They Call It Soul Food...

Because it feeds the soul right.
You're looking at chicken wAngs, yams, greens, potato salad, rice-n-gravy, mac-n-cheeese, and 'nat CO'N bread!
You already KNOW I finished it off with that well known BANANA PUDDIN'!
This is the best thing about attending a History Black College.

Visualizing The Realism’s Of Life In Actuality.

Every night before I sleep, I stay awake to think about what my reality will be like when I'm on my own two years from now. See, I did this two years ago and I'm on the same path as I visualized. You've got to realize your reality to live it in actuality. Without picturing what your path looks like, you can easily lead yourself into the wrong one that takes you back to where you started.

When I say " I see my reality in dreams and my dreams in reality*" what I mean is the tangible life around me right now is what I envisioned for myself when I dreamt about it. So basically, I planned my dreams. Those BIG BIG plans that you spend years wishing you had, yeah those. I've been planning each stepping-stone to get up there!
[Pharmacy Tech License, AS Degree, Experience, Pharmacist License]

The biggest thing for me is to accomplish something great in MY eyes. To live a life without that ONE major accomplishment is a waste. You can search the world for a huge gold mine and set your family up for future generations to come. Accomplishment. Become Rookie of the Year. Accomplishment. Publish a book of poetry. Accomplishment. Get a Gold Medal in Volleyball at the Olympics. Accomplishment. Even if you FAIL in the eyes of others, can you really call it a failure if you got second place, knowing you tried your hardest? You know that Michael Jordan quote? "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying." So you can be 80 years young and still have pride. Feel me?

The important thing to remember is this is YOUR life. We are never handed a card that directs us to accomplish a goal that is not ours. Nothing is predetermined. It's easy to say 'We chose our own outcome in life' but you have to actually mold it with your hands until that Rheumatoid Arthritis kicks up. Life without a true goal has no definite beginning yet it has a definite ending. That's some real shit I just said. LIFE WITHOUT A TRUE GOAL HAS NO DEFINITE BEGINNING YET IT HAS A DEFINITE ENDING.
Real talk.

*=poem coming soon.


Mike Wazowski.

Greatest Movie Ever.


$26 easy. The way I break it down for easy calculations: Two weeks worth of saving cans and bottles equates to One weeks' worth/a free tank of gas with a few bucks to spare. So you can cop a bag a Doritos and Arizona Tea while at the gas station.
Bellflower Recycle Center FTW

Inhuman Thing.

Beneath my text lies an inhuman thing that gives each reader a sense of my devotion to justice and a greater heart. Many call this a true trade or art portrayed by a heart betrayed.
Beneath my text lies an inhuman thing that gives each reader a sense of my thrill for life with precise descriptions of my wars for wisdom and battles for bravery.
[It's the bravery that made me...]
Beneath my text lies an inhuman thing that gives each reader a sense of what's in front of my eyes and what's behind me so I blindly leead them to the roots of the truth of this inhuman thing.
The inhuman thing being me.


College Health Seminar #4.


Very rarely do I get to indulge in anything healthy. Ideally, I'd be copping groceries at Fresh N Easy all the time but being on this college student budget, I'm at Costco and Smart N Final. Lately I've been stepping up my fruit game up by eating lots of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananana's. Most of the time I just dump it all into the blender with the Fat Free leche and get my Jamba Juice on. To flush out all the Tam's and Little Ceasars garbage, I use a tablespoonful of Flaxseed which is a bombass way to get your fiber and Omega-3 Fats up.


Jordan Stuntin' In '93.

Where I Be/ It's A Recession.

I spend a lot of my time on my campus. I work in the Financial Aid Office part-time and I have class 3 days a week. When I don't have class, I'm working. Ask your counselor about the Federal Work/Study Program at your school so you could be Boss-Hoggin' like me.

My school consists of two main buildings; One with all the classrooms and one for student services, finance, financial aid, human resources, and library. Currently in construction is the new Nurses building which should open it's doors Spring 2009.

The Great 2009 Recession, as I like to call it, has finally affected me. The cost of tuition will be rising by next year. Perhaps your school is doing the same. My university, such as many other companies and universities, has been cutting costs and faculty. For example, our grass and trees will be cut less often to save on maintenance expenses. My suggestion is to pick up a few hispanic day laborers and cut the costs by more than half. Know what I'm talking 'bout?

Has this recession affected you? I quit my job from Mervyns before they went out of bi'ness. Krispy Kreme, Sbarro's Pizza, Six Flags, and Blockbuster are sweatin' right now.

Happy Birthday, Doc Dre.

Today is Dr. Dre's birthday. I can't imagine how he's feeling considering his son, Andre Young, was recently found dead. He did follow his Pops and put out some music going by the surname "Hood Surgeon". A father should never outlive his son.

If you don't know about Detox, then you better step up your HipHop game.


"For what it’s worth, it’s never too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit... start whenever you want... you can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. I hope you see things that stop you. I hope you feel things that you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life that you’re proud of and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."

- Benjamin Button

The Hundreds Is Gone.

Many of you who read my blog are familiar with The Hundreds. I've been a big fan of their clothing line and blog for about 3 years now, before "streetwear" become a whored popular culture. Back then, this type of streetwear actually had meaning because it was the era of the white XXXL Tall Pro Clubs. So of course, if you were rocking a shirt that was fitted correctly, you were looked down upon. But now, you've got a plethora of streetwear names that have become popular in the past two years such as Stussy, The Hundreds, 10Deep, and Crooks and Castles.

This is for my friends who've been riding with The Hundreds for as long as I have: Has The Hundreds reached their peak? Are they facing a decline in the substance and meaning of their clothing line and blog? You know what I'm talking about. I know you looked at that whackass Bun B collab like "wtf?" And when they teamed up with Kurupt...of all the classic West Coast rappers, they team up with Kurupt and release a shirt. We couldn't get Dr. Dre or Ice Cube?

If you're like me, you check their blog more than once daily. But lately, I could care less about the BS Bobby posts up. They've lost sence of what we the consumers want to see. I could care less about the damn arcade in their office. You feel me?

I've got the answer: Johnny Cupcakes.

This is a brand that sticks to it's theme through every item pressed. The company is built on a whole cupcakes/bakery goods theme.
The main thing I appreciate about Johnny Cupcakes is how they give back to it's supporters through raffle contests, store parties, and giving lectures at universitites and high schoools.

The blog is relatively better than The Hundreds, IMO. I've been trying to find out what kind of camera Jonny uses.
This is a nice taste to the Jonny Cupcakes Online Shop (Pun Intended)



Paparazzi always followin' a nigga.

The Answer Is There.

There's my father. There on the brown and bronze leather seat.
There on the grand marble floor of the Alameda Train Station.
There he sits diligently with one leg crossed over the other.
There with the L.A. Times crossword puzzle across his lap,
Crossing off the clues he's solved.
There he escapes the Arrivers and Departers, Conductors and Engineers, the Enders and the Starters.
There he scribbles letters with no meaning, at least until each fragmented being collaborates with an intersecting column.
There he sits, lost in a world of vertical and horizontal squares.
There the last 5 boxes remain...
The clue is Where and the answer is there.

180 Nollie Hardflip.

Kareem Campbell. Remember him from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? He was my favorite skater and still is. (P-Rod who?)
Do you have any advice for all the skaters? "Number one, be yourself. That's the number one key. Basically, hey, love everyone. You know what I mean, we're all just skateboarders. "


Did My Dad Just Kick Some Knowledge At Me?

"You can lose a lot of money when chasing women, but you won't lose women when chasing money."


Beautiful Hip Hop.

For me to consider a hiphop song "beautiful", it needs to fulfill several criteria such as a laid back beat, smooth hook, metaphors, style and overall good execution. This weeks Beautiful Hip Hop song is
Da Art of Storytelling by Outkast/Slick Rick.

The beat automatically makes you bob your head like a true hiphop enthusiast. Big Boi starts his verse off by describing an affair he's having with "Suzy Skrew" and the drama that involves his baby's mother. Andre 3000's story "goes hard" :

"All of the bullshit we on our back starin' at the stars above/ Talkin bout what we gonna be when we grow up/I said what you wanna be, she said, "Alive" It made me think for a minute, then looked in her eyes/ I coulda died.../"

Slick Rick finishes it off with his dilemna about trust in relationships. Knahmean?

Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers.

I'll MESS one of these up. It's all good, I've got a kickass metabolism.


Gum Soul.

I see you, Nike. I see you doing your thang. Just let me switch up those laces and we good.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Text me for the answer.


Vanilla Sky came out in theatres in 2001. I just watched it tonight. (Netflix)I see it as an odd mixture of science fiction and romance. It's a love story twisted with a erotic adventure. It's got Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Penelope Cruz. You know those kinds of movies where you understand more after you've watched it a couple times? This is one of those movies. There's a lot to focus on and interpret. You can appreciate the good acting, good plot, and good mystery.

I don't like it when people break down movies scene-by-scene-so just go watch it.



Pride is defined as:

"A high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, important, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct..."

This is the best dfeinition of any single word in the dictionary. The reason it is my favorite word is because of how it's worded. "One's own dignity" and "cherished in the mind or displayed." This is to say, that which you are proud about holds much importance to you and only you. And only you can choose to display or keep it in your heart.

I feel it is important to have something that no one can take from you or depreciate the value of. You can always fall back on what you're proud of. It doesn't need to be major. Feel me? Pride yourself in being good at calculus, pride yourself in having a good sense of fashion, pride yourself in having a solid jumpshot. See, no one can take away your determination to maintaining your sense of pride.

I am proud of my poetry and writing talents. Expressoin of self is important to myself and I choose to display this. Something else that I am proud of is that I have never been tempted by drugs or alcohol. I've never felt the need to get high or get drunk. This is something that I do not display; I keep it to myself and simply say "No thanks, sloppy sucka" when offered a hit or a drink.

People do acknowledge your pride. They will either double team you because of your sickass jumpshot, ask for help on math homework, or try to jock your sense of fashion/style. This is a form of respect. I am respected for avoiding drugs but whats most important is that I respect myself. Word to Brooklyn.

"Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude which seperates excellence from mediocrity."



The rich get richer and the poor get poorage.
The wealthy protect their investments and riches
In locked storage whereas the middle class work to survive.
This is how our country gets by.

Rasterbate It.

I hooked up my room with this rasterbated Mike Tyson post-up. All together, I spent about $60. Holla at me if you're interested in doing this for your space.
It's 5 ft. x 5 ft.

City of Angels and Constant Danger

I haven't been keeping up with a few of my 2009 Resolutions. For one, I most certainly have not been eating healthy. My weekly diet consists of an average of 5 Bacon-Wrapped Hotdogs from the LA street vendors and 9 Tams Cheeseburgers. I'm sure I've got all kinds of clogged arteries and a thick liability for Acid Reflux. I'm studying the GI Tract at school and I saw how ugly it can get in all your internal plumbing so that's why I'm bugging about my current diet.

Although I do indulge in a lot of trash fast food, I'm not gaining weight. I've been at 165ish since my Senior year. I need to switch up my semi-sedentary lifestyle.

The other resolution I'm having problem with is defeating Davon in Madden and/or 1-on-1. I can't let it get frustrating or else this will happen:


*New Poetry later this week.


Dedantheman (10:56:09 PM): i dont need experience to be a good boyfriend. i made my heart strong by my damn self.
Dedantheman (10:56:10 PM): feel me?
Andeeeeezy (10:56:25 PM): I FEEL YOU!!!!
Andeeeeezy (10:56:34 PM): damn that was niice
Dedantheman (10:56:37 PM): so after [him], [she] will be smarter. she wont be playing no games.