Farenheit 1,500.

"Over 1,500 farmers in an Indian state committed suicide after being driven to debt by crop failure, reported last week."
Have you ever wondered why we hear the stories we hear on the NEWS? Think about it. Who's in charge of telling Americans(Californias) what's going around us? You've got to believe that hundreds of stories are censored from us daily. Go watch the NEWS tonight and tell me how much of you felt was interesting or informative. Give me a percent. I know it's going to be less than 10% from an hour of NEWS.

In the same week that Lindsay Lohan broke up with Samantha Ronson, 1500 Indian farmers committed suicide but how many of you heard that story? This is an extreme wake-up call for Humanity yet 30 minutes of NEWS is spent on last nights losers of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and pictures of Lohan's personal life.

In going to a University in an underserved community, I see REAL NEWS around me every day. For one, the Martin Luther King/Drew Hospital is still closed. I'm always hearing of shootings around the cities but they don't make the news! Why?! Teens are being rushed to hospitals daily from getting caught in gang shoot-outs. And why do they get shot? By giving the wrong answer to one of the STUPIDEST fuckin' questions known to mankind: What gang you from?
Ask yourself: Why we are being sheltered from the REAL?

Four black teens were shot in a KFC in Compton the same week that a blonde hair, blue eyed girl was kidnapped. Which did you hear about?


That's my word.

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