of the Year.

This is how it started:
Dedantheman: you gonna be the slowest [player] on the football field
Dedantheman: might as well not even tie the flag on your waist. you gonna be tieing that shit exceedingly
iemj4d: bitch plz.. no matter how much i DONT work. i will always be faster than YOU!!

And that lead to:

Dedantheman: if we jogged around a track, i could last longer than you
Dedantheman: your hands will be on your knees before me
iemj4d: nigga you cant see me in anything physical
iemj4d: give it a rest
Dedantheman: BASKETBALL!
Dedantheman: SEE ME ONE ON ONE!!
Dedantheman: $50!
iemj4d: omg dedan
Dedantheman: i got you on basketball nigga
Dedantheman: you KNOW ITT
iemj4d: im full black ur only half.
Dedantheman: you don't know what you're getting into!
Dedantheman: plz call yo girl and tell her what youre getting yourself into
iemj4d: i told her im taking her to red lobster tonight hahaa
Dedantheman: ya'll niigas is eating tomato SOUP out the fucking can!

He only scored 5 points. I played the post for the most part. Drained a couple 3's.
Two Crisp Twenties And A Ten, Thank You.

For My 100th Post.

I present to you, Justin F., Fool of the Year.

Everything is gonna be alright

This is his rendition of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"



Here is an interesting site. Seeing as Bush is on his way out, you can choose to forgive him and also forgive someone else who video taped you dancing to Michael Jackson in the shower and blackmailed you by threatening to put it up on youtube.*

Click the pictures for the Link.



Throwback Dedan.

Looking through all the photos of myself, I realized there is a common characteristic about me.
Is amicable the word I'm looking for? In this picture, I'd just gotten off my shift at Finish Line and went for Boba Smoothies with my co-workers. I'm imitating a comical manger of ours. This was more than two years ago. Before my goatee. Back then, My Livestrong band was on the left wrist. Now its been on my right. And also, I was constantly plagued by acne due to the constant wearing of my New York Yankees cap. I haven't grown much, my beard just makes me look older. Oh, and I exceeded the holes on that belt long ago.

Drink It Like It's Water.

Water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.
My blog isn't a science lecture, but you may not know the real deal. Here are the Mains:

1-Water suppresses the appetitite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.
The kidneys cannot funtion properly without enough water. When they do not work to capacity, they dump some of their load on the Liver. One of the livers primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body.

2-Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone, which helps proper muscle contraction. This also helps prevent sagging skin that follows weight loss.

3-Water can help relieve constipation.
The colon is a primary internal water source. When the body gets too little water, it siphons what it needs from internal sources and the result is constipation.

4-Cold water is absorbed more quickly into the system than warm water. To utilize water most efficiently for weight loss, follow:
Morning: 1 quart of water over 30 minutes
Noon: 1 quart of water over 30 minutes
Evening: 1 quart of water between 5-6pm

So Vivid And Vibrant.


Gray(T) Christmas.

The older I get, the better Christmas seems to be. Despite the gray clouds and rain showers, today was a good day, word to Ice Cube. It's good to know families around the world are together, united. The best thing about today was seeing two homeless men eating a meal together on a Bus bench in Venice. That put a heartfelt smile on my face. Today is more about appreciating your friends and family than receiving gifts. However, when I was a kid, you already know that Christmas list was 5 pages long, front and back. I'm talking about Batman, The Batmobile, The Batcave, Batman's Motorcycle...all of that!

Andy put me on Shawshank Redemption. It's about a quiet banker unjustly convicted of murder. This movie plays around Hope(JAYY!) The plot, story, and acting are all on point. If I had three hands, I'd give it 4 thumbs up. It's a must-watch.



Jameer Nelson.

2008 Senior Goodbye Assembly.

"I'm Building A Castle That Touches The Clouds, Not To Get Closer To God, But To Keep Eye On Ya'll"


College Health Seminar #2

Roach Coaches, Lunch trunks, etc... They all know how to hook up a quick burrito or cheeseburger for $2. Warning* Avoid the hot sauce to avoid IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrom)

Inspiration For Days Pt. 2

"My sister read your blogs and she thinks you need to make something out of that talent and that your poems give her chills. Just thought I'd let you know. You are sooo inspirational I have read most of what you have up.. I have your blog website bookmarked in my phone Haha I love reading them. And you need to do something with that talent of yours LOL"

Thank You.




A Bit Of Me.

Since my high school days, I've developed almost a whole new personality although retained the same characteristics.
I have become a lot lazier. In high school, my 6 periods required studying and homework. I expected college life to be much more hardcore but it's the opposite. I never took any notes this semester. In all my 11 units, I think I used less than 2 sheets of paper to remember things. exmple:
"No class next Weddy."
"Bring chips/cheese dip next Thurdy"
"Write 2 paragphs on Sacrifices"
"Deeeeee Daaaaan The Maaaannn"
I have the wonderful luxury of waking up at whichever time I please. A luxury I believe will be short lived. I haven't wasted this free time though. I make good use of my talents so I write poetry or short stories [that I never finish].

The freedom I have has allowed me to enjoy time a lot more. My days are spent the way I want to spend them. Being that I am about to turn 19 in a month, there are some 'semi-adult' responsibilities I am afflicted with. I need to break bread with Verizon, T-Mobile, Arco and WaMu Savings Account before I can buy a new Apple Notebook or G1. Disgusting, I know.

In order to reach the future, one must prepare for the future. The idea is to break through brick walls now so you can land on pillows later. Write that down. How can one succeed without having a 'plan of success'? Write that down.

I don't want to say I've developed a greater sense of maturity because I still watch Tom&Jerry, play Xbox and rev my engine at red lights but my priorities are straightened. I fix my car before I buy that new The Hundreds shirt. [In a Large.] Or those new Jordans. I'm just not into Jordans anymore.

One thing about me that won't change...I'll never stop dreaming. The most important dreams to remember are those that you once had when you were ten years old. Those are the dreams that are not influenced by reality. At age ten, we all thought we could land on the moon or be the worlds fastest man. We knew no limits. So it is on you to dream to the point where your mind can no longer produce the colors you're imagining, or where there aren't words to describe what you dream of. Write that down. 2009 is the year to dream big. Trust me, because so far-there is only ONE man in the world doing that.


P.S. I wanted to be Mike Tyson when I was younger.


Months Of Looking.

I finally found it.
Stussy Basic Messenger Bag. $49 Click the pic.



Every now and then, I'll post up some poetry that I wrote earlier on when I started writing. This one is dated 4-25-07

Will peace ever come with ease?
Or will we all decease as we wait for the trees seeds to be planted.
Piece by piece
Peace will increase and the flowers will overgrow the weeds.
This dream will see no light if we put up no fight.
Like a silent ember creating a wildfire throughout the night.
Peace sees no race, religion, nationality nor color
Belief, no face, Unity for a sister and brother.
Every ballot for bullet, or a gun for war
Is another crushed dream, lost money for the poor
Mouths of poisoned words are worse than pens of poisoned ink.
Fire can destroy paper, but [never] what we think.
I can ignore the violence
I can dream the demonstrations
But until we form the alliance
Will Peace ever come with ease?

God Works In Mysterious Ways.

A couple weeks ago, someone broke into momsdukes car and yanked out the stereo. Mind you, this was in a AAA parking lot across the street from Cerritos Mall. I was more infuriated than my mom was. Had we been in a dark street on Crenshaw and Imperial, I would've understood. "Okay, yeah. We're in the hood. Hood things happen." But it happened in Cerritos! And I was mad at people in general until today. Long story short, I had a car problem. On Avalon and 120th. Not only did SIX people stop to ask if I needed help, but TWO people went out of their ways to fix my problem.
Edit: Your radiator hose should not have a tear. Like This.

I learned a very important lesson today and it has nothing to do with mechanics. The good Samaritan told me " God works through people. " I could not agree more.

I am a strong believer of Karma. My mom has instilled in me "The more you give, the more you receive in return." Bess' believe this experience has me


If You're Looking To Get Inked.

Look For My Homie David. He Also Breeds Full Breed Blue Nose Razors Edge Pitts.


Now They Peepin' Out The Window And See Me Beatin' Up The Street.

Remember when I introduced Ms. Maywell? Well now she's got a new Radiator/Hose, new tires, windshield wipers and the registration is finally in my name. She's pretty.

College Health Seminar #1

If you're a college student then you know what I'm talking about. Your diet is comprised of Cup of Noodles, Dollar Menu Meals, $5 Hot-N-Ready Little Caesers, or signing up for credit cards if a free meal is promised. Although we are always broke, that "Freshman Fifteen [Pounds]" does exist. Thank God for $5 Footlongs.

Cat And Mouse Games.

Tom was chasing Jerry but Jerry got the pan and spatula and threatened to wake up the dog if Tom kept messing with him.


May The World Be Free

The world will soon be ready to receive my talents
And amongst other things, I will split seas [Spit Peace]
In order to make those who believe in me perceive my destiny.
I will forever write the truth that they seek eternally
May the world be free and
Never let the damned devil handle the dirty details of dignity.
I'm going to shatter gravity and bring everybody up with me.
My force will never attract any matter of negativity.
The world is in need of a better reality that
Has not yet been conceived [See where serenity exists in your city.]
May the world be free and
God watch over us for all eternity.

A lot of people ask me where I find motivation for my poetry. Sometimes I'll give a real, deep explanation like "Well I was staring at the Sunset..." The opening line of this poem " The world will soon be ready to receive my talents" came from a Fortune Cookie from Panda Express. I never take these seriously but this one caught my attention. If you're a fan of my poetry, you are aware of the bold messages that I incorporate in my writing. I do have a message for the world and I use poetry as a medium to deliver it. People feel I am a source of inspiration and THAT inspires me to continue putting my heart into every poem. My rhyme scheme is unique because I don't like the "end rhyme" style. Internal Rhyme is seen with lyricists such as Eminem and Kanye West. In this poem, I went for the " EEEEE " (Ready, Receive, Things, Seas, Peace, Free...) When read out loud it makes the words flow right out. And lastly, I used the " God " line last because this poem is what I feel my future will play out as and in the end [of my life] I want to have reached God.

Thanks, You.



Justin Ford.

This Is What I Want You To Get Me For Xmas.



These Items

Have Just Been Deemed As Certified Crack By The FDA.


Cookie Crisp Cereal.


Kerns Fruit Juice. ( Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Apricot, Mango)


A Question.

Is It Okay To Snitch On A Snitch?



Will you stand idly amongst the shadows you wish to change not only of you, but of the world?
Will you appreciate true value of life and spread that which the world needs most?

Untitled Dreams.

Birds of a pillow sleep together
And dream forever.
This is not of love
This is of true togetherness.
Two can build a nest
Constructed upon green leaves of disbelief
And roots of truth.
You cannot put a roof on fantasies
Because these dreams are rising seas
Where reality plays host for trees to grow.
Two birds can extend their wings
Rather, capacity, to worlds beyond material things.
Written 12/4/08



T-Mobile is running a campaign to get more people to switch over to paperless billing to help be more “green”. T-Mobile is partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation and will be planting at least 150,000 trees in honor of those of you who choose to go with paperless billing. Not only are you saving trees, but you’re helping plant them!
If you want to switch over to paperless billing and stop clogging up your mailbox, head over to
my.t-mobile.com/plantatree before things end on April 25th. If you’re a smart one and already on the paperless billing bus, just jump over there and confirm that you want T-Mo to plant a tree in your honor.