Parenting Fail.

Maybe he told his mom he wanted a cool mohawk like the other kids at school and he told her "just cut off the sides." I mean, this lil' kids haircut was...TO' UP! Had me like


I wanted to tell his parents something but I thought maybe it was his punishment.


He Can't Wait Till Offseason.

Kevin Garnett's wife is a better trophy than the NBA Championship. KG picks up dimes on & off the court! If I were him, I'd purposely foul out of every game just to get home early.

A Lesson In Hip Hop History.

Everyone is familiar with Andre "Dr. Dre" Young. He is a well known artists in the music industry as a legendary producer and rap icon for his works as a solo artist and gangsta rap group N.W.A. But Dre started his career earlier than that.
In 1986, Dr. Dre ran with a crew that went by the name of The C.I.A. (Cru' in Action!) It consisted of K-Dee, Sir Jinx and Ice Cube.

Dre was also associated with another crew. The World Class Wreckin' Cru was a 1980s Electro-hop group out of Compton. It included DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Shakespeare, Cli-N-Tel, and Mona Lisa Young (Dre's sister). They were managed by Jerry Heller who later became part of the gangsta rap scene on the west coast, forming Ruthless Records with Eazy-E, and helping the careers of other rap artists.

Dr. Dre also worked with the supergroup The Firm including Nas, Foxy Brown, and AZ. Dre did all the producing and they were signed to his label Aftermath. Their debut was the group's only release and they broke up in 1998 with each member continuing their solo career.

Here's one of their most popular songs "Phone Tap". If it sounds familiar, it's because Power 106 uses the beat for those phone taps in the mornings with Luther Lufey.



youngtheez (9:34:28 PM): Speakin from expirience, dude
youngtheez (9:34:33 PM): As good as it may seem
youngtheez (9:34:40 PM): Never talk to jus 1 girl
youngtheez (9:34:53 PM): Let her think she is the only 1
youngtheez (9:35:04 PM): But u gotta have at least 2
youngtheez (9:35:26 PM): When you find that "1" you'll kno it
youngtheez (9:35:27 PM): You're tooooo young ta be talkin like that
youngtheez (9:35:55 PM): I been there and done that
Dedantheman (9:36:24 PM): i feel you.

Real Talk.


Farenheit 1,500.

"Over 1,500 farmers in an Indian state committed suicide after being driven to debt by crop failure, reported last week."
Have you ever wondered why we hear the stories we hear on the NEWS? Think about it. Who's in charge of telling Americans(Californias) what's going around us? You've got to believe that hundreds of stories are censored from us daily. Go watch the NEWS tonight and tell me how much of you felt was interesting or informative. Give me a percent. I know it's going to be less than 10% from an hour of NEWS.

In the same week that Lindsay Lohan broke up with Samantha Ronson, 1500 Indian farmers committed suicide but how many of you heard that story? This is an extreme wake-up call for Humanity yet 30 minutes of NEWS is spent on last nights losers of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and pictures of Lohan's personal life.

In going to a University in an underserved community, I see REAL NEWS around me every day. For one, the Martin Luther King/Drew Hospital is still closed. I'm always hearing of shootings around the cities but they don't make the news! Why?! Teens are being rushed to hospitals daily from getting caught in gang shoot-outs. And why do they get shot? By giving the wrong answer to one of the STUPIDEST fuckin' questions known to mankind: What gang you from?
Ask yourself: Why we are being sheltered from the REAL?

Four black teens were shot in a KFC in Compton the same week that a blonde hair, blue eyed girl was kidnapped. Which did you hear about?


That's my word.



My Randoms.

Today I was the second time this week I was pulled over by the Police. And of course, for no reason. Mind you, I've never been pulled over before. Thursday afternoon, I was called over for riding my bike in the train/bus stop which, according to the copper, yields a ticket. I was asked 5 times if I had anything illegal on me and if I was on probation or ever been arrested. He asked for my license to "make sure I'm not a murderer." Today was the second time. I had just got in my car after running down the Riverbed. The cop gave me the "routine". Hands out the window, on the steering wheel, turn off the car, get out, hands behind my back, spread my legs, face forward. He asked what I was doing "around here" and didn't seem to believe I was running. I was sweating, out of breath, empty water bottle, adidas sweats on...WTF!

I had to sit in the back of his car for about 35 minutes while he interrogated me, asking numerous times if I'm on meth. Apparently, you're eyelids flutter when you're on meth and as I had finished running, my blood is pumping, of course my whole body is going to be fluttering! The cop tossed everything in my car. All my cd's, papers, glove box...tossed! He continued asking if I'm on meth.

The biggest thing that bothered me was when he said "Okay, I'm not going to waste your time and not going to waste my time to check if you're on meth." I'm like, we've already been out here for 40 minutes and you've been wrong this whole time. Take me to the damn station and test me so I can laugh at your dumbass!" Waste YOUR TIME? What kind of bullshit is that! Made me think about Training Day:

"If I didn't have more pressing business I’d rip your dick off and stick it up that funky ass of yours. Bitch. Damn I’m thirsty, how bout a beer."-Alonzo

This incident made me feel like we are all suspects in the eye of the enforcers. Between me and a real drug dealer, there's no difference. Proper English or slurred speech, you can't protect yourself until the low-budget, court-appointed lawyer is speaking for you in the court. My friends say this is what I've got to put up with simply because I am black. It's a hard thing to believe; A colored man's freedom is always in the power of the authorities. Always.

The 4 Pharmacy texts books and 2 novels in the back seat of my car didn't persuade him to believe I'm an honest student. Nahh, man. I am just a nigga.

By the way, that Eminem cd is always on point.

College Health Seminar #5.
Only crazy people use separate peanut butter and jelly jars to make PB&J sandwiches. I think it's time for Smuckers to make a new flavor, maybe Peanut Butter and Blueberry. I always throw on banana slices and use whole wheat bread. Who's feelin' me on this?

My two favorite things from Lucille's. Strawberry Lemonade and the Hot&Spicy Sauce. I pour about a quart into my mac&cheese.

This dude was wearing this heavy ass camo suit by my school. Looked like it was filled with lead! And yes, that is a black Raiders beanie he's wearing. It was about 90 degrees out too! I don't know where to cop one of these. The paintball gear store or from the army supply store.


My favorite kind of Sunday. Cheeseburgers and a movie (American History X).


I've been taking pictures of myself each week and keeping them stored in order. It's koo to see your face changing week by week. Like that pimple scar, my beard and line-up progressively growing in...


No It Is Not.

I've always hated the phrase "Life's Short". It begs the question 'life's short compared to what?'

Life's short in which aspect? I don't believe we were ever given a valid life expectancy and told it will never be reached. It doesn't work that way. This phrase is unfair; it forces one to believe it's acceptable to view their own life pessimistically.

Between a gang member and a billionaire, the balance of life is truly uneven. but who is to say the gangster won't live longer than the billionaire? Both see life through different paradigms. The hypothetical billionaire may die in a car crash in his lambo. The gangster outlives him but is spending life in jail. Who's life was cut short?

It is impossible to live a short life. Absolutely impossible. We each acquire unique ideals to believe in and that's what gives us an individualistic feel. One can accept death after learning the word of Jesus. One can accept death after receiving the most paramount love from a beautiful woman. It is impossible to live a short life. In my own reflections, I've learned that life itself is entailed with wonderful gifts such as the plethora of colors, laughter, reciprocated love, flavors of food, and art. It is impossible to live a short life.

What many people, especially my generation, fail to realize is that it is possible to SHORTEN LIFE. Life shortens when you abuse and neglect your body and mind through use of drugs and alcohol. Life shortens when you live by the phrase "life's short". The new Metro slogan is creative and on point, "Life's a trip. Plan accordingly." This is a double entendre, telling you to plan your destination ahead of time but also advising to plan your life. Plan your education, plan your family.

It is important to live life to the fullest. The never ending gifts must be appreciated daily. Never duplicate a day in your life. Yatta yatta yatta, just smile, man.

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring." Oscar Wilde


Different Voices Of Me.

I want you to read this
Because I have lost my truth
And I need you to believe this.
I want you to read this
Because I have lost my air
And I need you to breath this.
I want you to read this
Because I've lost my photography
And I need you to see this
Before they seize this peace kiss,
Tear my dreams into pieces
For spreading a poetical Jesus.
I envision peace as a religion
With four Gods for each season
And no reason to believe in demons.
I want you to read this
Because I have lost my voice
And I need to hear this
Message demanding that we all live fearless.

I haven't written many pieces where the title of the poem gives the true definition of the poem. I don't really like titles but sometimes I'll write a poem that makes little sense until I give it a fitting title which adds to the context of the poem.

Beautiful Hip Hop.

To Live And Die In L.A.-Tupac Shakur

This song is the epitome of hip hop. The ugliness of Los Angeles was beautifully crafted into a popular hip hop song over a soulful beat that played into the ears of the youth. Tupac brought Los Angeles alive in a way that no other artist has been able to. No song dedicated to California or Los Angeles captured the real, unadulterated truth in these streets. Yes, Los Angeles is filthy and dangerous but we are all adapted to it and know where to find the beauty. I feel it's in the the general atmosphere of every Los Angelian in the whole county.
When this song came out, it provoked a higher sense of pride that still resonates within us today.
The music video makes me remember all the times I've visited the different places 'Pac shows. That Fatburger, Barbary Coast, Crenshaw Plaza, MLK Hospital and City Hall...This is all Los Angeles!
Tupac's intent was to show the unity of Los Angeles. Music is the medium through which our unity is spread.
"To live and die in LA, where everyday we try to fatten our pockets. Us niggas hustle for the cash so it's hard to knock it. Everybody got they own thang, currency chasing. Worldwide through the hard times, worrying faces."



I Love College.

I'm over here trippin' off taking Calculus I and II, Biochemistry, and Nuclear Medicine to get my BA degree, and this fool Asher Roth is talking bout-
"I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked. Drink my beer and smoke my weed but my good friends is all I need. Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again"

What the hell, G. You are perpetuating the cycle of students messin' up in college by doing the activities that you condone. But that's not the only thing I have a problem with. You are also polluting rap/hip hop and why the hell do they play you on KROQ?

How could you be cool with glorifying Jackass activities such as getting wasted? I don't really have a problem with my friends drinking at social gatherings, as long as they do it responsibly but you however, suggest that "Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted".

What is your next single going to be? " I love unprotected sex " ?

1000 Words.

I can look at these pictures all day. It's a wonderful contrast to my world...to everyone's world, in that matter. Those animal skins weren't purchased on Melrose. The price isn't marked up at 200% because of the designer name and these skins are not part of a trend. These are handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made for each individual.

I've always admired African ways. We label those countries as "Third-World" meaning they are a "developing" country. But ask yourself, just what exactly do they need to develop? Is it because these people don't have a Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter? Do they need to develop communications? We labeled them as "developing" because they don't have our technologies, our armies, or our wealth. How fair is this? Look at us! More people vote for the next American Idol than the person to LEAD our country! Celebrity couples breaking up are on the News channels. We have built social networks that allow us to be close to our friends from a distance.
Our technologies has lead us into a recession. Our armies...More powerful guns to kill more people, destroy more homes.

There are two definitions of "wealth". The first describes our definition, along with the rest of the worlds; "a great quantity or store of money, valuable possessions, property, or other riches".
The second describes that of the "developing" nation of Africa; "an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount". Africa is known for its abundance of natural resources yet fully developed countries such as America has felt it's more important to control oil that isn't ours than to lend a helping hand.

So yes, a picture is worth a 1000 words-and even more interpretations. What do you interpret it as?


Eminem "We Made You"

"It disgusts me to see the game the way that it looks.
It's a must I redeem my name 'n haters get mushed."



"Make sure that your character is free from the love of
money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, "I WILL NEVER
Hebrews 13:5


Just picked up. I've been wasting a lot of gas lately. You know how you go 5 days without showering and feel nasty and sticky? No? You don't? Oh...Then never mind. Well it bothers me when I drive to school everyday when I'm fully capable of taking the metro. In the long run, I'll save more money and work on my new years resolution to be more green/environmentally friendly (and lose more weight).

I'll soon be going by the name of Dr. D. My business cards will say Dr. Dedan Kevin Hedrick, AS, BS, PharmD. Give me five more years.

I used to be bothered by the fact that I'll STILL be attending school while I'm well into my twenties. But I'm now more grown and realize that I never want to stop learning. Where is it written that one must stop attending school at a certain age? I want to learn everything I've ever wondered myself. Just the other day, my friends daughter said "Isn't it weird that when the car turns left, our body goes to the right?" I want to know what this law of motion is called. I want to know that too!!

Obama recently spoke to us and said he wants every American to dedicate ONE year to higher education or volunteering around the community. This is EXACTLY what will help out economy It'll work faster than federal bailouts. Americans will be better qualified for jobs, companies will be more productive, higher productivity and work will be done for free! If you're smart about volunteering, you'll volunteer somewhere that will help you in your career. ONE year. EVERY American.