I have several folders of pictures on my laptop. These folders contain humerous photos, camera phone pictures, about a hundred Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson pictures, the family and myself, .gifs and of course-womenz. Of course I have the raunchy/risque pictures but I also have a folder containing the real ones. The professional photos that have actual substance instead of just a big booty. These are my favorite. It's just the simplicity of a womans beauty. No heavy photoshop, no glamorous makeup, no glorified scenery. Just the woman posing as an elegant figure. Raw.

This type of photography has more value and substance than a candid picture of Megan Fox or Kim Kardashian. The lighting and stance of the woman is more important than her sex appeal.

Street Science, you're on the air-What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac's new one? I love Tupac's new record.
Right, but don't you feel like that creates a tension between East and West?
He's talking about killing people... I had sex with your wife and not in those words-but he's talking about I wanna see you deceased...


Biggups To Ed Dickson

Number 83.Modeling the new Oregon football uniforms.
Graduated from Bellflower High School '05.


It's always tragic when a legend passes away. We immediately get to playing the music and recognizing their work and all that but many people don't appreciate the person, they appreciate the work.

Anybody who wants to do nothing but spread love and peace is a legend to me. I'm too young to actually know what that hype is like. I can't even think of anyone today to compare them to Michael. Maaaaayybe Kanye West or Morrissey. I think Dr. Dre will push 100 million records.

But this is a life where we must appreciate everything we can and cannot touch.

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

100 million.


Essentials. Pt. 2

1-Stridex- These medicated wipes dry out my face quicker than desert storm. I've been cursed with an oily face.
2-Flossups- This is the only way I can floss right. I can't use the string floss. Using one after each meal keeps my grill looking icy.
3-Murrays-I'm working on getting waves again. I started way back in 9th grade and it was too much work. I don't like sleeping with a wave cap on. It takes longer for me to get waves because I'm only half black. I've got tropical hair.
4-Schick Blades- 3 blades get that extra close shave in. That 3 o'clock shadow will come up late.
5-Acerola Cherry Vitamin C Chews-Step your vitamin game up.
6-Degree- Like I said, nothing protects the pits from sweat and funk like Degree deodorant. All day.

45,000 Thick For The Red & White.

My boy Brett came through with a ticket to the Freeway series. Angels Vs. Dodgers at Angels stadium. I'm an Angels fan to the fullest. I'm not one of those automatically drafted fans that cheer for the Dodgers because I'm half Hispanic.
Angels won 5-4 and there was a fireworks show after. I hate it when fans of the losing squad still make noise in OUR stadium. Just take the L and leave! Don't sit and enjoy OUR fireworks. You're lucky we let Dodger fans park in our parking lot. If it were up to me, you would have to find parking on the residential streets and shit.

Anaheim FTW!

Stop This Nonsense.

I cant stand this Scum Bummery. If you're going to cop some J's, please make sure they are of a REAL colorway. No matter how "fresh" they look, if they are fake, you will get clowned on. Maybe not in front of your "Jerkin' Homies" but the rest of us know wassup with those J's. You know damn well Jordan didn't come out with any Neon Green 5's. This pair is an exclusive Trunklocker edition.


This Is Just A Story Of When I Was Just A Shorty.

When I was a senior, there was this one girl who had a crush on me. It was evident because she was always quiet and shy around me. One of her homeboys came up to me a couple times talkin' bout "wassup with you and ol' girl?" because she was too shy. One day, she walked up to me at lunch holding out a folded up piece of paper. I already knew what was up; I didn't even have to open the shit! I just hit her with the smile and said "alright" with a nod. Word is bond! I don't remember exactly what the note said but it was on some "Do you like me? Circle Yes or No" type shit.


I kept thinking about how immature that was. I never replied, never spoke to ol' hispanic girl. I was 18 at the time and was past writting notes back and forth. I stopped doing that in 9th grade. Even then I thought it was a waste of paper so I would write my response on the back of her notes every time.

I hope she learned something from that experience. Let go of those kiddie tendencies. We're adults now.


95,000 Thick For The Purp & Gold.

You know I had to be at the 2009 Laker Parade. This was my favorite season of basketball ever. I feel this is going to lead to a 3-Peat so we definitely had to be there. Los Angeles knows how to represent! We know how to get hyped like no other city in the world! Who else kicks in newstands and toss trash cans in metro bus windows? NOBODY! L.A. GETS HYPED! What do they expect us to do? Hold hands and chant "HIP HIP HORRAY"?! We're setting taxis and trains on fire next year! Everyone knows we wild out when the Lakers win so they should prepare it like they prepared for Hurricane Katrina. Board up the windows and house the refugees in the Staples Center, damnit!


The police were there in full effect. I felt a little nervous because all it takes is ONE jackass to toss a water bottle and we're all catching all kinds of rubber bullets and tear gas. But the melting pot that is Los Angeles showed up 95,000 thick and there weren't that many problems. The street vendors were on their grind slanging water bottles at a 40% markup rate. When was the last time you paid $8 for a burrito with 93% white rice and 7% meat? FTL.

USC can't even fill up their own stadium like the Lakers fans did today. Bunch of stuck-up cockazoids with fanny packs and sunscreen...Catch me at Elysian Park when the Dodgers
make some noise in the playoffs. I roll with the Angels but Dodger fans know how to roll thick. Dodger Dogs FTW!

(More pictures from the Coliseum later.)
(Kobe's wife is killing the summer dresses.)


To The Class of '09. Part 1

It's that time of year where school has ended and the all the seniors are livid. It's one of the greatest feelings ever. Passing one of the most difficult obstacles lifts a heavy burden off your back. Damn that shit felt good! I couldn't wait to be out! I didn't even take pictures after the graduation ceremony. I copped my diploma and it was deuces! Grad night at Speedzone was craaazy though. Due to half of the class of '08 eating weedbrownies and poppin' pills, I was able to cut through ALL the lines but DAMN did ya'll grub up that pizza QUICK! Half the fun was on the bus ride up there:

On the real though, life after that graduation ceremony is going to hit you hard because the weak ones don't deserve a spot with the rest of us. If you are going to be one of those clowns that need constant direction and get in the way of us-you're going to get knocked down from the jump. We don't need you rookies taking our spots in General Ed classes if you're going to be bullshitin'. We don't need you rookies backing up traffic because you're trying to stunt down the 105 freeway. Yeah, I call you all "Rookies" because that's what you are to the rest of the world. New booty. Inexperienced kids. You don't get counselors and coaches in these streets.

You are going to be responsible for picking your major and the corresponding classes. And if you're reading this, I'm assuming that you've already got your college stuff in order. It's survival of the fittest out here. Think ahead to get ahead. I'm beginning my second year of college and I've already got my next 5 years (of COLLEGE!) planned out.

I can tell you everything about college. I work in the financial aid office so I can help you with all that. One thing I don't really know about are the parties but what I can tell you is that all my friends that wild out at those parties are always buggin' out when finals, midterms and other exams come up. You're only 18, why should you be waking up with hangovers and intoxicating yourself like that? Don't fall in with that crowd. If you stay dedicated and work harder than them, you'll always be the first to hand in your exam and bounce up out the classroom while the other drunks are pulling their hair out and secretly texting their friends for answers or discretely searching it up on their iPhone. Rookies.

When I think of all my friends who have become parents/pregnant since graduating high school, I just shake my head. Just wrap that shit up! Honestly, if you spend more time posting bulletins on myspace or updating your facebook status, YOU ARE NOT FIT TO BE A PARENT! All I can do is hit them with the Kobe WTF:

Those cliques/gangs you claimed to be from-stop that. The only thing you should be representing is yourself. And if I ever see any of ya'll "jerkin'" on campus, I'm throwing a Biology book at you.

And to next years' Seniors: Take Econ in the summer or request it in the Fall.

I'll add more to this later.


The Real Superman.

Beautiful Hip-Hop.

The Dove Shack-Summertime In The LBC.
This is one of my favorite songs to bump in the summer where it's all about big chillin' and maxin' and relaxin' with the homies. This is the time where shirts come off and Jordans get laced up for the hoop, carne asada and chicken get marinated over night for the grill, sugar gets dumped into the koolaid for the dranks, chocolate, marshmellows and graham crackers come together for the bonfire, and oversized towels come out for the beach.

It's the summertime so fill in the blanks with your own fun.

My Summer started weeks ago.

Staples Center FTW

Put the cheese on the beef whilst on the grill.

Eclipse from Roscoes. Lemonade, Orange Juice, Fruit Punch.

Go to Pavilions for your cheeseburger BBQ needs. They ground up the beef and prepare it with the cheese already mixed in. Or you can get the ground beef with jalepenos in it. And seal the deal with onion buns.


I went out with a promiscuous impressionist. She did everybody.