My Library, My Arsenal.

" Only The Intelligence Of Love And Compassion Can Solve All Problems Of Life. "
Here's a poem I wrote around the time I started writing poetry. Talk about forshadowing the future.
Your sweet voice is noncomparable
To any other sound in the world.
Not even that of a Mozart symphony
Composed on the lining of a gold cloud.
And when your words are pressured out
From behind your full lips
The world [becomes] envious
Because every syllable contains a feather
Of an Angels wing.
And they're directed towards me.
I can't help but fly when I
See the kingdoms in your eyes
And see the Gods sitting on their thrones.
A sympathetic muse would call me a fool
For ignoring the rain during my drought season.
If spoken, my speech of love to you
Will grow a garden or daisies and purple roses.
If written, my novel of love to you
Will be inscribed along the Equator.
-Written 11-30-2006

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