Every now and then, I'll post up some poetry that I wrote earlier on when I started writing. This one is dated 4-25-07

Will peace ever come with ease?
Or will we all decease as we wait for the trees seeds to be planted.
Piece by piece
Peace will increase and the flowers will overgrow the weeds.
This dream will see no light if we put up no fight.
Like a silent ember creating a wildfire throughout the night.
Peace sees no race, religion, nationality nor color
Belief, no face, Unity for a sister and brother.
Every ballot for bullet, or a gun for war
Is another crushed dream, lost money for the poor
Mouths of poisoned words are worse than pens of poisoned ink.
Fire can destroy paper, but [never] what we think.
I can ignore the violence
I can dream the demonstrations
But until we form the alliance
Will Peace ever come with ease?

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