This Weeks Thoughts.

I have a yellow notepad that I take everywhere with me. At any given moment, I'll think of a line or two for a poem or I'll jot down a quick question regarding something I don't understand or don't agree with. I'll fill up two sheets, front and back, every week with the most absurd, random notes. Here are some interesting lines:

1-Why don't we fight wars with Dodgeball?
The whole meaning of fighting a war is primarily to prove who has the most power. People don't need to die. Imagine it! America Vs. China. The people on the front lines RUN to the balls, scoop them up and start BOMBING against each other. There wouldn't be any need to start a draft because WHO DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY DODGEBALL!

2-Why Do We Pay For Fruits And Meats?
If you think about it, we'll never run out of strawberries and chickens. The government should pay the farmers for their produce and labor. That creates more jobs and more succulent cherries and peaches. I can understand the whole oil and gas thing because we'll eventually run out of those resources. I love peaches and apricots.

3-Impeach Bush?
I've heard people complain about Bush for the past 7 years. They don't know that if Bush were to be impeached, Cheney would be pres. Picture Scoobee-Doo being president. If he got impeached, Shaggy would become president. Get the analogy? Yeah....

4-Why Is Kiwi Fruit SO Good?
I don't know.

5-" I'm In It To Win It. Life Is Beautiful. All I Gotta Do is Follow Jesus. "
I asked a janitor at my school " How's Life? " and that was his reply. It really struck me because I'm always around people who are pessimistic. Optimism is such a beautiful thing. Our economy is in danger but if people keep saying " We're in trouble, we're in trouble " then nothing is going to get fixed. All it takes is one bright light to shine the whole room. Feel me? If 10 things are going bad in your life, you can still focus on the thousands of things that are going according to plan. Life is absolutely beautiful.

That Dodgeball War is crazy. What if countries with Weapons Of Mass Destruction were really just hiding big ass rubber balls? What if we dropped dodgeballs over Hiroshimi And Nagasaki?

Extra- Go watch Quarantine. The Bridge To Tarabithia is a real good movie. Private Practice is a good show. I LOVE flan. Katy Perry, Holla At ME!

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