They Got Me.


I'm guilty of a few.
1-Crusty Old Vans.
Only because they are comfortable. If I'm wearing my Jordans, then I need to be careful so they don't get stepped on. I don't like that whole " Try-to-wear-an- outfit-better-than-the-person-standing-next-to-you-crowd."

2-Janitor Keys.
Two house and two car. Where else am I going to keep them? 1 in each pocket?
I could try to bring back the Fanny pack. Oh, I also keep a box cutter linked with my keys. It frequently gets me in trouble with Metal Detectors. "Oh, yeah. I need to cut up the boxes of COKE that I'm bringing in, Officer. "

3-Generally Unkempt Appearance.
I like having a beard! I've had facial hair since 6th grade. You can tell I'm comfortable when I have a scruffy beard. It goes along with my "Broke Poet" look.
You know its the broke people that have the most heart. And by the way, NEVER give spare change to a homeless man with no beard.

4-Girls Jeans
My Levi's ARE NOT girls. So I don't know if this one counts. Thats just how 501's come. I don't sag my pants, however. I stopped doing that in 8th grade.


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ponyboy said...

hahaa nice catch..i feel ya on the beard part it does give ya the poet look you carry around haha.

Ana said...

After last nights conversation, this is hilarious!