I'd show her off around Times Square with all the bright lights and lost foreigners. She doesn't fit in with the everyday crowds of Figueroa and Slauson. C'mon, Jenny. I'm taking you to Melrose And treating you to Pinks Hotdogs. You'll love it. And you'll love me. I fell in love with you in "A Beautiful Mind". You make more money than I so can you take care of the ceremony? I mean, A brotha could cop the engagement ring off a vendor in Downtown L.A. so don't trip, sweets.
"There's eagles and there's vultures. Eagles kill their food, and leave the spoils for the vultures, who have to pick from whatever the eagle saw to be unfit for consumption. Same applies to people. You have people that got money, and use their money to make more money, and you have people that don't have shit, and want to wait on someone else to come up so they can take it. You have a choice as to whether you want to be an eagle or a vulture... "

Basketball 101.

So this chump actually thought he could beat me 1-on-1 in basketball. A couple hours later, I became $50 richer and Justin retained his trophy for Fool of the Year.

This is how it started:
Dedantheman: you gonna be the slowest [player] on the football field
Dedantheman: might as well not even tie the flag on your waist. you gonna be tieing that shit exceedingly
iemj4d: bitch plz.. no matter how much i DONT work. i will always be faster than YOU!!

And that lead to:

Dedantheman: if we jogged around a track, i could last longer than you
Dedantheman: your hands will be on your knees before me
iemj4d: nigga you cant see me in anything physical
iemj4d: give it a rest
Dedantheman: BASKETBALL!
Dedantheman: SEE ME ONE ON ONE!!
Dedantheman: $50!
iemj4d: omg dedan
Dedantheman: i got you on basketball nigga
Dedantheman: you KNOW ITT
iemj4d: im full black ur only half.
Dedantheman: you don't know what you're getting into!
Dedantheman: plz call yo girl and tell her what youre getting yourself into
iemj4d: i told her im taking her to red lobster tonight hahaa
Dedantheman: ya'll niigas is eating tomato SOUP out the fucking can!

He only scored 5 points. I played the post for the most part. Drained a couple 3's.
Two Crisp Twenties And A Ten, Thank You.

For My 100th Post.

I present to you, Justin F., Fool of the Year.

Everything is gonna be alright

This is his rendition of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"



Here is an interesting site. Seeing as Bush is on his way out, you can choose to forgive him and also forgive someone else who video taped you dancing to Michael Jackson in the shower and blackmailed you by threatening to put it up on youtube.*

Click the pictures for the Link.



Throwback Dedan.

Looking through all the photos of myself, I realized there is a common characteristic about me.
Is amicable the word I'm looking for? In this picture, I'd just gotten off my shift at Finish Line and went for Boba Smoothies with my co-workers. I'm imitating a comical manger of ours. This was more than two years ago. Before my goatee. Back then, My Livestrong band was on the left wrist. Now its been on my right. And also, I was constantly plagued by acne due to the constant wearing of my New York Yankees cap. I haven't grown much, my beard just makes me look older. Oh, and I exceeded the holes on that belt long ago.

Drink It Like It's Water.

Water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.
My blog isn't a science lecture, but you may not know the real deal. Here are the Mains:

1-Water suppresses the appetitite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.
The kidneys cannot funtion properly without enough water. When they do not work to capacity, they dump some of their load on the Liver. One of the livers primary functions is to metabolize stored fat into usable energy for the body.

2-Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone, which helps proper muscle contraction. This also helps prevent sagging skin that follows weight loss.

3-Water can help relieve constipation.
The colon is a primary internal water source. When the body gets too little water, it siphons what it needs from internal sources and the result is constipation.

4-Cold water is absorbed more quickly into the system than warm water. To utilize water most efficiently for weight loss, follow:
Morning: 1 quart of water over 30 minutes
Noon: 1 quart of water over 30 minutes
Evening: 1 quart of water between 5-6pm

So Vivid And Vibrant.


Gray(T) Christmas.

The older I get, the better Christmas seems to be. Despite the gray clouds and rain showers, today was a good day, word to Ice Cube. It's good to know families around the world are together, united. The best thing about today was seeing two homeless men eating a meal together on a Bus bench in Venice. That put a heartfelt smile on my face. Today is more about appreciating your friends and family than receiving gifts. However, when I was a kid, you already know that Christmas list was 5 pages long, front and back. I'm talking about Batman, The Batmobile, The Batcave, Batman's Motorcycle...all of that!

Andy put me on Shawshank Redemption. It's about a quiet banker unjustly convicted of murder. This movie plays around Hope(JAYY!) The plot, story, and acting are all on point. If I had three hands, I'd give it 4 thumbs up. It's a must-watch.



Jameer Nelson.

2008 Senior Goodbye Assembly.

"I'm Building A Castle That Touches The Clouds, Not To Get Closer To God, But To Keep Eye On Ya'll"


College Health Seminar #2

Roach Coaches, Lunch trunks, etc... They all know how to hook up a quick burrito or cheeseburger for $2. Warning* Avoid the hot sauce to avoid IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrom)

Inspiration For Days Pt. 2

"My sister read your blogs and she thinks you need to make something out of that talent and that your poems give her chills. Just thought I'd let you know. You are sooo inspirational I have read most of what you have up.. I have your blog website bookmarked in my phone Haha I love reading them. And you need to do something with that talent of yours LOL"

Thank You.




A Bit Of Me.

Since my high school days, I've developed almost a whole new personality although retained the same characteristics.
I have become a lot lazier. In high school, my 6 periods required studying and homework. I expected college life to be much more hardcore but it's the opposite. I never took any notes this semester. In all my 11 units, I think I used less than 2 sheets of paper to remember things. exmple:
"No class next Weddy."
"Bring chips/cheese dip next Thurdy"
"Write 2 paragphs on Sacrifices"
"Deeeeee Daaaaan The Maaaannn"
I have the wonderful luxury of waking up at whichever time I please. A luxury I believe will be short lived. I haven't wasted this free time though. I make good use of my talents so I write poetry or short stories [that I never finish].

The freedom I have has allowed me to enjoy time a lot more. My days are spent the way I want to spend them. Being that I am about to turn 19 in a month, there are some 'semi-adult' responsibilities I am afflicted with. I need to break bread with Verizon, T-Mobile, Arco and WaMu Savings Account before I can buy a new Apple Notebook or G1. Disgusting, I know.

In order to reach the future, one must prepare for the future. The idea is to break through brick walls now so you can land on pillows later. Write that down. How can one succeed without having a 'plan of success'? Write that down.

I don't want to say I've developed a greater sense of maturity because I still watch Tom&Jerry, play Xbox and rev my engine at red lights but my priorities are straightened. I fix my car before I buy that new The Hundreds shirt. [In a Large.] Or those new Jordans. I'm just not into Jordans anymore.

One thing about me that won't change...I'll never stop dreaming. The most important dreams to remember are those that you once had when you were ten years old. Those are the dreams that are not influenced by reality. At age ten, we all thought we could land on the moon or be the worlds fastest man. We knew no limits. So it is on you to dream to the point where your mind can no longer produce the colors you're imagining, or where there aren't words to describe what you dream of. Write that down. 2009 is the year to dream big. Trust me, because so far-there is only ONE man in the world doing that.


P.S. I wanted to be Mike Tyson when I was younger.


Months Of Looking.

I finally found it.
Stussy Basic Messenger Bag. $49 Click the pic.



Every now and then, I'll post up some poetry that I wrote earlier on when I started writing. This one is dated 4-25-07

Will peace ever come with ease?
Or will we all decease as we wait for the trees seeds to be planted.
Piece by piece
Peace will increase and the flowers will overgrow the weeds.
This dream will see no light if we put up no fight.
Like a silent ember creating a wildfire throughout the night.
Peace sees no race, religion, nationality nor color
Belief, no face, Unity for a sister and brother.
Every ballot for bullet, or a gun for war
Is another crushed dream, lost money for the poor
Mouths of poisoned words are worse than pens of poisoned ink.
Fire can destroy paper, but [never] what we think.
I can ignore the violence
I can dream the demonstrations
But until we form the alliance
Will Peace ever come with ease?

God Works In Mysterious Ways.

A couple weeks ago, someone broke into momsdukes car and yanked out the stereo. Mind you, this was in a AAA parking lot across the street from Cerritos Mall. I was more infuriated than my mom was. Had we been in a dark street on Crenshaw and Imperial, I would've understood. "Okay, yeah. We're in the hood. Hood things happen." But it happened in Cerritos! And I was mad at people in general until today. Long story short, I had a car problem. On Avalon and 120th. Not only did SIX people stop to ask if I needed help, but TWO people went out of their ways to fix my problem.
Edit: Your radiator hose should not have a tear. Like This.

I learned a very important lesson today and it has nothing to do with mechanics. The good Samaritan told me " God works through people. " I could not agree more.

I am a strong believer of Karma. My mom has instilled in me "The more you give, the more you receive in return." Bess' believe this experience has me


If You're Looking To Get Inked.

Look For My Homie David. He Also Breeds Full Breed Blue Nose Razors Edge Pitts.


Now They Peepin' Out The Window And See Me Beatin' Up The Street.

Remember when I introduced Ms. Maywell? Well now she's got a new Radiator/Hose, new tires, windshield wipers and the registration is finally in my name. She's pretty.

College Health Seminar #1

If you're a college student then you know what I'm talking about. Your diet is comprised of Cup of Noodles, Dollar Menu Meals, $5 Hot-N-Ready Little Caesers, or signing up for credit cards if a free meal is promised. Although we are always broke, that "Freshman Fifteen [Pounds]" does exist. Thank God for $5 Footlongs.

Cat And Mouse Games.

Tom was chasing Jerry but Jerry got the pan and spatula and threatened to wake up the dog if Tom kept messing with him.


May The World Be Free

The world will soon be ready to receive my talents
And amongst other things, I will split seas [Spit Peace]
In order to make those who believe in me perceive my destiny.
I will forever write the truth that they seek eternally
May the world be free and
Never let the damned devil handle the dirty details of dignity.
I'm going to shatter gravity and bring everybody up with me.
My force will never attract any matter of negativity.
The world is in need of a better reality that
Has not yet been conceived [See where serenity exists in your city.]
May the world be free and
God watch over us for all eternity.

A lot of people ask me where I find motivation for my poetry. Sometimes I'll give a real, deep explanation like "Well I was staring at the Sunset..." The opening line of this poem " The world will soon be ready to receive my talents" came from a Fortune Cookie from Panda Express. I never take these seriously but this one caught my attention. If you're a fan of my poetry, you are aware of the bold messages that I incorporate in my writing. I do have a message for the world and I use poetry as a medium to deliver it. People feel I am a source of inspiration and THAT inspires me to continue putting my heart into every poem. My rhyme scheme is unique because I don't like the "end rhyme" style. Internal Rhyme is seen with lyricists such as Eminem and Kanye West. In this poem, I went for the " EEEEE " (Ready, Receive, Things, Seas, Peace, Free...) When read out loud it makes the words flow right out. And lastly, I used the " God " line last because this poem is what I feel my future will play out as and in the end [of my life] I want to have reached God.

Thanks, You.



Justin Ford.

This Is What I Want You To Get Me For Xmas.



These Items

Have Just Been Deemed As Certified Crack By The FDA.


Cookie Crisp Cereal.


Kerns Fruit Juice. ( Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Apricot, Mango)


A Question.

Is It Okay To Snitch On A Snitch?



Will you stand idly amongst the shadows you wish to change not only of you, but of the world?
Will you appreciate true value of life and spread that which the world needs most?

Untitled Dreams.

Birds of a pillow sleep together
And dream forever.
This is not of love
This is of true togetherness.
Two can build a nest
Constructed upon green leaves of disbelief
And roots of truth.
You cannot put a roof on fantasies
Because these dreams are rising seas
Where reality plays host for trees to grow.
Two birds can extend their wings
Rather, capacity, to worlds beyond material things.
Written 12/4/08



T-Mobile is running a campaign to get more people to switch over to paperless billing to help be more “green”. T-Mobile is partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation and will be planting at least 150,000 trees in honor of those of you who choose to go with paperless billing. Not only are you saving trees, but you’re helping plant them!
If you want to switch over to paperless billing and stop clogging up your mailbox, head over to
my.t-mobile.com/plantatree before things end on April 25th. If you’re a smart one and already on the paperless billing bus, just jump over there and confirm that you want T-Mo to plant a tree in your honor.



Inspiration For Days.

AndeeezyTHO (10:54:39 PM): im tellin you
AndeeeeezyTHO (10:54:48 PM): you're gonna be big
Dedantheman (10:55:01 PM): i'm working on it maan
Dedantheman: everyday!
Dedantheman: never stop
AndeeezyTHO: that's wassup
Dedantheman: i got tooo many ideas and tooo much love
AndeeezyTHO: yeah you do
AndeeezyTHO: you've experienced everything
Dedantheman: Poetry is a little window into my heart.
Dedantheman: i open it more and more
AndeeezyTHO: damn man
Dedantheman: and once its open all the way, then i can die happy
Dedantheman: i'm not looking for moneyy, maaan. All i want to do is motivate this world to be great
AndeeezyTHO: that's some president talk right there
Dedantheman: we'll see where my heart takes me. i'm just following my dreams maan
Dedantheman: thats what I want you to do
AndeeezyTHO: yea man
AndeeezyTHO: you're fuckin inspiration for days
Dedantheman: no doubt!! i'm NEVER going to stop.
Dedantheman: hahaa
AndeeezyTHO: taahhaha!
AndeeezyTHO: that's right!

You As One.

Regardless of where you stand, stand with a purpose. A purpose significant to your own unique heart. Appreciate "you-as-one". Stand because each piece of the puzzle you must hold as elegant. A heart of value holds pride of lion and strength of elephant. Deliver your meaning to the world, post mark it before the third and make sure it doesn't go unheard. As you stand, breath but don't believe that which you cannot see But keep it around and follow it devotedly.
Appreciate "you-as-one" because your heart and soul are embodied in a body that nobody can copy.
"You-as-one" will lead to a world of pure honesty and individuality.

Written August 2008



...But I'm Still Happy.


The Hundreds Is Huge.

And so are the lines.



I finally beat Davon Binford in Madden. Actually, I stomped on him. It was like taking candy from a diabetic baby. Now he's hating, talking about "I cheated".
That's LOSER talk. Apparently, my record deserves an * next to it al la Barry Bonds.
I'm 1-19 now. This first win will be better than the next thousand wins that are to come. If you're interested, I had The NY Giants and he ran with the SF 49ers. Score was 16-13. In overtime. He's saying he had one timeout left and was about to kick a field goal but I prevented him from calling said timeout. Whatever. And once I kicked the winning field goal, this was his expression:


Thanks Four.

>The Laughs.
>More Smiles Than Frowns.
>More Ups Than Downs.
>Lessons Learned.
>Money Earned.
>Never Missing A Meal.
>The Health Of My Friends.
>Maintaining The Right Path.
>Appreciating My Poetry.
>Friendly Stangers.
>...And The Ones Who Hit On Me.
>Double Pastrami Cheeseburgers.


Controversial. Nice Guys Finish Last Pt.2

You remember my "Nice Guys Finish Last" post a while ago?
Well since then, it has proven true 4 times. Allbeit not with me but with others I know.
The girl. She'll leave the greater for the lesser soon to become heartbroken.
The guy. He'll learn a lesson, lose trust and just keep it pushing.
Nice guys finish last...but in the end the girl loses.

Her: ok so when you said that nice guys finish last, it doesnt really make sense to me because that is not always, true, because even the nice guys are assholes, it's mainly about the respect he has for a woman.
Dedan: you know that saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing"?
Her: yeah
Dedan: see- if all i wanted to do was have sex with a girl, i'd say what she wants to hear and all thattt. A nice guy is a nice guy. if the girl doesnt respect herself, why should the nice guy respect herr?
Her: but then eventually ur gonna have to take that costume off, and ur real side will show, then what?? in the end all we want is a person that we can trust and knoe that he has respect for us and loves us, not just a bad boy.
Her: but what if the girl does have respect?? for herself of course
Her: its almost like we have to settle for less all the time
Her: cuz not to be mean, but it is true that most guys are assholes
Dedan: thats ONLY because girls KNOW they can manipulate guys!!
Her: thats not always true, cuz guys always manipulating the girls for sex
Dedan: nah nah nahh girls know they're in control of sex.
Her: yeah, but then thats only because we think that the guy really does care for us, and im only speaking for the respectable girls, not the hoes, cuz that is a whole different story lol
Dedan: alrightt, check it outt. i'll be talking to this girl and treat her like a queen! but then this random guy will come out from no where and put up a front just to be with this girl. she'll drop me, pick up the other guy and think thats what she wants.
Dedan: this guy will treat her good for a couple weeks but his front will eventually break down
Dedan: and she'll be hurt
Dedan: and heartbroken
Dedan: and want to go back to the guy who treated her like a Queen.
Dedan: it ALWAYS happens.
Her: oh no see that girl has no sense what so ever, and maybe its the girls out here doin that type of shit messing it up for the good girls, and maybe that is why guys have this perspective of being the bad guy will always get the girl, which in my case and for a few other girls out there is not true at all
Dedan: this is why love is never fair. love is tricky. and why love is a game.
Her: uuughh thats what i hate, that shit is wack lol

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment"


Grant Hill Filas.

Stay Classy West Coast.


This posture, this style, this sophistication.
I stared at this picture for about an hour, thinking about the right word. "Sophistication" is the best fit. I'd have no choice but to take her to some fly ass five star restaurant instead of roscoes.


Man In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you long for a day, Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what THAT man has to say. For if it is not your father or mother or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass. The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back in the glass. Some people might think you are a straight shootin' chum and call you a wonderful guy, But the man in the glass says you're only a bum, If you can't look him straight in the eye. He's the fellow to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you dear up to the end. And you have passed your most dangerous, difficult test If the guy in the glass is your friend You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years, and get pats on the back as you pass. But your final reward will be heartaches and tears If you have cheated the man in the glass.
By Peter "Dale" Wimbrow Sr.

There Should Be A Limit

To how cute kids can be.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.


A Question.

I am perhaps the most random person you know. A lot of my friends know this. I appreciate randomness/spontaneity.
I asked some of my friends:
"How Do You Eat Your Cheeseburgers?"

Here are some of the replies I got.

Marianne-"Haha umm..it depends on where its from...In-n-out cheeseburgers I just eat through cuz if I take the paper off it comes apart, y'know? But those lil dinky ones from Mcdonalds, I eat around & eat the middle last"
Justin- "Side to side"
Jeffry-"I just take one bite and its done haha or bite that shit down the middle and leave the corner with the most cheese for last."
Andy-"I eat the like outside parts first"
Ivy-" It depends sometimes I just bite into it and sometimes i like take pieces off"
Tommy-"I take out the pickles And then I dip it in either ranch or bbq I try to make it look like a donut first And rip it."
Kevin-"Ehhh dont really like cheeseburgers."
Booker-"what the fucc u talkin bout how i eat my burgers"
YoKevin-"I eat my cheeseburgers from In N Out wid Extra onions, don't chop please.My last piece never has meat in it.For some reason theres always sauce and veggies in it, but I ran outta patty."


I'm Still Saying

No on proposition 8. Politics and church aside-
Look at these people fighting for their rights! What California has voted for is to make these people miserable and unhappy. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Nahh, I don't want ya'll to be happy."
I see it as if YOU follow the bible, then YOU should interpret it YOUR way and YOU should follow what YOU feel is right in YOUR eyes. If you disagree with gay marriage, then YOU shouldn't do it. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Ayo, I read this book and it says not to do this and I see you doing it so I'm going to make sure you can't do it anymore because what you're doing is wrong... according to this scripture. "
There are more bad drivers than there are gay people. So why don't we take rights away from them? Feel me? Because that's on the same narrow track as the marriage thing.

Killa Cali, you are letting me down!
>High Rates (Gas, Rent, Mortgage, Interest)
>Clogged Freeways (105,110,710,10, 5)
>Arnold Schwarzenegger
>Taking Rights From People

Killa Cali...you are R.I.P. You stay disappointing me.
I'm moving to *****N.



I Can't Believe.

I'm in college and I still have a damn pre-algebra class.
Two years of pre-algebra in 9th and 10th grade made me HATE math. I also had a summer school class during the summer between those years because I had an F one semester.
Mr. Monroe did a hell of a job getting me to be excited about math during 11th grade Algebra 1.
I got A+'s both semesters.
I refused to have a math class my senior year so I took an extra semester of a science.
Now, I feel I'm in 13th grade with this Online Pre-algebra class.
I wouldn't mind at all except-
this is the exact SAME online class I was doing during 10th grade!
You see-my friend Marshawn Friloux and I were clowns in our math class so we were sent to Mr. Napiers class to do this online pre-algebra class everyday.
Here I am. Working on prime and composite numbers.

"Identify whether 21 is a prime or composite number.


Congratulations! You have completed this lesson! "


"Man On The Moon"

She said her heart was locked upon promise
And on this I became deeply fatigued
Looking for an intangible key
Not for entrance rather to expose and unfold
A Subtle broken mystery piece by piece.
Words and promises between my two lips
Couldn't bloom her heart like tulips
The bees who take long sips from her sweet nectar
Don't infect her, they spread her Seeds of disbelief
and the product is a bitter honey.
She said she no longer keeps her heart near and dear.
Her words lead me to believe it was buried beneath the
rocks within the Final Frontier
And I became the first man on the moon in search of Love.
A pioneer of a true womans natural essence.
This immaterial entity has demented me
For eternity.
Inspired By Elizabeth "Beans" .
Written 11-11-08



Peripetics by ZEITGUISED . . . ..

An animated short Created by London-based Zeitguised, with sound design by Michael Fakesch and commissioned by Zirkel Gallery.


You Are NOT The Best.

I'm good at admitting things I absolutely need to admit and usually good at letting things go.
But this is a different situation. Some of you know wassup with Madden 09.
Now, if you think you can beat me- you've lost your mind.
There is only one person that is-basically impossible to beat. Davon Binford.
He is a constant source of extreme frustration and anger. I mean, he's not the worlds greatest Madden player! It's just that-He gains off my mistakes. Thats the best way I can put it. [Dedan that's loser talk]
I don't want to admit that I can never beat him because then there will be no reason to play the damn game anymore. I've been practicing. My kids will be ashamed of me to know I put my homework and studying aside to "practice". I am currently... 0-13 with Davon.
Insult to injury, he's beaten me with just about every team under an 80 rating. Damnit.
The day will soon arrive that I whoop his ass in this damn game and I'll will let the world know.
Ayo, Davon!


A Short Story.

I can't remember the last time I saw a legitimate couple. There used to be a plethora of respectable lovers. Nowadays love is polluted and diluted with unimportant symbols of compassion and sincerity.
"I put you on my top friends. Number one, babe."
"IMY. ILY. <3"

This is today's generations ideal of love. Shame.

Those premature kids sitting in a cramped booth with torn, red leather seats think what they have is some kind of exotic, unique love when in fact what they have is easily compared to a stray dog sniffing the rear of a bitch that ultimately results in a round of quick fornication. One can see the value of one another by the focus in their eye contact.

To him: A source of breast contact and "sensual touching"

To her: Constant attention and this poor idea of affection.

They don't need each other. They will soon learn a valuable lesson.

I sit alone in this cold diner. Some what of a recluse. I am kept company by the fictional writers of my New Yorker magazine and a cold clam chowder, with a packet of saltine crackers.
There once was a time where I was accompanied by a superb woman. The waitress' don't notice her absence. To them, she was just this...attractive brunette who ordered the pastrami cheeseburger and never finished it. The, customer who calculated the tip exactly. 10% of $5.60.

The story of where she has gone is not needed. But she is not here anymore.
I referred to her as the part of me you never met.
She did not control me. She was the reason for my self control.
She did not manipulate me yet her heart forced my heart to do stupid and unselfish things...
Okay, she manipulated me.
She would always find a way to keep an upper hand on me. I could never make her believe what I wanted her to believe. She always told me " no beans on my nachos! " One time, I purposely forgot so that we can bicker about it. The next time, I remembered so I can get the " aww you remembered! How thoughtful!" ...She knew my plan. She must've read my book. But she loved me for it anyway.

These kids...
This young girl. Her heart will be broken in a couple weeks. She'll hate men. She'll hate herself.
She will no longer trust. She'll fall in love when she least expects it.
This young man. He will soon fall in love with an amazing young woman who is too good for him. This love will not be reciprocated and he will be torn. He will be unwilling to exhibit his true heart for display again.

The customers in this diner see an 83 year old man slowly consuming a creamy clam chowder.
There used to be a phenomenal woman across my table who saw a philosophical thinker, a modern genius...


Two Terms, Please.

We can all walk a little taller now. We can all walk with a little more pride now.
Every day will seem a little brighter now. The inconceivable, the unbelievable...
Faith has not only been restored in politics, but in greater dreams such as those of Martin Luther King Jr.
Barack Obama means more to me than politics. I believe more in HOPE than foreign policy.
I believe more in HOPE than tax cuts.
Minorities are not the future. Minorities are the PRESENT AND the future. We desperately needed a strong icon, an image of bravery, a source of inspiration.
Obama's heart is greater than his politics.


Brian M. Viveros

Click For Link

Brian’s recognition accelerated with his participation in The Art of Porn exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), where he exhibited with H.R. Giger.
Since then, Brian’s work has been in numerous gallery shows and exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and has appeared in Secret Magazine, In the Flesh, Skin Two, Drawing Blood, Darks Art, and the short story, “The Magdalena” in Fetish Magazine.




"We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential."
-- Barack obama


You are everything I love to hate.
You are everything I hate to love.
See, you are an entity that splits me.
Either I am attracted to your radiance that glows behind beauty
Or you're just another pretty face that masks the absence of a respectable personality.
Yeah, I think you're one of those "God gave me this body so I'm going to work it" types.
What I look for is one of those "I followed my God and he's blessed me with this mind so I'm going to earn it."
I would rather pursue a mind that softly hides her spiritual with intellectual.
Your cleavage is appealing but all it's revealing to me is an urgent need of attention and temporary affection that leeches on me. You are an impatient infection.
I respect the artistic ways you flaunt your curves in digital photography but those cheap sepia tones cannot compare to my greater appreciation for ancient theology and exploration of modern geography. You have no place on my maps. Perhaps your belonging is galactically spatial because your facial features are nonequivalent and unparalleled within this atmosphere.
What would you do with a mind like mine in the hands of yours?
My complexity will deteriorate you physically and bend you mentally. I'll speak to you in metaphors and your replies will begin in similes. "Like, what do you mean?"
I am more attracted to a mind built upon math and books than tasteless ass and looks.

Intelligence. She wears this black dress and a shows a bare back, softly revealing her golden skin. She is this. . .waitress in Spain. She serves daily patrons dark violet wine in crystal glasses and leaves warm dinner rolls on every table. Her beauty is reflected off the beads of sweat on her forehead and her spirituality is awaken as she gives off sighs of relief at moments of rest.
Intelligence. She wears this black dress and from behind her glasses, with a welcoming smile, she smiles back.


There's A Reason

Why I don't celebrate Halloween as well as the Fourth Of July.
Back in elementary school, I had a friend named Alphonso Bean. We were real close until we graduated from 6th grade. He didn't go to Bellflower Middle School like the rest of my friends. This is when we lost contact. He was my best friend. My first best friend. We spent Halloweens and Fourths together and it was always fun. And Cinco De Mayo is his birthday. I remember sleeping over his grandma's house in one of those Cerritos culdesacs and this apartment down Cornuta. When I first moved to Cornuta, I was sort of indifferent because it was a new crib but also a few doors down from where my best friend used to live.
I still consider Alphonso my best friend. We were friends when being friends had a stronger value. These days Friendships are watered down and I say that because it seems friendships [these days] can only be made on the basis of sex, money, immature cliques, and race.
We became friends because we had FUN together. We never talked about "fucking this bitch" or spending money on some fly-ass gear. It was about "Yo Mama" jokes and Pokemon Cards.
Alphonso is one of my "Road Dawgs For Life."

Today is my Fathers Birthday. Today, Everette Hedrick turns 81.
Fun Facts: He was born in the same year as Cesar Chavez. He's two years older than Martin Luther King Jr.
Happy Happy Birrthday, Daddy.

I am more excited for Nov. 4th than I was for my 18th birthday. [And that's saying alot, considering where I went. ] Obama 08! and I'm writing a little note on my vote card with "TWO TERMS!" And I'm going with NO ON Prop 8.

>"The Illusionist" is a great movie. (Ed Norton, Jessica Biel)
>I do NOT consider Lil Wayne Hip-Hop. (He Also steals lyrics)
>If California was Human, I think she would be one of those supermodels who are into drugs and always depressed. Know what I mean?
>Why are the Titans undefeated?
>Go eat at Pat&Oscars. Pizza, chicken, ribs and breadsticks.
>You should smile more often.


"In Actuality."

I have already created you.
I have already constructed my image that appeals to me as beautiful.
I have given you a character that compliments
Your physique and phenomenal personality.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
I crafted your mind as an intellectual
Built you upon my wisdom
And see our love as perpetual.
Our intimate interests are identical without discrepancies.
Reflections in mirrors have their boundaries
As they cannot reflect upon shared memories.
I conjure up your image and you walk beside me
As my counterpart. As my image of eternity.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
You have taken me to the vineyards of France
And the mountains of Peru.
So I close my eyes and think of the most
Exquisite place I can take you.
This place only resides behind closed eyes.
This place only begins from within
And this is the place where I created you through
Millions of crystal pieces.
You are the glass prism that makes my heart shine from within me.
You pull the books out of my imaginary library
And I tell you to return them before
I meet you in actuality.
What's Your Name?


Work To Due.

Although I've been laying low lately, I've still been productive.
...Ohhh okay. Not really.
I've just been maxin' and relaxin' and it feels gooood.
I started reading two books, aside from my medical/pharmacy books for school.
It's times like these where I create most. I tend to do some thankin'.
This older man at school sees me concentrating and says:
"Ohhh! 'Lat Boy Righ' There Doin' Some Thankin'!"

If you've seen my Yellow Notepads, you'll know exactly how much thinking I do.
I recently thought about the current state of Hip Hop.
Remember when Power 106 had Freestlye Fridays? I remember chillin' in my moms car just to listen to them cats battle. As whack as 106&Park is, I always watched their freestyle fridays but they got rid of it!
105.9 is the last preset button in my car because thats just what it is. It's my last resort. Everytime I turn it on it's Lil' Wayne ANYWAY! They don't play other artists such as Eminem, Scarface, Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killa, Dead Prez, Slick Rick, Too $hort, or Juvenile. Ayo Power 106!! Let me hear some Method Man or some MF Doom!

I'll have some new poetry soon. I just started this Essay writing class and I need to turn in 500 words every week. Here's a little sample:

"Many people say Obama will not win because he is black. I have been told not to get my hopes up. Well I say: If there is no hope, then what are we left with? Obama is exactly what people from my background needed. We needed a figure to look up to and become inspired. We needed a figure to stand up against the huge obstacles and support the minorities. We needed a figure to help us in our plight of equality. I believe if you come from the truth, then you can deliver to the truth. Obama is seen as the epitome of truth in this election. Today’s youth needed an image to look up to and Obama delivers that image."

Obama! PLEASE give us TWO terms! I'll be 27 in your last year. I would love to have my first child to be born with you in office. Feel me?

On another note-
If you can count to infinite, then you can figure out love. Know what I mean?
Its like, Love is Lucy and you're Charlie Brown.
Everytime Lucy holds that football down, Charlie thinks he's gonna kick it but NAW!
No matter WHAT Lucy says, she pulls that football RIGHT before Charlie kicks it!
And what happens? Charlie Brown looks like a straight fool. Then the next time (you fall in love)Charlie still thinks Lucy will let him kick it.

>The Incredible Hulk is a good movie. DVD just came out.
>Pride&Glory is also a good movie. Comes out on Friday.
>Colin Powell( A Republican) is endorsing Obama.
>14 More days 'till Election day. Buck Fush.
>Andrew Bynum is a beast.
>I bought new vans.
>Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 have new albums coming out within 3 months.

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Stephanie From Paramount!
You're cute.



My Library, My Arsenal.

" Only The Intelligence Of Love And Compassion Can Solve All Problems Of Life. "
Here's a poem I wrote around the time I started writing poetry. Talk about forshadowing the future.
Your sweet voice is noncomparable
To any other sound in the world.
Not even that of a Mozart symphony
Composed on the lining of a gold cloud.
And when your words are pressured out
From behind your full lips
The world [becomes] envious
Because every syllable contains a feather
Of an Angels wing.
And they're directed towards me.
I can't help but fly when I
See the kingdoms in your eyes
And see the Gods sitting on their thrones.
A sympathetic muse would call me a fool
For ignoring the rain during my drought season.
If spoken, my speech of love to you
Will grow a garden or daisies and purple roses.
If written, my novel of love to you
Will be inscribed along the Equator.
-Written 11-30-2006

Care Until The Care.

A lot of people don't know why I wear the Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" Bracelet on my wrist. I have worn it on my wrist for about 5 years now. It's come off 3 times, accidentally. If there is anything I have truly dedicated myself to, it's cancer. I HATE cancer. Cancer has affected my life a lot through both of my parents and most recently a good friend of mine, Simon.
The treatment is an overload. Whether it's chemotheraphy or radiation, it takes a toll on your body mentally and physically. This is the main reason why I chose a career in the medical field. Cancer, as negative as it may be, is a Passion of mine. I LOATHE Cancer.

I try to do my little part by donating a little something, something. Every now and then, I'll donate my Superman blood to the Red Cross.



This Weeks Thoughts.

I have a yellow notepad that I take everywhere with me. At any given moment, I'll think of a line or two for a poem or I'll jot down a quick question regarding something I don't understand or don't agree with. I'll fill up two sheets, front and back, every week with the most absurd, random notes. Here are some interesting lines:

1-Why don't we fight wars with Dodgeball?
The whole meaning of fighting a war is primarily to prove who has the most power. People don't need to die. Imagine it! America Vs. China. The people on the front lines RUN to the balls, scoop them up and start BOMBING against each other. There wouldn't be any need to start a draft because WHO DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY DODGEBALL!

2-Why Do We Pay For Fruits And Meats?
If you think about it, we'll never run out of strawberries and chickens. The government should pay the farmers for their produce and labor. That creates more jobs and more succulent cherries and peaches. I can understand the whole oil and gas thing because we'll eventually run out of those resources. I love peaches and apricots.

3-Impeach Bush?
I've heard people complain about Bush for the past 7 years. They don't know that if Bush were to be impeached, Cheney would be pres. Picture Scoobee-Doo being president. If he got impeached, Shaggy would become president. Get the analogy? Yeah....

4-Why Is Kiwi Fruit SO Good?
I don't know.

5-" I'm In It To Win It. Life Is Beautiful. All I Gotta Do is Follow Jesus. "
I asked a janitor at my school " How's Life? " and that was his reply. It really struck me because I'm always around people who are pessimistic. Optimism is such a beautiful thing. Our economy is in danger but if people keep saying " We're in trouble, we're in trouble " then nothing is going to get fixed. All it takes is one bright light to shine the whole room. Feel me? If 10 things are going bad in your life, you can still focus on the thousands of things that are going according to plan. Life is absolutely beautiful.

That Dodgeball War is crazy. What if countries with Weapons Of Mass Destruction were really just hiding big ass rubber balls? What if we dropped dodgeballs over Hiroshimi And Nagasaki?

Extra- Go watch Quarantine. The Bridge To Tarabithia is a real good movie. Private Practice is a good show. I LOVE flan. Katy Perry, Holla At ME!



We spoke the other night about sex.
She began the conversation with
"I want to love you as much as I can until there's no more left."
The statement was spoken with such an immense attraction
That my heart clenched its beat with each fragmented fraction.
She didn't ask nor had she demanded. I respected the way she handed
Me truth with an extremity as she told me...so boldy.
I replied with
"We'll continue to grow each day. I want to love you until we reach forever."
Words began its transmission into touch
And that's when the glowing fire grew.
Our hearts played a symphony in tunes we never knew
And the speeds of the world slowed to witness our motions.
The Night spoke to us as we whispered sex in its ear with every kiss.
In her two eyes she saw a shooting star
And in mine, I saw a planet of fire.
In our minds, we soared higher than clouds, higher but not as far.
I was in her.
And she was in my head euphorically
And metaphorically she gave everything in the world to me.
We spoke the other night about sex.


They Got Me.


I'm guilty of a few.
1-Crusty Old Vans.
Only because they are comfortable. If I'm wearing my Jordans, then I need to be careful so they don't get stepped on. I don't like that whole " Try-to-wear-an- outfit-better-than-the-person-standing-next-to-you-crowd."

2-Janitor Keys.
Two house and two car. Where else am I going to keep them? 1 in each pocket?
I could try to bring back the Fanny pack. Oh, I also keep a box cutter linked with my keys. It frequently gets me in trouble with Metal Detectors. "Oh, yeah. I need to cut up the boxes of COKE that I'm bringing in, Officer. "

3-Generally Unkempt Appearance.
I like having a beard! I've had facial hair since 6th grade. You can tell I'm comfortable when I have a scruffy beard. It goes along with my "Broke Poet" look.
You know its the broke people that have the most heart. And by the way, NEVER give spare change to a homeless man with no beard.

4-Girls Jeans
My Levi's ARE NOT girls. So I don't know if this one counts. Thats just how 501's come. I don't sag my pants, however. I stopped doing that in 8th grade.


The Hurricane.

Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for "Training Day". That movie is TRASH compared to " The Hurricane." It's an amazing movie, I'm saying it's his best one. It's been out for a while, but I just saw it.


Things You Should Remember:
Moms Birthday.
Take out the big, fancy words when you Copy/Paste an essay from the Internet.
You lied about your age.
Your socks have a hole.
You owe the library/blockbuster late fees.
There are other people in the room (if you're feeling gassy)
"Mines" is not a word.
"Internet" is capitalized.

Things You Should Be Embarrassed To Remember:
Last time you wiped your booger on the passenger seat.
Last time you slipped in the shower.
You left your car keys in the refrigerator.
Your socks have a hole.
Last time you urinated in a pool.
Last time a bird crapped on you.

I'll keep adding.


Don't Vote.

Nice Guys Finish Last.

"What women mean to us in our mind, thoughts, actions and every aspect of our lives will never be understood. The stigma of how men treat women taints the possibility of men being able to romanticize. The woman has been hurt and degraded and wants to feel that way. Treat a woman with respect and how you truly feel and expect to have a broken heart at the end of the day. They will tell you how amazing you are as a person and how much they like you. Fast forward to a few weeks later some disingenuous male will have her bent over a bathroom sink at a party, take her out on a few dates for some more sex, never call her again and he'll be the guy she can't get over. What is one to do in such a world? The dilemma of holding to the chivalrous lifestyle as opposed to lustful thievery is a decision that is based on experience. When will we come to a conclusion? If we do will we reach what we ultimately desire?

So goes the quest of life.
It does not matter the amount of love, interest and gifts you shower them in. The way to a woman's heart is through neglect of their inner soul, so much so that it is beaten to a pulp and replaced with a deep masochistic lust for you. They want to hear the words that you approve of them, but prolonging such words is key. Once the soul is broken you can give them approval and they become your attachment, your weapon, your companion. If we give in too soon we become the tool and our self is lost. This is the cycle of relationships, one party is abused and broken, the other is victor and moves on. The roles change from person to person and we are all left unhappy until we finally settle into the person we feel won't damage us, because both parties are too tired to play games."

So-basically, Nice Guys Finish Last.

Dedantheman (11:14:52 PM): Nice guys STAY finishing last
Andeeezy (11:15:42 PM): Yeah
Andeeezy (11:15:49 PM): Some chicks like assholes
Dedantheman (11:15:49 PM): you gotta talk like that! you cant be no nice [ Guy ] all the time!
Dedantheman (11:16:53 PM): yesssirrr
Andeeezy (11:17:09 PM): I like that
Dedantheman (11:17:34 PM): thats why you gotta be like " no, YOU call ME. i aint wasting my minutes"

Davon- " I guess you gotta be a 'Do Dirty Nigga' because always being the nice guy makes you finish last. You gotta go hard on them.
Dedan- " Always spending unnecessary cheese. The guys that are making the girls pay for everything are the ones keeping them on LOCK. "

koolkidtommy (12:36:37 PM): Were suckers for love, dedan
Dedantheman (12:37:46 PM): thats what loves does. comes at you and you don't know WHAT to expect. but no matter what, Love is always going to win. Love is the heavyweight champion that always knocks us out in the first round. and then TAUNTS us while we're down.
Dedantheman (12:39:01 PM): Because Love is playing dirty. and we keep playing by the rules. in a street fight, Love has the brass knuckles.

koolkidtommy (12:41:32 PM): Man ur good
Dedantheman (12:41:41 PM): lol
Dedantheman (12:44:08 PM): its like, we're playing poker and showing our cards. but the girl still goes after the guy thats hiding his cards AND counting cards. WITH kings and queens up his sleeves.

koolkidtommy (12:49:32 PM): I like intellectual people like you
koolkidtommy (12:49:45 PM): Makes me wanna learn

It's not because women like jerks. Women prefer polite over rude, and attentive over distracted. The problem is the way nice guys present these positive characteristics. In order to appear friendly and romantic, these 'nice guys' think they have to turn
off their sexuality. They hide their desires in order not to offend,presenting an androgynous, asexual persona. The first impression they give is one of emasculation,
weakness, and lack of desire. At best, they confuse the woman as to whether they even find her attractive. That's what jerks offer women that nice guys don't: they're not afraid to be sexual A lot of young females will
get their perception of nice guys from television, example Dawson's

Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated, even
though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may not even be
aware of their admirer's deep affections. This can lead to
feelings such as depression,low self-esteem, anxiety, and rapid
mood swings between depression and euphoria.

Another reason to hate Dawson's Creek.



My father and I boast an uncommon bond
Because we have had our share of heartaches.
He is worried about his two heart attacks
And I'm worried about my two heart breaks.
The cause of mine are different from his
Yet are separated by a thin line.
He gets his prescriptions on paper signed by a physician
I hide my descriptions of pain in poetic
Inscriptions so readers can find truth combined with wisdom.
He watches his weight and I wait for another act of fate.
You see, the dynamics of our pain remained stained.
The first was a loss to be gained
But the second was a loss of blood to my veins.
We both remain cardiacally arrested
As the limits of our 4 chambers continue to be pushed and tested.
Our fears run along with his years left and my tears wept.
In our episodes of pain, he grasps his chest
And I grasp my pen.
Who knows what will happen if our hearts become locked up again.
We struggle through life and love endlessly.
My dad says Lifes a Bitch
And I agree.


It's A Good Feeling.

Making new friends.
All it takes is a question.
" Waddup? "
" Whats your major? "

Working at my school enables me to interact with all of the students that attend, also with faculty members. A lot of people these days just TAKE the day and don't LIVE it.
They wake up, do their daily routine, and keep it pushin'.
It's no fun when you see different faces and TAKE them as just another face.
I always like to bring some kind of energy to a new face everyday. I don't do it for me, I do it for the stranger. Because it's a good feeling when you are treated like a friend by a stranger. Word to Tupac.
"Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers."
I'm saying, we were all kids not too long ago. As kids, it was easy to make a friend. If you had a rubber hand ball, then we boys for life! But now it seems like we judge and analyze everyone before we befriend them. Know what I'm saying?
All it takes is a smile and introduction. The familiarity starts from there.
We ALL search for the same things. We can all help each other, no doubt!
I'm one of the few who believe every human being is born in good and acquire evils throughout time. No one is born greedy and selfish and all that. It is all picked up. I hate how everyone distances themselves these days. A smile is always a welcome. Feel me?
LIVE your day to the fullest! Appreciate the friends that you've got now and welcome new friends every day.
To all of my friends, I Love You. All of my true words are spoken for you.

When I was a kid, I didn't understand what Tupac meant with his song " Changes " but it's definitely obvious now. I'm just not feeling the whole "Even though it seems Heaven sent, we ain't ready to have a Black President."

I just began a new book. " The Urban World "
I'll fill you in.


High Definition.

I have a thing against cliches.
" Lie down with the dogs and wake up with fleas. "
" If you love something, set it free. "
But the one thats been playing true to me is
" When it rain, it pours. "

Everything seems to pile up on you when you're down. It seems like the higher you are, the harder the fall. And when you're down, you see your life in High Definition. You see what you're about through-and-through. You understand why you fell, you learn how you can prevent another fall, and you get stronger. If you don't take notes on the lesson then you are bound to fail again. But check it out- bottom line- Don't ever get too comfortable, boo-boo.

I'll add another point to my list of What You Got To Do To Survive. You've got to be able to laugh AT yourself at all times and also laugh TO yourself at all times. Theres something about laughing inside rather than letting it out. LOLIMH. ( LOL In My Head )

The other day, while waiting for the Metro train, an older Indian man hit me with some real talk.
He saw my Pharmacy book and asked if it was my field of study. He began telling me a short story of how he got here from India. What really hit me was this:
" All you've got to do is keep your God and study hard. "
Keep your God... I asked myself what he meant by that. Whether he meant Keep your God happy, satisfied, keep your God close, keep praying to your God, or keep giving to your God.
Whatever he meant, his point was to keep your God within you. He told me the kids that are out there partying with drugs and sex are not going anywhere in life and only bring you down. Study hard. I'm like- this brotha knows what he's talking about! I asked what he does. He's an engineer and has major contracts throughouts southern cali. So I'm giving this man props for dropping Real Talk to a stranger. Knowledge is supposed to be spread like that. If only everyone treated everyone like that, we would know peace out here in these streets.

My last point. Build up a personal library of anything that cheers you up. Books, poetry, movies, YouTube joints, food, etc. Such as...

My new obsession. Katy Perry. Not the songs, just the girl.


"When I Was Born."

These thoughts are secrets that my
Heart overheard from the conversations
In my head.
Sure its nosey but my heart KNOWS ME.
Every beat is company so I never get lonely.
It attempts to mimic the love that she's shown me.
Every night, I write about her.
Using bold metaphors with old descriptions
That I've never said before.
And she reciprocates these inscriptions with the wisdom
That I seek.
I speak to her. No, I speak through her.
She is my medium through which I reach this intelligent speech.
In other words, She is the sand, ocean and bronze horizon
That create this beach [ I call Life ]
She acknowledges me as hers
And I acknowledge her as mine
[ Because ] She is the only Woman who sings and dances in my mind.
Nevertheless, I am forced to share her with other thinkers
Who express and impress her through theological and philosophical
Words composed together to form impotent lines.
My Poems are secrets that my
Heart overheard from the conversations
In my head.
Poetry believes in me. Poetry sets me free.
She is that last heart beat before I fall asleep.
Poetry mends my heart when it is torn.
Poetry. Poetry.
Poetry gave me her heart when I was born.


Two Terms.


2 More Months To Go.


This Is What You've Got To Do To Survive.

Preface- There is never anything clear about life or the way it is supposed to turn out. All you know for certain is that you’ve got to survive to reach that “point”. The point is the peak of your dreams. There are no two identical routes to achieve that point. Straight up, you’ve got to be like a palm tree. When the wind blows, its koo to sway but do not move for anything. Only bend to pick up something that makes you stronger.

Stay True-Always be the person that you feel is in your heart. There is only one character developing within you throughout your whole life. You should never feel obliged to change it for anyone. Stay true in the sense that you must follow your vision(s). As for the honesty aspect, why should you fear being honest? Honesty is always respected. Stay true. It’s self explanatory, nothing big, hommie.

Passion-Fill your life with a strong passion. Many people live these black and white lives because there is no passion behind their work. But those who follow their passions live with an array of colors that make everyday unique. Feel me? For instance, if you love kids, become a Pediatrician or write children's books. Fight for what you are passionate about. Thrive amongst your passion. And most of all, make sure your passion can make you smile.

Love- I can break down love in 48,000 ways to you. But it’ll be all opinion. You see, no one has a true grasp on its meaning, each of us just knows it. All I can tell you is JUST LOVE!!!! Appreciate it, spread it, cherish it.

Educate- There are two ways to educate yourself. The most important way does not involve any books, historical dates, derivatives, or compounding. Actually, just keep a couple things in mind. The date of your birth. So you can tell these Jive-Suckas YOU WERE NOT BORN YESTERDAY. And the other which I made up: YOU-STREET SMARTS= AIN’T SHIT. What you learn in the streets will take you further than knowing the day Lincoln got shot (April 14th, 1865). You can learn when people are lying to you, how to do things your way, stand up for yourself, and make things work for you. We are middle class brotha’s and sista’s. We are always being lied to. We as a middle class are always expected to fail and remain middle class. That is why it is important to attend college and gain access to a greater acceptance. I’ve always felt like- to hell with their punkass acceptance!! I only need my momma to accept me. I want to earn her acceptance BY PLACING EVERY UNDER SERVED COMMUNITY ON MY BACK. NOT AS BURDEN BUT AS RESPONSIBILITY. REAL TALK.

Power- When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”-Jimmi Hendrixx

Pride- Make yo momma proud. Labor pains, contractions, kicking, pulling on her tubes for 9 months? Just make her proud. Every mother looks into their child's eyes and prays for a respectable, honest man/woman. Give it to her, please. Have pride in your roots, your background, your family, your GOD, your love, your community, and yourself.

Real Talk.

This is what you’ve got to do to survive.


"Love Breeds Peace."

You are my sex without touch
And my flame without heat.
This character with no name
That makes my heart beat.

If you believe I am scared of significant commitment,
Look at the way I stare at you like You're an Orange
Moon floating amongst my dark canvas of hopes and
My eyes remember your image because your phenomenal
Features blur out the world and only You exist.

If you believe I am scared of significant commitment
Would every single nerve in my body fight against my
Muscles of sight when I release you from my vision?

I await your presence the way a blooming flower
Awaits light of day.
You are my sex without touch, my flame with
No heat.
I fear your absence the way a heart awaits its
Last beat.

They can study our Anthropology for a discovery
Of an Unbound book of Love in a buried Library
Written by Us.
The Chemistry between you and me should be placed
Into IVs and handed out in the streets because love
Breeds Peace and we'll feed all greed.
You are my sex without touch.
A screaming fire with no heat.
If it weren't for you
My Heart would not beat.
written for Dennise.


Flow Mentalz.

You'll See Me Reppin' LA One Day.


"As I Dip a Nigga Trip To The South Side..."

"I remember back in the days when I used to have to get my stroll on. Didn't nobody wanna speak; now everybody peepin' out they windows when they hear me beatin' up the streets"

I would like to introduce to you...Ms. Maywell. 1984 Chrysler New Yorker.



Let Me Riiiide.


"We Gotta Make A Change..."

"It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.
Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
and let's change the way we treat each other.
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
what we gotta do, to survive."

There's more to life than money. You can be "broke, busted, rusted" and still reach your success. Everyone stresses over money issues, and having too much is never one of them. America is so fuucking materialistic. We are the only country with no strong apprehension of character over image. We are filthy fuucking pigs. Never satisfied.
A seven year old African boy, dancing around a fire with white powder and warrior markings on his body. Every movement is fluid and a representation of his environment. THAT is rich. We have girls that starve themselves to fit size 0 pants. Cake on makeup and cover it up with extra large sungalsses. We are never satisfied with our own images. If only everyone realized each persons unique image in itself is beauty, our value of life would be magnified. Our way of life is NOT rich. We judge and judge, yet we cower from our true portraits. We ask for ipods and cellphones and never cherish honest time with families. Fuck. We FIGHT with family members! We FIGHT with those who share the same blood! A strong relationship with every member is given less value than a new car. We have no equivalence to the richness of other countries. From Ethiopia to Tibet. They might not have what we have but they truely value life.

We have no storytellers. We have no REAL. REAL love is rare...for we fall in love with what is FAKE. We are attracted to what we can only believe in. I, and only I, interpret love as "an attraction that makes me believe in my disbeliefs. An attraction that makes me question what is real." You can't fall in love with big breasts, because they are tangible. ( No Pun Intended ) You fall in love with the quickness that you respond to their texts and answer their calls. The excitement in being in their presence when future plans are created. With the fact that their happiness is the root of your happiness. You don't fall in love with what you can touch. Although you hold his/her hand, you feel in love with the energy exerted when palms touch. We have no more REAL.

We are never satisfied, we never have enough. We are the most glutonous and greedy country. Therefore we are the fattest yet richest ( $$ ). Rich with no meaning is like having a car with no engine. No. Betteryet, its like having a dog with no sense of loyalty. It will recognize you and bite you at times but still beg to be rubbed by you only when it wants. What's the point of having it?

Find your REAL. Find what you are REALLY passionate about. Find the REAL you. I can tell you where the REAL me is going to be in the next 10 years. Giving back to the REAL people in the Underserved Communities. That's REAL.

You didn't think I could explode like this.
Detonate and flow like this.
No longer a youth at this...
I speak the truth like this.