Rainbow Energy.

What do you think?
This is just something I wrote in less than 20 minutes. I'm working on getting a whole channel of this type of shit out.
I'll try to put one out every week.




Hey, I'm The One With No Soul.

And the sky was made of amethyst
and all the stars look just like little fish
you should learn when to go
you should learn how to say no


The Girl Who Smelled Like Lucky Charms.

I never saw the word "Forever" so perfectly displayed and personified in front of me as I did when I was in love with you. What I saw as forever was you and I together, but that's too naive for me to believe. What I saw as forever was the feeling of completeness, a bond between two bold minds. As reality set in, I realized it would take you forever to understand my idea of love, and even longer to match it. The words within our language we so intricately utilize to form strong ideas frequently failed me, which is why it was hard for me to speak to you. I included you in all of my poetry, except your name was so deeply embedded beneath every line that only a Psychotic would find your name and fall in love. I spoke to you in metaphors and loved you more in hyperboles. Similarly, everything I said had a double meaning and nothing was exaggerated. You dominated a very specific region of my heart, that which is unfathomable. Unfathomable because it was unprecedented and the heights were unreachable. In fact, on top of that mountain, in the most graceful way, you planted a flag that states "the greatest, most subtle heartbreak." Every thought of you was a Hurricane and every poem, respectively dedicated to you, was the tragic aftermath of the storm. But the damage was only sentimental. As far as the current day is concerned, I am no longer in love with you, but it is apparent that I never stopped loving you. I no longer care if we ever share another conversation. As much as my heart craves to devour your beauty, speaking to you is like speaking to me. As far as the current day is concerned, you are skin and bones and you've buried your beautiful mind but at least I captured it well before the funeral, in a photograph of you showing a shy spirit as cleavage. I remember every laugh we had together, and I remember why you stand so distant from any girl I've ever had a relationship with or even felt the slightest attraction for. There was the cute intellect, the clueless and needy one with a shapely body, the backseat lover, the immature and cute one, and the one that was far too religious for me. There were several who came and went faster than an exhaled breath: The girl who smelled like Lucky Charms, the one with the Chucks and Kurt Cobain shirt, the one with Abercrombie this and Hollister that, the dental assistant, and the writer with a Shakespeare quote tattooed on her breast. I don't care much for physical attraction because all skin is made of the same composition; beneath your chest were Four chambers with no windows and every artery was a part of me. The outer shell was a beautiful facade with a greater value because it was so understated. With a photographic memory, I can describe every angle of stroke, shape, color and hue of sentimental essence in the personal portrait of the one and only you. These words are meant to be the only part of me that lasts forever because as much as you didn't see them now, I will not see them then. Everything I've said has a double meaning, nothing is exaggerated and nothing is fake. You really are responsible for the worlds greatest, most subtle and respectable heartbreak.

December 9, 2008.

Dedantheman: we can write a poem togetherr
Her:ohhh ok.
Dedantheman: bout whaat?
Dedantheman: you decide.
Her:i want to write about love, but it's like. you can't just write about LOVE. it has to be something specific. and that i just don't know yet.. any ideas?
Dedantheman: what do you get when you mix love and unity
Dedantheman: something deeper than you and me
Dedantheman: something further than eternity
Dedantheman: something deeper than the core
Her:no no. i can't write about love.
Dedantheman: keeeeeep thiiiiiinking
Her:i just like looking at you,
i don't care to compare thoughts about chemistry, or even mix love and unity.
i just like your silhouette on my eyes.
Her:ohh. i don't care to compare notes about chemistry.
Dedantheman: if math is exact then we are perfect. backed by the science of numbers we are two fractions for a whole
Dedantheman: go.
Her:hmm. i don't like that line :/ can't write after it.
Dedantheman: on paper we are etched as everlasting roman numerals
Dedantheman: the rock is unknown so our love can never be written in stone.
Her:ughhh. i'm sorry. i can't write right now.

A Moment Of Silence.

After 3 years, I had to give her away today. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make within those 3 years. I put about $1,500 into a car worth less than that but it was definitely worth it. That's not including the sound system and tinted windows. I don't even want to tell you what Pick-A-Parts gave me for my car.

It's hard saying goodbye to your first car. I saw myself cold dippin' in this for at least another 3 years. I've got so many memories but now it's time to start over and make new ones.

I remember sitting on the bus benches on my way to work and looking at every car pass by thinking whether or not I would drive it or not. Then my pops dropped this car on me while I was a senior. The first thing I did was get a box with 2 12 inch subwoofers and an amp. The first song I bumped was Ice Cube's "Friday"!!! I was acting a FOOL because my rear view mirror was rattling so much and my whole car was THUMPING!! I took the streets all the way home just so I can get more reactions to my shit. Then Lil Wayne came out with that "A Millie" song and it was GAMEOVER! The song was trash but it made my car BUMP! I loved it when my car made car alarms go off. Good times...

R.I.P. to the G ride.
I'll let you know what comes next. Hopefully it rhymes with BELL CAMINO!



Quote from Kanye West.

"I'm tormented by the need to create. Don't let the psychiatrists give your their drugs because it slows down your wings...when something sounds so amazing and groundbreaking I'm reminded of why I live. There's no such thing as fact anymore. Only opinion. The closest thing we have to "fact" is common opinion. Everything is an opinion. The way you dress is an expression of your opinion. Your religious beliefs are your opinion."


Burning Cocoon.

Beliefs expose themselves panoramically inside the cocoon.
The exoskeleton of values never break, it clings to the branch until a beautiful butterfly burrows from the bottom and blossoms with a brilliance.
A second birth begins on the brown earth where life once was constrained to.
Now two wings and a few more eyes feel the absolute freedom of flight and precise, unadulterated sight.
The violet sky, along with pleated lines combine to persuade natural minds towards warmer wings when weather gets weary with winter.
Religion clings to both wings as particles of pollen from every flower and power plant.
Life depends on the bee who stings the poor and wise.
Within the metamorphosis of Monarch butterflies, paradigms of life are molded into modern day Mayan pyramids miles below miracles of the sky.
The moon was once a thing of solar disguise until the sun blossomed from its burning cocoon.

It took me more than 2 months to write this. There's a lot said in here, alot of real shit.