My father and I boast an uncommon bond
Because we have had our share of heartaches.
He is worried about his two heart attacks
And I'm worried about my two heart breaks.
The cause of mine are different from his
Yet are separated by a thin line.
He gets his prescriptions on paper signed by a physician
I hide my descriptions of pain in poetic
Inscriptions so readers can find truth combined with wisdom.
He watches his weight and I wait for another act of fate.
You see, the dynamics of our pain remained stained.
The first was a loss to be gained
But the second was a loss of blood to my veins.
We both remain cardiacally arrested
As the limits of our 4 chambers continue to be pushed and tested.
Our fears run along with his years left and my tears wept.
In our episodes of pain, he grasps his chest
And I grasp my pen.
Who knows what will happen if our hearts become locked up again.
We struggle through life and love endlessly.
My dad says Lifes a Bitch
And I agree.


It's A Good Feeling.

Making new friends.
All it takes is a question.
" Waddup? "
" Whats your major? "

Working at my school enables me to interact with all of the students that attend, also with faculty members. A lot of people these days just TAKE the day and don't LIVE it.
They wake up, do their daily routine, and keep it pushin'.
It's no fun when you see different faces and TAKE them as just another face.
I always like to bring some kind of energy to a new face everyday. I don't do it for me, I do it for the stranger. Because it's a good feeling when you are treated like a friend by a stranger. Word to Tupac.
"Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers."
I'm saying, we were all kids not too long ago. As kids, it was easy to make a friend. If you had a rubber hand ball, then we boys for life! But now it seems like we judge and analyze everyone before we befriend them. Know what I'm saying?
All it takes is a smile and introduction. The familiarity starts from there.
We ALL search for the same things. We can all help each other, no doubt!
I'm one of the few who believe every human being is born in good and acquire evils throughout time. No one is born greedy and selfish and all that. It is all picked up. I hate how everyone distances themselves these days. A smile is always a welcome. Feel me?
LIVE your day to the fullest! Appreciate the friends that you've got now and welcome new friends every day.
To all of my friends, I Love You. All of my true words are spoken for you.

When I was a kid, I didn't understand what Tupac meant with his song " Changes " but it's definitely obvious now. I'm just not feeling the whole "Even though it seems Heaven sent, we ain't ready to have a Black President."

I just began a new book. " The Urban World "
I'll fill you in.


High Definition.

I have a thing against cliches.
" Lie down with the dogs and wake up with fleas. "
" If you love something, set it free. "
But the one thats been playing true to me is
" When it rain, it pours. "

Everything seems to pile up on you when you're down. It seems like the higher you are, the harder the fall. And when you're down, you see your life in High Definition. You see what you're about through-and-through. You understand why you fell, you learn how you can prevent another fall, and you get stronger. If you don't take notes on the lesson then you are bound to fail again. But check it out- bottom line- Don't ever get too comfortable, boo-boo.

I'll add another point to my list of What You Got To Do To Survive. You've got to be able to laugh AT yourself at all times and also laugh TO yourself at all times. Theres something about laughing inside rather than letting it out. LOLIMH. ( LOL In My Head )

The other day, while waiting for the Metro train, an older Indian man hit me with some real talk.
He saw my Pharmacy book and asked if it was my field of study. He began telling me a short story of how he got here from India. What really hit me was this:
" All you've got to do is keep your God and study hard. "
Keep your God... I asked myself what he meant by that. Whether he meant Keep your God happy, satisfied, keep your God close, keep praying to your God, or keep giving to your God.
Whatever he meant, his point was to keep your God within you. He told me the kids that are out there partying with drugs and sex are not going anywhere in life and only bring you down. Study hard. I'm like- this brotha knows what he's talking about! I asked what he does. He's an engineer and has major contracts throughouts southern cali. So I'm giving this man props for dropping Real Talk to a stranger. Knowledge is supposed to be spread like that. If only everyone treated everyone like that, we would know peace out here in these streets.

My last point. Build up a personal library of anything that cheers you up. Books, poetry, movies, YouTube joints, food, etc. Such as...

My new obsession. Katy Perry. Not the songs, just the girl.


"When I Was Born."

These thoughts are secrets that my
Heart overheard from the conversations
In my head.
Sure its nosey but my heart KNOWS ME.
Every beat is company so I never get lonely.
It attempts to mimic the love that she's shown me.
Every night, I write about her.
Using bold metaphors with old descriptions
That I've never said before.
And she reciprocates these inscriptions with the wisdom
That I seek.
I speak to her. No, I speak through her.
She is my medium through which I reach this intelligent speech.
In other words, She is the sand, ocean and bronze horizon
That create this beach [ I call Life ]
She acknowledges me as hers
And I acknowledge her as mine
[ Because ] She is the only Woman who sings and dances in my mind.
Nevertheless, I am forced to share her with other thinkers
Who express and impress her through theological and philosophical
Words composed together to form impotent lines.
My Poems are secrets that my
Heart overheard from the conversations
In my head.
Poetry believes in me. Poetry sets me free.
She is that last heart beat before I fall asleep.
Poetry mends my heart when it is torn.
Poetry. Poetry.
Poetry gave me her heart when I was born.


Two Terms.


2 More Months To Go.


This Is What You've Got To Do To Survive.

Preface- There is never anything clear about life or the way it is supposed to turn out. All you know for certain is that you’ve got to survive to reach that “point”. The point is the peak of your dreams. There are no two identical routes to achieve that point. Straight up, you’ve got to be like a palm tree. When the wind blows, its koo to sway but do not move for anything. Only bend to pick up something that makes you stronger.

Stay True-Always be the person that you feel is in your heart. There is only one character developing within you throughout your whole life. You should never feel obliged to change it for anyone. Stay true in the sense that you must follow your vision(s). As for the honesty aspect, why should you fear being honest? Honesty is always respected. Stay true. It’s self explanatory, nothing big, hommie.

Passion-Fill your life with a strong passion. Many people live these black and white lives because there is no passion behind their work. But those who follow their passions live with an array of colors that make everyday unique. Feel me? For instance, if you love kids, become a Pediatrician or write children's books. Fight for what you are passionate about. Thrive amongst your passion. And most of all, make sure your passion can make you smile.

Love- I can break down love in 48,000 ways to you. But it’ll be all opinion. You see, no one has a true grasp on its meaning, each of us just knows it. All I can tell you is JUST LOVE!!!! Appreciate it, spread it, cherish it.

Educate- There are two ways to educate yourself. The most important way does not involve any books, historical dates, derivatives, or compounding. Actually, just keep a couple things in mind. The date of your birth. So you can tell these Jive-Suckas YOU WERE NOT BORN YESTERDAY. And the other which I made up: YOU-STREET SMARTS= AIN’T SHIT. What you learn in the streets will take you further than knowing the day Lincoln got shot (April 14th, 1865). You can learn when people are lying to you, how to do things your way, stand up for yourself, and make things work for you. We are middle class brotha’s and sista’s. We are always being lied to. We as a middle class are always expected to fail and remain middle class. That is why it is important to attend college and gain access to a greater acceptance. I’ve always felt like- to hell with their punkass acceptance!! I only need my momma to accept me. I want to earn her acceptance BY PLACING EVERY UNDER SERVED COMMUNITY ON MY BACK. NOT AS BURDEN BUT AS RESPONSIBILITY. REAL TALK.

Power- When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”-Jimmi Hendrixx

Pride- Make yo momma proud. Labor pains, contractions, kicking, pulling on her tubes for 9 months? Just make her proud. Every mother looks into their child's eyes and prays for a respectable, honest man/woman. Give it to her, please. Have pride in your roots, your background, your family, your GOD, your love, your community, and yourself.

Real Talk.

This is what you’ve got to do to survive.


"Love Breeds Peace."

You are my sex without touch
And my flame without heat.
This character with no name
That makes my heart beat.

If you believe I am scared of significant commitment,
Look at the way I stare at you like You're an Orange
Moon floating amongst my dark canvas of hopes and
My eyes remember your image because your phenomenal
Features blur out the world and only You exist.

If you believe I am scared of significant commitment
Would every single nerve in my body fight against my
Muscles of sight when I release you from my vision?

I await your presence the way a blooming flower
Awaits light of day.
You are my sex without touch, my flame with
No heat.
I fear your absence the way a heart awaits its
Last beat.

They can study our Anthropology for a discovery
Of an Unbound book of Love in a buried Library
Written by Us.
The Chemistry between you and me should be placed
Into IVs and handed out in the streets because love
Breeds Peace and we'll feed all greed.
You are my sex without touch.
A screaming fire with no heat.
If it weren't for you
My Heart would not beat.
written for Dennise.