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Today I was the second time this week I was pulled over by the Police. And of course, for no reason. Mind you, I've never been pulled over before. Thursday afternoon, I was called over for riding my bike in the train/bus stop which, according to the copper, yields a ticket. I was asked 5 times if I had anything illegal on me and if I was on probation or ever been arrested. He asked for my license to "make sure I'm not a murderer." Today was the second time. I had just got in my car after running down the Riverbed. The cop gave me the "routine". Hands out the window, on the steering wheel, turn off the car, get out, hands behind my back, spread my legs, face forward. He asked what I was doing "around here" and didn't seem to believe I was running. I was sweating, out of breath, empty water bottle, adidas sweats on...WTF!

I had to sit in the back of his car for about 35 minutes while he interrogated me, asking numerous times if I'm on meth. Apparently, you're eyelids flutter when you're on meth and as I had finished running, my blood is pumping, of course my whole body is going to be fluttering! The cop tossed everything in my car. All my cd's, papers, glove box...tossed! He continued asking if I'm on meth.

The biggest thing that bothered me was when he said "Okay, I'm not going to waste your time and not going to waste my time to check if you're on meth." I'm like, we've already been out here for 40 minutes and you've been wrong this whole time. Take me to the damn station and test me so I can laugh at your dumbass!" Waste YOUR TIME? What kind of bullshit is that! Made me think about Training Day:

"If I didn't have more pressing business I’d rip your dick off and stick it up that funky ass of yours. Bitch. Damn I’m thirsty, how bout a beer."-Alonzo

This incident made me feel like we are all suspects in the eye of the enforcers. Between me and a real drug dealer, there's no difference. Proper English or slurred speech, you can't protect yourself until the low-budget, court-appointed lawyer is speaking for you in the court. My friends say this is what I've got to put up with simply because I am black. It's a hard thing to believe; A colored man's freedom is always in the power of the authorities. Always.

The 4 Pharmacy texts books and 2 novels in the back seat of my car didn't persuade him to believe I'm an honest student. Nahh, man. I am just a nigga.

By the way, that Eminem cd is always on point.

College Health Seminar #5.
Only crazy people use separate peanut butter and jelly jars to make PB&J sandwiches. I think it's time for Smuckers to make a new flavor, maybe Peanut Butter and Blueberry. I always throw on banana slices and use whole wheat bread. Who's feelin' me on this?

My two favorite things from Lucille's. Strawberry Lemonade and the Hot&Spicy Sauce. I pour about a quart into my mac&cheese.

This dude was wearing this heavy ass camo suit by my school. Looked like it was filled with lead! And yes, that is a black Raiders beanie he's wearing. It was about 90 degrees out too! I don't know where to cop one of these. The paintball gear store or from the army supply store.


My favorite kind of Sunday. Cheeseburgers and a movie (American History X).


I've been taking pictures of myself each week and keeping them stored in order. It's koo to see your face changing week by week. Like that pimple scar, my beard and line-up progressively growing in...

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