My Randoms.

Damnit Gasol! You play so damn soft! You make all that damn noise inside the paint it seems like you get chopped to the neck with the side of someone's hand. If you are going to YELP like a damn APE then you better BEAST or YAM the ball instead of gingerly putting it in like a straight punk. Even your alley-oops are soft. Is the rim your BFF or something? Phil Jackson has been through Jordan, Rodman, Bryant, Shaqalicious, and Pipen. They knew how to YAM to the ball. I've seen players in the WNBA dunk harder than you. Bitch.

Jose Ole Steak & Cheese Burritos are always on point. Serve them up with some Tampico Peach juice.....pssssshhhhhh

Unlimited texts. I'm going for a record this month. My goal is 2,000. You think you can beat me? Yeaaah, riiiiiiight.
Favorite shirt, favorite color. I've been looking for a red one.
Caught this girl on the metro. She was cute, with that FIDM bag and beanie. I had to take a picture so I don't forget. Imma say wassup to her next time.

J Dilla rockin that Stussy. Before other rappers and producers diluted and watered it down. I never really got to know his work until after his passing. But I appreciate it now.


Kevin Lonh said...

Feelin you on that one about Gasol.

msgabby said...

hahaha that gurl look thick from behindd, i alwayz knew yo ass was into the thick onesss hahaha, aint nuthin wrong wit that brutha!!