"Beautiful women are invisible; we're so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside...We never really get to see the person. We see the beautiful shell; we're blocked by the beauty barrier."

We'll all soon find someone who takes us out of our natural state of being. A beauty unequivocal to anything you've ever been loosely attracted to. The pursuit of obtaining a respectable relationship with this (astonishing) beauty is thrilling. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. Plotting out every move as if it were a game of chess, thinking of every possible statement and the respective response, choosing the best one and resorting to your lesser options. Social networks make everything a lot more trivial. I mean, comments can be ignored, messages aren't replied...But in person- in person IS the real thing.

If you can intrigue (bait) the girl (fish) with something smooth (shiny) then you're in. A friend of mine who's been through it all was kickin' some knowledge the other day, "Women are like fish. If you throw something shiny out into the water, it'll attract them." That means you have to distort their method of thinking. Something that'll make the girl's head go ??!?**??


You can't give up to easily when you're on the pursuit. If you know anything about fishing, sometimes you hook the fish and let it swim on because no matter how far it goes, it's still hooked to your line and you can easily reel it in. If you know anything about chess, you can sacrifice a couple pieces to make your opponent fall into your trap.

I leave you with this: You can either A) Look at her female friends on Myspace or B) Go by what Biggie said. "I don't chase them, I replace them." Girls play by their own rules which means they break every gat-damn rule there is. Guys are always going to be on the hunt. Girls just read the scouting reports and draft whoever has the most potential. Unless you have that Franchise Tag, you're always going to be a Free Agent.

I'm speaking from a guys perspective. If any girls disagree with what I'm saying, then feel freeee to debate about it. But damnit-I'm speaking the TRUTH!

BTW. Nice guys still finish last.

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msgabby said...

OK 1st of all, gurls dont need to be "reeled" in by shiny things and materials, itz not even about that. Honestly the skanky gurls that u dont want are gonna fall for that. I mean, yeah there aint nuthing wrong with a little shine here and there, but let me tell u now, from a gurlz perspective, thats not all we want. If you really looking for a companion and someone who will be there for yo ass when u broke, then u need to look for the type of girl who goes for personality and goals. If the gurl u wit dont care wat ur doing in life, then she aint the one. If she only caring about the next time u gon pay to get her nails done, then she aint the one. But really i think guys should start thinkin like gurls or sumthin, cuz it aint all about the looks in the long run, cuz when the gurl u thought was bomb walking across the street wit the stank ass attitude aint gon be so cute when u see her the next day wit her weave fucked up and her face lookin like a damn watchamacallit lol.