Nice Guys Finish Last.

"What women mean to us in our mind, thoughts, actions and every aspect of our lives will never be understood. The stigma of how men treat women taints the possibility of men being able to romanticize. The woman has been hurt and degraded and wants to feel that way. Treat a woman with respect and how you truly feel and expect to have a broken heart at the end of the day. They will tell you how amazing you are as a person and how much they like you. Fast forward to a few weeks later some disingenuous male will have her bent over a bathroom sink at a party, take her out on a few dates for some more sex, never call her again and he'll be the guy she can't get over. What is one to do in such a world? The dilemma of holding to the chivalrous lifestyle as opposed to lustful thievery is a decision that is based on experience. When will we come to a conclusion? If we do will we reach what we ultimately desire?

So goes the quest of life.
It does not matter the amount of love, interest and gifts you shower them in. The way to a woman's heart is through neglect of their inner soul, so much so that it is beaten to a pulp and replaced with a deep masochistic lust for you. They want to hear the words that you approve of them, but prolonging such words is key. Once the soul is broken you can give them approval and they become your attachment, your weapon, your companion. If we give in too soon we become the tool and our self is lost. This is the cycle of relationships, one party is abused and broken, the other is victor and moves on. The roles change from person to person and we are all left unhappy until we finally settle into the person we feel won't damage us, because both parties are too tired to play games."

So-basically, Nice Guys Finish Last.

Dedantheman (11:14:52 PM): Nice guys STAY finishing last
Andeeezy (11:15:42 PM): Yeah
Andeeezy (11:15:49 PM): Some chicks like assholes
Dedantheman (11:15:49 PM): you gotta talk like that! you cant be no nice [ Guy ] all the time!
Dedantheman (11:16:53 PM): yesssirrr
Andeeezy (11:17:09 PM): I like that
Dedantheman (11:17:34 PM): thats why you gotta be like " no, YOU call ME. i aint wasting my minutes"

Davon- " I guess you gotta be a 'Do Dirty Nigga' because always being the nice guy makes you finish last. You gotta go hard on them.
Dedan- " Always spending unnecessary cheese. The guys that are making the girls pay for everything are the ones keeping them on LOCK. "

koolkidtommy (12:36:37 PM): Were suckers for love, dedan
Dedantheman (12:37:46 PM): thats what loves does. comes at you and you don't know WHAT to expect. but no matter what, Love is always going to win. Love is the heavyweight champion that always knocks us out in the first round. and then TAUNTS us while we're down.
Dedantheman (12:39:01 PM): Because Love is playing dirty. and we keep playing by the rules. in a street fight, Love has the brass knuckles.

koolkidtommy (12:41:32 PM): Man ur good
Dedantheman (12:41:41 PM): lol
Dedantheman (12:44:08 PM): its like, we're playing poker and showing our cards. but the girl still goes after the guy thats hiding his cards AND counting cards. WITH kings and queens up his sleeves.

koolkidtommy (12:49:32 PM): I like intellectual people like you
koolkidtommy (12:49:45 PM): Makes me wanna learn

It's not because women like jerks. Women prefer polite over rude, and attentive over distracted. The problem is the way nice guys present these positive characteristics. In order to appear friendly and romantic, these 'nice guys' think they have to turn
off their sexuality. They hide their desires in order not to offend,presenting an androgynous, asexual persona. The first impression they give is one of emasculation,
weakness, and lack of desire. At best, they confuse the woman as to whether they even find her attractive. That's what jerks offer women that nice guys don't: they're not afraid to be sexual A lot of young females will
get their perception of nice guys from television, example Dawson's

Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated, even
though reciprocation is usually deeply desired. The beloved may not even be
aware of their admirer's deep affections. This can lead to
feelings such as depression,low self-esteem, anxiety, and rapid
mood swings between depression and euphoria.

Another reason to hate Dawson's Creek.


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Im a Crook Im a Goblin, but when it comes to this kinna stuff ima sucker, but i dont get the whole concept on what your saying..is it girls dont see what the nice guys have and cn really bring to the table?