Quote from Kanye West.

"I'm tormented by the need to create. Don't let the psychiatrists give your their drugs because it slows down your wings...when something sounds so amazing and groundbreaking I'm reminded of why I live. There's no such thing as fact anymore. Only opinion. The closest thing we have to "fact" is common opinion. Everything is an opinion. The way you dress is an expression of your opinion. Your religious beliefs are your opinion."


Anonymous said...

random ass question but, what are your thoughts on the whole 2012 deal?

Dedan K. said...

i believe nothing is going to happen.
personally, MY God is not going to "end the world" or anything like that.
There are a lot of reasons why i don't believe in it but thats the main.
I dont consider ANY other religion or belief out there. I feel it will all come down to ME and God without any outside influence.

It will no doubt turn into HYPE such as Y2K. Everybody is going to scare everybody and there will be looting and rioting and all that. It's going to be chaos, no doubt, but for all the wrong reasons.

Outside of the frenzy, those who feel they have lived their days to the fullest will not panic. Those who feel they have actually ACCOMPLISHED something, had a voice, had pride... they will be the ones who do no panic.

I'm sure the Capitalists pigs will still be trying to get their dough in "the last days". Oil companies are going to jack up the prices to squeeze out every last penny...

I'll make a post about this soon. Good question. thanks for asking.

What are your thoughts, BTW?

Anonymous said...

My thoughts? Niggas is crazy.

I can't wait for that post, good job keep it comin' man.