Beautiful Hip-Hop.

The Dove Shack-Summertime In The LBC.
This is one of my favorite songs to bump in the summer where it's all about big chillin' and maxin' and relaxin' with the homies. This is the time where shirts come off and Jordans get laced up for the hoop, carne asada and chicken get marinated over night for the grill, sugar gets dumped into the koolaid for the dranks, chocolate, marshmellows and graham crackers come together for the bonfire, and oversized towels come out for the beach.

It's the summertime so fill in the blanks with your own fun.

My Summer started weeks ago.

Staples Center FTW

Put the cheese on the beef whilst on the grill.

Eclipse from Roscoes. Lemonade, Orange Juice, Fruit Punch.

Go to Pavilions for your cheeseburger BBQ needs. They ground up the beef and prepare it with the cheese already mixed in. Or you can get the ground beef with jalepenos in it. And seal the deal with onion buns.

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Nessie (Renesmee Spore) said...

LMAO.... I Think you mean State of brothers....lol...thats where i got that meat...i was running late and couldnt make it to pavillions...