We spoke the other night about sex.
She began the conversation with
"I want to love you as much as I can until there's no more left."
The statement was spoken with such an immense attraction
That my heart clenched its beat with each fragmented fraction.
She didn't ask nor had she demanded. I respected the way she handed
Me truth with an extremity as she told me...so boldy.
I replied with
"We'll continue to grow each day. I want to love you until we reach forever."
Words began its transmission into touch
And that's when the glowing fire grew.
Our hearts played a symphony in tunes we never knew
And the speeds of the world slowed to witness our motions.
The Night spoke to us as we whispered sex in its ear with every kiss.
In her two eyes she saw a shooting star
And in mine, I saw a planet of fire.
In our minds, we soared higher than clouds, higher but not as far.
I was in her.
And she was in my head euphorically
And metaphorically she gave everything in the world to me.
We spoke the other night about sex.

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