"In Actuality."

I have already created you.
I have already constructed my image that appeals to me as beautiful.
I have given you a character that compliments
Your physique and phenomenal personality.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
I crafted your mind as an intellectual
Built you upon my wisdom
And see our love as perpetual.
Our intimate interests are identical without discrepancies.
Reflections in mirrors have their boundaries
As they cannot reflect upon shared memories.
I conjure up your image and you walk beside me
As my counterpart. As my image of eternity.
I await to meet you, in actuality.
You have taken me to the vineyards of France
And the mountains of Peru.
So I close my eyes and think of the most
Exquisite place I can take you.
This place only resides behind closed eyes.
This place only begins from within
And this is the place where I created you through
Millions of crystal pieces.
You are the glass prism that makes my heart shine from within me.
You pull the books out of my imaginary library
And I tell you to return them before
I meet you in actuality.
What's Your Name?

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