Just picked up. I've been wasting a lot of gas lately. You know how you go 5 days without showering and feel nasty and sticky? No? You don't? Oh...Then never mind. Well it bothers me when I drive to school everyday when I'm fully capable of taking the metro. In the long run, I'll save more money and work on my new years resolution to be more green/environmentally friendly (and lose more weight).

I'll soon be going by the name of Dr. D. My business cards will say Dr. Dedan Kevin Hedrick, AS, BS, PharmD. Give me five more years.

I used to be bothered by the fact that I'll STILL be attending school while I'm well into my twenties. But I'm now more grown and realize that I never want to stop learning. Where is it written that one must stop attending school at a certain age? I want to learn everything I've ever wondered myself. Just the other day, my friends daughter said "Isn't it weird that when the car turns left, our body goes to the right?" I want to know what this law of motion is called. I want to know that too!!

Obama recently spoke to us and said he wants every American to dedicate ONE year to higher education or volunteering around the community. This is EXACTLY what will help out economy It'll work faster than federal bailouts. Americans will be better qualified for jobs, companies will be more productive, higher productivity and work will be done for free! If you're smart about volunteering, you'll volunteer somewhere that will help you in your career. ONE year. EVERY American.

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looks much better than i expected.