No It Is Not.

I've always hated the phrase "Life's Short". It begs the question 'life's short compared to what?'

Life's short in which aspect? I don't believe we were ever given a valid life expectancy and told it will never be reached. It doesn't work that way. This phrase is unfair; it forces one to believe it's acceptable to view their own life pessimistically.

Between a gang member and a billionaire, the balance of life is truly uneven. but who is to say the gangster won't live longer than the billionaire? Both see life through different paradigms. The hypothetical billionaire may die in a car crash in his lambo. The gangster outlives him but is spending life in jail. Who's life was cut short?

It is impossible to live a short life. Absolutely impossible. We each acquire unique ideals to believe in and that's what gives us an individualistic feel. One can accept death after learning the word of Jesus. One can accept death after receiving the most paramount love from a beautiful woman. It is impossible to live a short life. In my own reflections, I've learned that life itself is entailed with wonderful gifts such as the plethora of colors, laughter, reciprocated love, flavors of food, and art. It is impossible to live a short life.

What many people, especially my generation, fail to realize is that it is possible to SHORTEN LIFE. Life shortens when you abuse and neglect your body and mind through use of drugs and alcohol. Life shortens when you live by the phrase "life's short". The new Metro slogan is creative and on point, "Life's a trip. Plan accordingly." This is a double entendre, telling you to plan your destination ahead of time but also advising to plan your life. Plan your education, plan your family.

It is important to live life to the fullest. The never ending gifts must be appreciated daily. Never duplicate a day in your life. Yatta yatta yatta, just smile, man.

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring." Oscar Wilde

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