"In Actuality."

I have already created you.
I have already constructed my image that appeals to me as beautiful.
I have given you a character that compliments
Your physique and phenomenal personality.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
I crafted your mind as an intellectual
Built you upon my wisdom
And see our love as perpetual.
Our intimate interests are identical without discrepancies.
Reflections in mirrors have their boundaries
As they cannot reflect upon shared memories.
I conjure up your image and you walk beside me
As my counterpart. As my image of eternity.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
You have taken me to the vineyards of France
And the mountains of Peru.
So I close my eyes and think of the most
Exquisite place I can take you.
This place only resides behind closed eyes.
This place only begins from within
And this is the place where I created you through
Millions of crystal pieces.
You are the glass prism that makes my heart shine from within me.
You pull the books out of my imaginary library
And I tell you to return them before
I meet you in actuality.
What's Your Name?


Work To Due.

Although I've been laying low lately, I've still been productive.
...Ohhh okay. Not really.
I've just been maxin' and relaxin' and it feels gooood.
I started reading two books, aside from my medical/pharmacy books for school.
It's times like these where I create most. I tend to do some thankin'.
This older man at school sees me concentrating and says:
"Ohhh! 'Lat Boy Righ' There Doin' Some Thankin'!"

If you've seen my Yellow Notepads, you'll know exactly how much thinking I do.
I recently thought about the current state of Hip Hop.
Remember when Power 106 had Freestlye Fridays? I remember chillin' in my moms car just to listen to them cats battle. As whack as 106&Park is, I always watched their freestyle fridays but they got rid of it!
105.9 is the last preset button in my car because thats just what it is. It's my last resort. Everytime I turn it on it's Lil' Wayne ANYWAY! They don't play other artists such as Eminem, Scarface, Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killa, Dead Prez, Slick Rick, Too $hort, or Juvenile. Ayo Power 106!! Let me hear some Method Man or some MF Doom!

I'll have some new poetry soon. I just started this Essay writing class and I need to turn in 500 words every week. Here's a little sample:

"Many people say Obama will not win because he is black. I have been told not to get my hopes up. Well I say: If there is no hope, then what are we left with? Obama is exactly what people from my background needed. We needed a figure to look up to and become inspired. We needed a figure to stand up against the huge obstacles and support the minorities. We needed a figure to help us in our plight of equality. I believe if you come from the truth, then you can deliver to the truth. Obama is seen as the epitome of truth in this election. Today’s youth needed an image to look up to and Obama delivers that image."

Obama! PLEASE give us TWO terms! I'll be 27 in your last year. I would love to have my first child to be born with you in office. Feel me?

On another note-
If you can count to infinite, then you can figure out love. Know what I mean?
Its like, Love is Lucy and you're Charlie Brown.
Everytime Lucy holds that football down, Charlie thinks he's gonna kick it but NAW!
No matter WHAT Lucy says, she pulls that football RIGHT before Charlie kicks it!
And what happens? Charlie Brown looks like a straight fool. Then the next time (you fall in love)Charlie still thinks Lucy will let him kick it.

>The Incredible Hulk is a good movie. DVD just came out.
>Pride&Glory is also a good movie. Comes out on Friday.
>Colin Powell( A Republican) is endorsing Obama.
>14 More days 'till Election day. Buck Fush.
>Andrew Bynum is a beast.
>I bought new vans.
>Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Andre 3000 have new albums coming out within 3 months.

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Stephanie From Paramount!
You're cute.



My Library, My Arsenal.

" Only The Intelligence Of Love And Compassion Can Solve All Problems Of Life. "
Here's a poem I wrote around the time I started writing poetry. Talk about forshadowing the future.
Your sweet voice is noncomparable
To any other sound in the world.
Not even that of a Mozart symphony
Composed on the lining of a gold cloud.
And when your words are pressured out
From behind your full lips
The world [becomes] envious
Because every syllable contains a feather
Of an Angels wing.
And they're directed towards me.
I can't help but fly when I
See the kingdoms in your eyes
And see the Gods sitting on their thrones.
A sympathetic muse would call me a fool
For ignoring the rain during my drought season.
If spoken, my speech of love to you
Will grow a garden or daisies and purple roses.
If written, my novel of love to you
Will be inscribed along the Equator.
-Written 11-30-2006

Care Until The Care.

A lot of people don't know why I wear the Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" Bracelet on my wrist. I have worn it on my wrist for about 5 years now. It's come off 3 times, accidentally. If there is anything I have truly dedicated myself to, it's cancer. I HATE cancer. Cancer has affected my life a lot through both of my parents and most recently a good friend of mine, Simon.
The treatment is an overload. Whether it's chemotheraphy or radiation, it takes a toll on your body mentally and physically. This is the main reason why I chose a career in the medical field. Cancer, as negative as it may be, is a Passion of mine. I LOATHE Cancer.

I try to do my little part by donating a little something, something. Every now and then, I'll donate my Superman blood to the Red Cross.



This Weeks Thoughts.

I have a yellow notepad that I take everywhere with me. At any given moment, I'll think of a line or two for a poem or I'll jot down a quick question regarding something I don't understand or don't agree with. I'll fill up two sheets, front and back, every week with the most absurd, random notes. Here are some interesting lines:

1-Why don't we fight wars with Dodgeball?
The whole meaning of fighting a war is primarily to prove who has the most power. People don't need to die. Imagine it! America Vs. China. The people on the front lines RUN to the balls, scoop them up and start BOMBING against each other. There wouldn't be any need to start a draft because WHO DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY DODGEBALL!

2-Why Do We Pay For Fruits And Meats?
If you think about it, we'll never run out of strawberries and chickens. The government should pay the farmers for their produce and labor. That creates more jobs and more succulent cherries and peaches. I can understand the whole oil and gas thing because we'll eventually run out of those resources. I love peaches and apricots.

3-Impeach Bush?
I've heard people complain about Bush for the past 7 years. They don't know that if Bush were to be impeached, Cheney would be pres. Picture Scoobee-Doo being president. If he got impeached, Shaggy would become president. Get the analogy? Yeah....

4-Why Is Kiwi Fruit SO Good?
I don't know.

5-" I'm In It To Win It. Life Is Beautiful. All I Gotta Do is Follow Jesus. "
I asked a janitor at my school " How's Life? " and that was his reply. It really struck me because I'm always around people who are pessimistic. Optimism is such a beautiful thing. Our economy is in danger but if people keep saying " We're in trouble, we're in trouble " then nothing is going to get fixed. All it takes is one bright light to shine the whole room. Feel me? If 10 things are going bad in your life, you can still focus on the thousands of things that are going according to plan. Life is absolutely beautiful.

That Dodgeball War is crazy. What if countries with Weapons Of Mass Destruction were really just hiding big ass rubber balls? What if we dropped dodgeballs over Hiroshimi And Nagasaki?

Extra- Go watch Quarantine. The Bridge To Tarabithia is a real good movie. Private Practice is a good show. I LOVE flan. Katy Perry, Holla At ME!



We spoke the other night about sex.
She began the conversation with
"I want to love you as much as I can until there's no more left."
The statement was spoken with such an immense attraction
That my heart clenched its beat with each fragmented fraction.
She didn't ask nor had she demanded. I respected the way she handed
Me truth with an extremity as she told me...so boldy.
I replied with
"We'll continue to grow each day. I want to love you until we reach forever."
Words began its transmission into touch
And that's when the glowing fire grew.
Our hearts played a symphony in tunes we never knew
And the speeds of the world slowed to witness our motions.
The Night spoke to us as we whispered sex in its ear with every kiss.
In her two eyes she saw a shooting star
And in mine, I saw a planet of fire.
In our minds, we soared higher than clouds, higher but not as far.
I was in her.
And she was in my head euphorically
And metaphorically she gave everything in the world to me.
We spoke the other night about sex.


They Got Me.


I'm guilty of a few.
1-Crusty Old Vans.
Only because they are comfortable. If I'm wearing my Jordans, then I need to be careful so they don't get stepped on. I don't like that whole " Try-to-wear-an- outfit-better-than-the-person-standing-next-to-you-crowd."

2-Janitor Keys.
Two house and two car. Where else am I going to keep them? 1 in each pocket?
I could try to bring back the Fanny pack. Oh, I also keep a box cutter linked with my keys. It frequently gets me in trouble with Metal Detectors. "Oh, yeah. I need to cut up the boxes of COKE that I'm bringing in, Officer. "

3-Generally Unkempt Appearance.
I like having a beard! I've had facial hair since 6th grade. You can tell I'm comfortable when I have a scruffy beard. It goes along with my "Broke Poet" look.
You know its the broke people that have the most heart. And by the way, NEVER give spare change to a homeless man with no beard.

4-Girls Jeans
My Levi's ARE NOT girls. So I don't know if this one counts. Thats just how 501's come. I don't sag my pants, however. I stopped doing that in 8th grade.


The Hurricane.

Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for "Training Day". That movie is TRASH compared to " The Hurricane." It's an amazing movie, I'm saying it's his best one. It's been out for a while, but I just saw it.


Things You Should Remember:
Moms Birthday.
Take out the big, fancy words when you Copy/Paste an essay from the Internet.
You lied about your age.
Your socks have a hole.
You owe the library/blockbuster late fees.
There are other people in the room (if you're feeling gassy)
"Mines" is not a word.
"Internet" is capitalized.

Things You Should Be Embarrassed To Remember:
Last time you wiped your booger on the passenger seat.
Last time you slipped in the shower.
You left your car keys in the refrigerator.
Your socks have a hole.
Last time you urinated in a pool.
Last time a bird crapped on you.

I'll keep adding.


Don't Vote.

Nice Guys Finish Last.

"What women mean to us in our mind, thoughts, actions and every aspect of our lives will never be understood. The stigma of how men treat women taints the possibility of men being able to romanticize. The woman has been hurt and degraded and wants to feel that way. Treat a woman with respect and how you truly feel and expect to have a broken heart at the end of the day. They will tell you how amazing you are as a person and how much they like you. Fast forward to a few weeks later some disingenuous male will have her bent over a bathroom sink at a party, take her out on a few dates for some more sex, never call her again and he'll be the guy she can't get over. What is one to do in such a world? The dilemma of holding to the chivalrous lifestyle as opposed to lustful thievery is a decision that is based on experience. When will we come to a conclusion? If we do will we reach what we ultimately desire?

So goes the quest of life.
It does not matter the amount of love, interest and gifts you shower them in. The way to a woman's heart is through neglect of their inner soul, so much so that it is beaten to a pulp and replaced with a deep masochistic lust for you. They want to hear the words that you approve of them, but prolonging such words is key. Once the soul is broken you can give them approval and they become your attachment, your weapon, your companion. If we give in too soon we become the tool and our self is lost. This is the cycle of relationships, one party is abused and broken, the other is victor and moves on. The roles change from person to person and we are all left unhappy until we finally settle into the person we feel won't damage us, because both parties are too tired to play games."

So-basically, Nice Guys Finish Last.

Dedantheman (11:14:52 PM): Nice guys STAY finishing last
Andeeezy (11:15:42 PM): Yeah
Andeeezy (11:15:49 PM): Some chicks like assholes
Dedantheman (11:15:49 PM): you gotta talk like that! you cant be no nice [ Guy ] all the time!
Dedantheman (11:16:53 PM): yesssirrr
Andeeezy (11:17:09 PM): I like that
Dedantheman (11:17:34 PM): thats why you gotta be like " no, YOU call ME. i aint wasting my minutes"

Davon- " I guess you gotta be a 'Do Dirty Nigga' because always being the nice guy makes you finish last. You gotta go hard on them.
Dedan- " Always spending unnecessary cheese. The guys that are making the girls pay for everything are the ones keeping them on LOCK. "

koolkidtommy (12:36:37 PM): Were suckers for love, dedan
Dedantheman (12:37:46 PM): thats what loves does. comes at you and you don't know WHAT to expect. but no matter what, Love is always going to win. Love is the heavyweight champion that always knocks us out in the first round. and then TAUNTS us while we're down.
Dedantheman (12:39:01 PM): Because Love is playing dirty. and we keep playing by the rules. in a street fight, Love has the brass knuckles.

koolkidtommy (12:41:32 PM): Man ur good
Dedantheman (12:41:41 PM): lol
Dedantheman (12:44:08 PM): its like, we're playing poker and showing our cards. but the girl still goes after the guy thats hiding his cards AND counting cards. WITH kings and queens up his sleeves.

koolkidtommy (12:49:32 PM): I like intellectual people like you
koolkidtommy (12:49:45 PM): Makes me wanna learn

It's not because women like jerks. Women prefer polite over rude, and attentive over distracted. The problem is the way nice guys present these positive characteristics. In order to appear friendly and romantic, these 'nice guys' think they have to turn
off their sexuality. They hide their desires in order not to offend,presenting an androgynous, asexual persona. The first impression they give is one of emasculation,
weakness, and lack of desire. At best, they confuse the woman as to whether they even find her attractive. That's what jerks offer women that nice guys don't: they're not afraid to be sexual A lot of young females will
get their perception of nice guys from television, example Dawson's

Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated, even
though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may not even be
aware of their admirer's deep affections. This can lead to
feelings such as depression,low self-esteem, anxiety, and rapid
mood swings between depression and euphoria.

Another reason to hate Dawson's Creek.