Respect The Swag Volume: Lamar Odom

On and off the court, Lamar Odom is full of swag. Starting with the Lakers. I've always felt he's the smartest player in the league right now. I respect his game. When the refs call him on a foul, he least likely to get in their faces and plead/beg as if they are going to say "okay, yeah. I believe you, O." Maybe he'll shake his head in disgust but that's because the refs are always calling TICKY TACKY fouls. You already know Gasol does the most whining on ANY call. I respect Lamar's quick cuts, smart picks, and 3 point range. He's just a straight G on the court.

Look at Fisher. He's like "aww shiit. Kevin bess' back off." And stupid ass Gasol is in the middle of YELPING as ALWAYS, trying to break it up.

And now for his undeniable swag off the court.

Chinchila coat FTW

My boy got the Angels fitted with the Retro 6's!

Is that COOGI? Look at the ice! L.O. stay poppin' bottles in the club!

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