Beginners luck my ass! It's funny when the people you play with turn SOUR when you win AFTER they taught you how to play. Who wants to see me? Dominoes, Poker, Chess, Risk, Pool, anything!


Respect The Swag Volume: Lamar Odom

On and off the court, Lamar Odom is full of swag. Starting with the Lakers. I've always felt he's the smartest player in the league right now. I respect his game. When the refs call him on a foul, he least likely to get in their faces and plead/beg as if they are going to say "okay, yeah. I believe you, O." Maybe he'll shake his head in disgust but that's because the refs are always calling TICKY TACKY fouls. You already know Gasol does the most whining on ANY call. I respect Lamar's quick cuts, smart picks, and 3 point range. He's just a straight G on the court.

Look at Fisher. He's like "aww shiit. Kevin bess' back off." And stupid ass Gasol is in the middle of YELPING as ALWAYS, trying to break it up.

And now for his undeniable swag off the court.

Chinchila coat FTW

My boy got the Angels fitted with the Retro 6's!

Is that COOGI? Look at the ice! L.O. stay poppin' bottles in the club!


Como Te Lo Puedo Dicer?

Usted eres
La unica flor
Que crese
En el jardin de mi corazon.
Digo esto porque
Empesastes como una semilla
Y cresistes para ser la belleza que eres hoy.
Vienes con espinas y trajiste felicidad a mi vida.

(Written 3 years ago)

Mary Jane.


My Randoms.

Damnit Gasol! You play so damn soft! You make all that damn noise inside the paint it seems like you get chopped to the neck with the side of someone's hand. If you are going to YELP like a damn APE then you better BEAST or YAM the ball instead of gingerly putting it in like a straight punk. Even your alley-oops are soft. Is the rim your BFF or something? Phil Jackson has been through Jordan, Rodman, Bryant, Shaqalicious, and Pipen. They knew how to YAM to the ball. I've seen players in the WNBA dunk harder than you. Bitch.

Jose Ole Steak & Cheese Burritos are always on point. Serve them up with some Tampico Peach juice.....pssssshhhhhh

Unlimited texts. I'm going for a record this month. My goal is 2,000. You think you can beat me? Yeaaah, riiiiiiight.
Favorite shirt, favorite color. I've been looking for a red one.
Caught this girl on the metro. She was cute, with that FIDM bag and beanie. I had to take a picture so I don't forget. Imma say wassup to her next time.

J Dilla rockin that Stussy. Before other rappers and producers diluted and watered it down. I never really got to know his work until after his passing. But I appreciate it now.



"Beautiful women are invisible; we're so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside...We never really get to see the person. We see the beautiful shell; we're blocked by the beauty barrier."

We'll all soon find someone who takes us out of our natural state of being. A beauty unequivocal to anything you've ever been loosely attracted to. The pursuit of obtaining a respectable relationship with this (astonishing) beauty is thrilling. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. Plotting out every move as if it were a game of chess, thinking of every possible statement and the respective response, choosing the best one and resorting to your lesser options. Social networks make everything a lot more trivial. I mean, comments can be ignored, messages aren't replied...But in person- in person IS the real thing.

If you can intrigue (bait) the girl (fish) with something smooth (shiny) then you're in. A friend of mine who's been through it all was kickin' some knowledge the other day, "Women are like fish. If you throw something shiny out into the water, it'll attract them." That means you have to distort their method of thinking. Something that'll make the girl's head go ??!?**??


You can't give up to easily when you're on the pursuit. If you know anything about fishing, sometimes you hook the fish and let it swim on because no matter how far it goes, it's still hooked to your line and you can easily reel it in. If you know anything about chess, you can sacrifice a couple pieces to make your opponent fall into your trap.

I leave you with this: You can either A) Look at her female friends on Myspace or B) Go by what Biggie said. "I don't chase them, I replace them." Girls play by their own rules which means they break every gat-damn rule there is. Guys are always going to be on the hunt. Girls just read the scouting reports and draft whoever has the most potential. Unless you have that Franchise Tag, you're always going to be a Free Agent.

I'm speaking from a guys perspective. If any girls disagree with what I'm saying, then feel freeee to debate about it. But damnit-I'm speaking the TRUTH!

BTW. Nice guys still finish last.


Beautiful Notes Are Forever.

What's all this applause about?
I'll blend in with the audience and take a seat
whistle and clap for the feature presentation.
I'm anxious to see whats hidden beneath the darkness of those velvet curtains.
The curtains are drawn and the music begins.

Slow jazz with the melody of a sour saxophone.
Black and white as a young kid and his older brother slowly place together parts to a scenic puzzle.
Parents arguing in the background.
Blurred out as to show the audience whats most important.

The jazz notes continue as a soft piano slowly rises.

The curtains close and once they open, a new scene appears.
The two kids are now older as they open their presents on a cold Christmas morning in their pajamas. One parent there to record the excitement on camera. Merry is this morning indeed but something still feels empty.

The jazz speeds up as drums start to bang and trumpets blare.

Still frames of the two kids with smiles flash by the screen. I caught one where the youngest is crying and the oldest is hugging him, as if to shelter him from any danger.

And now the jazz stops as the most powerful frame is displayed. A mother, with sweat on her forehead, tears in her eyes and blood under her feet. Holding the hands of two men. The background, the world seems to be crumbling behind them. And they hold still, as if to show nothing can penetrate their bond. An indestructible force of three. The mother and sons are still holding hands and aging. Two beautiful women appear on each sides of the men each holding infants in their arms. A new world sets in behind the growing family.

Curtains close.
A spotlight shines on me and the crowd begins to applaud and cheer. They cheer for my story. They cheer for my fight. They cheer for my growth.

The jazz symphony has yet to stop.

The beautiful notes are forever.



Fresh N Easy.

I've recently started a low-carb diet so I can lose some weight. This means a lot less breads and pastas, regular sodas, and needless snacks. Fresh And Easy knows how to hook a brotha' up! Everything is cheap, the selection and variety is on point, no sales tax, and the prepared meals are good. This Veggie Chili was only $2.50! I can feed myself for a week off of $10. I don't know how the hell they do it but Diet Coke not only has Zero calories but it also has Zero Carbs.

So goodbye to the Barq's Root Beer, Tam's Pastrami Cheeseburgers, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and 89 cent double cheesy beef burritos. Catch me at Fresh N Easy flirting with the soccer moms and yoga honnnnies talking like: "Yeah...I've been a vegetarian going on 13 months now. It's a real commitment, y'know? If you give me your phone number, I could share my Costa Rican Cucumber Salad recipe with you, girl."


Beautiful Hip-Hop.

Luniz-I Got Five On It
This is one of those automatic straight chiiill joints. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout. As soon as it comes on we start groovin' and noddin' our heads. You could lay back and just chill to the beat. What all these "Beautiful Hip-Hop" songs have in common is that they are BBQ-material. Know what I mean? You could play these songs at a Summer time BBQ with all the homies, having a good time dancing with kool-aid in one hand and a carne asada plate in the other. Music brings people together. That's the idea.

" 'Cause fools be havin' them vaccum lungs,
And if you let 'em hit it for free,
You hella dum-dum-dum-dum. "

On Repeat.

Favorite Player In The Game.

Trevor Ariza



"I sweat money, and the bank is my shower...and that pistol is my towel."-Lil Wayne


I have a problem with this line. I don't know exactly know what it is... Is it the "shower/towel" rhyme? Is it the stupid ass metaphor? Whatever it is, shit's weak.

Instructions For Life; Dalai Lama.

I keep these instructions in mind just about everyday. I read these a few years ago and I created my own. It's good to have rules or small promises that you keep to yourself to stay grounded. I've always felt the best way to live your life is by following what you believe in. Mine are in red.

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.
2. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three Rs: Respect for self, Respect for others and Responsibility for all your actions.
4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.
5.Never let any outside force influence your mind.
6. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
7. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone every day.
9. Thrive within your own passions.
10. Obey your own rules and disobey their limits.
11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. Learn the absolute meaning of the word "become".
13. Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality.




Last week was Davon's 22nd birthday. We hit up Hardtimes in Bellflower for a few games of pool. Correct me if I'm wrong but, If a player has shot in all his balls and is left with the 8Ball in an bad spot then barely TAPS the cue ball (not hitting any other ball) to "skip" his turn, isn't that a SCRATCH? And isn't that a LOSS?


What Happened To

Tito's Top 4 At Four?
By the way, they're going to be at Bellflower High School March 26th.


Twelve years ago today, Christopher "B.I.G. The Hoes Know Me" Wallace was shot. I was only 7 years old when it happened so his death didn't begin to bother me until I become of age to understand the hardcore shit he rapped about. I say I was about 16 when I truly began to appreciate his concepts of suicide and murder and also his syntactical wordplay.

The difference between Hip-Hop and Rap (in my opinion):
The Hip-Hop artist allows you to envision the world he's portraying through his unique metaphors and can deliver a true feeling through his rhetoric (persuasion). Rappers just bullshit around fluid similes and fake ass punchlines with no meaning. Seriously, Can Lil' Wayne's trash compare to the ruggedness of Biggie's "Ready To Die"?

"And if I deceive, she won't take it lightly
She'll invite me, politely, to fight G
And then we lie together, cry together
I swear to God I hope we fuckin die together."


A Tattoo On Her Neck Reads "Illuminate My..."

Are you complacent?
Sitting there, alone and quiet.
Sagacious eyes
Nonchalantly telling the story of loneliness.

I've seen you here before.
Your beauty stirs up the room and
Your storm brings a powerful attraction.

You move only to drink your liquor
And it is with much elegance.

You're very discreet, yet very deceptive
And those lies are the passion
Behind my approach to the darkness
Where you sit.

Your black dress fades into the shades with every step I take
Until you're finally gone by the time I sit down.

You were never here.

Snack/ Write.

I like to take frequent breaks when I'm working on my school work. A quick snack puts me at ease and after I can hit the ground running again. I bet the vending machines at your lame school don't dispense BARQs Root Beer [for .75]. This is the perfect snack for me.


L.A. Street Vendors (For The Win).

Bacon wrapped hot dogs with the grilled onions and peppers is where it's at. This lady knows how to hook 'em up right! $2 a pop. Right in front of my school too.


Intangible Parts of Me.

The woman that I build will be constructed from the
intangible parts of me.
The everlasting prototype machine every woman
could only wish to be.
Her sensors will feel my heat and shock the heart that beats beneath her thin sheets of fabricated skin sending signals within her cables and wires that burn like incandescent fires.
Basically, I want to fall in love with another me
so I'll pull from the blood of me and fill her like muddy streams
And her passions will scream the way silence seems to fill my dreams.
I will give her a basic idea of love because it is more thrilling to expand the capacity thereof with two rather than the methods of tried and true.
[Her systems will suddenly shut when I speak
a silent statement such as "I'd die for you."]

The deep penetration of my thoughts and theories
will be sex to her
and only she can climax to my wisdom.
Her gears will never cease to shift because
my love for her will never cease to exist.
The woman that I build will be constructed from the
intangible parts of me.
The everlasting prototype machine no real woman
could ever evolve to be.


I Hate This Rule.

This is the main reason why I am not overweight. It's 2009 and these sucka's don't accept debit/credit. Sometimes I'll crave some Tam's but be strapped for cash. The WaMu ATM and Tam's are opposite directions. This is unfair but I'm still cool with it.
Us Versus Them always digging deep into our pockets.

Beautiful Hip-Hop.

This weeks beautiful hip-hop song is Too $hort's "Gettin' It". It goes along with what I was talking about in the earlier post about getting something out of your life. He grew up in Oakland, sold his own tapes out his trunk, never lost sight of his goals and was soon signed to a major label. After the release of "Gettin' It" (Album Number Ten) in 1996, Too $hort decided to retire.

"You gotta lot a dreams but you can't get out
The first thing you need to do is set your self some goals
Think positive, everything else is old
and work hard, never stop hustlin'..."