Fresh N Easy.

I've recently started a low-carb diet so I can lose some weight. This means a lot less breads and pastas, regular sodas, and needless snacks. Fresh And Easy knows how to hook a brotha' up! Everything is cheap, the selection and variety is on point, no sales tax, and the prepared meals are good. This Veggie Chili was only $2.50! I can feed myself for a week off of $10. I don't know how the hell they do it but Diet Coke not only has Zero calories but it also has Zero Carbs.

So goodbye to the Barq's Root Beer, Tam's Pastrami Cheeseburgers, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and 89 cent double cheesy beef burritos. Catch me at Fresh N Easy flirting with the soccer moms and yoga honnnnies talking like: "Yeah...I've been a vegetarian going on 13 months now. It's a real commitment, y'know? If you give me your phone number, I could share my Costa Rican Cucumber Salad recipe with you, girl."

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-Zach said...

LMAO! boy your a mess.