Essentials. Pt. 2

1-Stridex- These medicated wipes dry out my face quicker than desert storm. I've been cursed with an oily face.
2-Flossups- This is the only way I can floss right. I can't use the string floss. Using one after each meal keeps my grill looking icy.
3-Murrays-I'm working on getting waves again. I started way back in 9th grade and it was too much work. I don't like sleeping with a wave cap on. It takes longer for me to get waves because I'm only half black. I've got tropical hair.
4-Schick Blades- 3 blades get that extra close shave in. That 3 o'clock shadow will come up late.
5-Acerola Cherry Vitamin C Chews-Step your vitamin game up.
6-Degree- Like I said, nothing protects the pits from sweat and funk like Degree deodorant. All day.

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Hard Work said...

I'm on that Murray's too my dude... gotta have my waves back by the time starts up again in August...