Inspiration For Days.

AndeeezyTHO (10:54:39 PM): im tellin you
AndeeeeezyTHO (10:54:48 PM): you're gonna be big
Dedantheman (10:55:01 PM): i'm working on it maan
Dedantheman: everyday!
Dedantheman: never stop
AndeeezyTHO: that's wassup
Dedantheman: i got tooo many ideas and tooo much love
AndeeezyTHO: yeah you do
AndeeezyTHO: you've experienced everything
Dedantheman: Poetry is a little window into my heart.
Dedantheman: i open it more and more
AndeeezyTHO: damn man
Dedantheman: and once its open all the way, then i can die happy
Dedantheman: i'm not looking for moneyy, maaan. All i want to do is motivate this world to be great
AndeeezyTHO: that's some president talk right there
Dedantheman: we'll see where my heart takes me. i'm just following my dreams maan
Dedantheman: thats what I want you to do
AndeeezyTHO: yea man
AndeeezyTHO: you're fuckin inspiration for days
Dedantheman: no doubt!! i'm NEVER going to stop.
Dedantheman: hahaa
AndeeezyTHO: taahhaha!
AndeeezyTHO: that's right!

You As One.

Regardless of where you stand, stand with a purpose. A purpose significant to your own unique heart. Appreciate "you-as-one". Stand because each piece of the puzzle you must hold as elegant. A heart of value holds pride of lion and strength of elephant. Deliver your meaning to the world, post mark it before the third and make sure it doesn't go unheard. As you stand, breath but don't believe that which you cannot see But keep it around and follow it devotedly.
Appreciate "you-as-one" because your heart and soul are embodied in a body that nobody can copy.
"You-as-one" will lead to a world of pure honesty and individuality.

Written August 2008



...But I'm Still Happy.


The Hundreds Is Huge.

And so are the lines.



I finally beat Davon Binford in Madden. Actually, I stomped on him. It was like taking candy from a diabetic baby. Now he's hating, talking about "I cheated".
That's LOSER talk. Apparently, my record deserves an * next to it al la Barry Bonds.
I'm 1-19 now. This first win will be better than the next thousand wins that are to come. If you're interested, I had The NY Giants and he ran with the SF 49ers. Score was 16-13. In overtime. He's saying he had one timeout left and was about to kick a field goal but I prevented him from calling said timeout. Whatever. And once I kicked the winning field goal, this was his expression:


Thanks Four.

>The Laughs.
>More Smiles Than Frowns.
>More Ups Than Downs.
>Lessons Learned.
>Money Earned.
>Never Missing A Meal.
>The Health Of My Friends.
>Maintaining The Right Path.
>Appreciating My Poetry.
>Friendly Stangers.
>...And The Ones Who Hit On Me.
>Double Pastrami Cheeseburgers.


Controversial. Nice Guys Finish Last Pt.2

You remember my "Nice Guys Finish Last" post a while ago?
Well since then, it has proven true 4 times. Allbeit not with me but with others I know.
The girl. She'll leave the greater for the lesser soon to become heartbroken.
The guy. He'll learn a lesson, lose trust and just keep it pushing.
Nice guys finish last...but in the end the girl loses.

Her: ok so when you said that nice guys finish last, it doesnt really make sense to me because that is not always, true, because even the nice guys are assholes, it's mainly about the respect he has for a woman.
Dedan: you know that saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing"?
Her: yeah
Dedan: see- if all i wanted to do was have sex with a girl, i'd say what she wants to hear and all thattt. A nice guy is a nice guy. if the girl doesnt respect herself, why should the nice guy respect herr?
Her: but then eventually ur gonna have to take that costume off, and ur real side will show, then what?? in the end all we want is a person that we can trust and knoe that he has respect for us and loves us, not just a bad boy.
Her: but what if the girl does have respect?? for herself of course
Her: its almost like we have to settle for less all the time
Her: cuz not to be mean, but it is true that most guys are assholes
Dedan: thats ONLY because girls KNOW they can manipulate guys!!
Her: thats not always true, cuz guys always manipulating the girls for sex
Dedan: nah nah nahh girls know they're in control of sex.
Her: yeah, but then thats only because we think that the guy really does care for us, and im only speaking for the respectable girls, not the hoes, cuz that is a whole different story lol
Dedan: alrightt, check it outt. i'll be talking to this girl and treat her like a queen! but then this random guy will come out from no where and put up a front just to be with this girl. she'll drop me, pick up the other guy and think thats what she wants.
Dedan: this guy will treat her good for a couple weeks but his front will eventually break down
Dedan: and she'll be hurt
Dedan: and heartbroken
Dedan: and want to go back to the guy who treated her like a Queen.
Dedan: it ALWAYS happens.
Her: oh no see that girl has no sense what so ever, and maybe its the girls out here doin that type of shit messing it up for the good girls, and maybe that is why guys have this perspective of being the bad guy will always get the girl, which in my case and for a few other girls out there is not true at all
Dedan: this is why love is never fair. love is tricky. and why love is a game.
Her: uuughh thats what i hate, that shit is wack lol

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment"


Grant Hill Filas.

Stay Classy West Coast.


This posture, this style, this sophistication.
I stared at this picture for about an hour, thinking about the right word. "Sophistication" is the best fit. I'd have no choice but to take her to some fly ass five star restaurant instead of roscoes.


Man In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you long for a day, Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what THAT man has to say. For if it is not your father or mother or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass. The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back in the glass. Some people might think you are a straight shootin' chum and call you a wonderful guy, But the man in the glass says you're only a bum, If you can't look him straight in the eye. He's the fellow to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you dear up to the end. And you have passed your most dangerous, difficult test If the guy in the glass is your friend You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years, and get pats on the back as you pass. But your final reward will be heartaches and tears If you have cheated the man in the glass.
By Peter "Dale" Wimbrow Sr.

There Should Be A Limit

To how cute kids can be.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.


A Question.

I am perhaps the most random person you know. A lot of my friends know this. I appreciate randomness/spontaneity.
I asked some of my friends:
"How Do You Eat Your Cheeseburgers?"

Here are some of the replies I got.

Marianne-"Haha umm..it depends on where its from...In-n-out cheeseburgers I just eat through cuz if I take the paper off it comes apart, y'know? But those lil dinky ones from Mcdonalds, I eat around & eat the middle last"
Justin- "Side to side"
Jeffry-"I just take one bite and its done haha or bite that shit down the middle and leave the corner with the most cheese for last."
Andy-"I eat the like outside parts first"
Ivy-" It depends sometimes I just bite into it and sometimes i like take pieces off"
Tommy-"I take out the pickles And then I dip it in either ranch or bbq I try to make it look like a donut first And rip it."
Kevin-"Ehhh dont really like cheeseburgers."
Booker-"what the fucc u talkin bout how i eat my burgers"
YoKevin-"I eat my cheeseburgers from In N Out wid Extra onions, don't chop please.My last piece never has meat in it.For some reason theres always sauce and veggies in it, but I ran outta patty."


I'm Still Saying

No on proposition 8. Politics and church aside-
Look at these people fighting for their rights! What California has voted for is to make these people miserable and unhappy. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Nahh, I don't want ya'll to be happy."
I see it as if YOU follow the bible, then YOU should interpret it YOUR way and YOU should follow what YOU feel is right in YOUR eyes. If you disagree with gay marriage, then YOU shouldn't do it. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Ayo, I read this book and it says not to do this and I see you doing it so I'm going to make sure you can't do it anymore because what you're doing is wrong... according to this scripture. "
There are more bad drivers than there are gay people. So why don't we take rights away from them? Feel me? Because that's on the same narrow track as the marriage thing.

Killa Cali, you are letting me down!
>High Rates (Gas, Rent, Mortgage, Interest)
>Clogged Freeways (105,110,710,10, 5)
>Arnold Schwarzenegger
>Taking Rights From People

Killa Cali...you are R.I.P. You stay disappointing me.
I'm moving to *****N.



I Can't Believe.

I'm in college and I still have a damn pre-algebra class.
Two years of pre-algebra in 9th and 10th grade made me HATE math. I also had a summer school class during the summer between those years because I had an F one semester.
Mr. Monroe did a hell of a job getting me to be excited about math during 11th grade Algebra 1.
I got A+'s both semesters.
I refused to have a math class my senior year so I took an extra semester of a science.
Now, I feel I'm in 13th grade with this Online Pre-algebra class.
I wouldn't mind at all except-
this is the exact SAME online class I was doing during 10th grade!
You see-my friend Marshawn Friloux and I were clowns in our math class so we were sent to Mr. Napiers class to do this online pre-algebra class everyday.
Here I am. Working on prime and composite numbers.

"Identify whether 21 is a prime or composite number.


Congratulations! You have completed this lesson! "


"Man On The Moon"

She said her heart was locked upon promise
And on this I became deeply fatigued
Looking for an intangible key
Not for entrance rather to expose and unfold
A Subtle broken mystery piece by piece.
Words and promises between my two lips
Couldn't bloom her heart like tulips
The bees who take long sips from her sweet nectar
Don't infect her, they spread her Seeds of disbelief
and the product is a bitter honey.
She said she no longer keeps her heart near and dear.
Her words lead me to believe it was buried beneath the
rocks within the Final Frontier
And I became the first man on the moon in search of Love.
A pioneer of a true womans natural essence.
This immaterial entity has demented me
For eternity.
Inspired By Elizabeth "Beans" .
Written 11-11-08



Peripetics by ZEITGUISED . . . ..

An animated short Created by London-based Zeitguised, with sound design by Michael Fakesch and commissioned by Zirkel Gallery.


You Are NOT The Best.

I'm good at admitting things I absolutely need to admit and usually good at letting things go.
But this is a different situation. Some of you know wassup with Madden 09.
Now, if you think you can beat me- you've lost your mind.
There is only one person that is-basically impossible to beat. Davon Binford.
He is a constant source of extreme frustration and anger. I mean, he's not the worlds greatest Madden player! It's just that-He gains off my mistakes. Thats the best way I can put it. [Dedan that's loser talk]
I don't want to admit that I can never beat him because then there will be no reason to play the damn game anymore. I've been practicing. My kids will be ashamed of me to know I put my homework and studying aside to "practice". I am currently... 0-13 with Davon.
Insult to injury, he's beaten me with just about every team under an 80 rating. Damnit.
The day will soon arrive that I whoop his ass in this damn game and I'll will let the world know.
Ayo, Davon!


A Short Story.

I can't remember the last time I saw a legitimate couple. There used to be a plethora of respectable lovers. Nowadays love is polluted and diluted with unimportant symbols of compassion and sincerity.
"I put you on my top friends. Number one, babe."
"IMY. ILY. <3"

This is today's generations ideal of love. Shame.

Those premature kids sitting in a cramped booth with torn, red leather seats think what they have is some kind of exotic, unique love when in fact what they have is easily compared to a stray dog sniffing the rear of a bitch that ultimately results in a round of quick fornication. One can see the value of one another by the focus in their eye contact.

To him: A source of breast contact and "sensual touching"

To her: Constant attention and this poor idea of affection.

They don't need each other. They will soon learn a valuable lesson.

I sit alone in this cold diner. Some what of a recluse. I am kept company by the fictional writers of my New Yorker magazine and a cold clam chowder, with a packet of saltine crackers.
There once was a time where I was accompanied by a superb woman. The waitress' don't notice her absence. To them, she was just this...attractive brunette who ordered the pastrami cheeseburger and never finished it. The, customer who calculated the tip exactly. 10% of $5.60.

The story of where she has gone is not needed. But she is not here anymore.
I referred to her as the part of me you never met.
She did not control me. She was the reason for my self control.
She did not manipulate me yet her heart forced my heart to do stupid and unselfish things...
Okay, she manipulated me.
She would always find a way to keep an upper hand on me. I could never make her believe what I wanted her to believe. She always told me " no beans on my nachos! " One time, I purposely forgot so that we can bicker about it. The next time, I remembered so I can get the " aww you remembered! How thoughtful!" ...She knew my plan. She must've read my book. But she loved me for it anyway.

These kids...
This young girl. Her heart will be broken in a couple weeks. She'll hate men. She'll hate herself.
She will no longer trust. She'll fall in love when she least expects it.
This young man. He will soon fall in love with an amazing young woman who is too good for him. This love will not be reciprocated and he will be torn. He will be unwilling to exhibit his true heart for display again.

The customers in this diner see an 83 year old man slowly consuming a creamy clam chowder.
There used to be a phenomenal woman across my table who saw a philosophical thinker, a modern genius...


Two Terms, Please.

We can all walk a little taller now. We can all walk with a little more pride now.
Every day will seem a little brighter now. The inconceivable, the unbelievable...
Faith has not only been restored in politics, but in greater dreams such as those of Martin Luther King Jr.
Barack Obama means more to me than politics. I believe more in HOPE than foreign policy.
I believe more in HOPE than tax cuts.
Minorities are not the future. Minorities are the PRESENT AND the future. We desperately needed a strong icon, an image of bravery, a source of inspiration.
Obama's heart is greater than his politics.


Brian M. Viveros

Click For Link

Brian’s recognition accelerated with his participation in The Art of Porn exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), where he exhibited with H.R. Giger.
Since then, Brian’s work has been in numerous gallery shows and exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and has appeared in Secret Magazine, In the Flesh, Skin Two, Drawing Blood, Darks Art, and the short story, “The Magdalena” in Fetish Magazine.




"We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential."
-- Barack obama


You are everything I love to hate.
You are everything I hate to love.
See, you are an entity that splits me.
Either I am attracted to your radiance that glows behind beauty
Or you're just another pretty face that masks the absence of a respectable personality.
Yeah, I think you're one of those "God gave me this body so I'm going to work it" types.
What I look for is one of those "I followed my God and he's blessed me with this mind so I'm going to earn it."
I would rather pursue a mind that softly hides her spiritual with intellectual.
Your cleavage is appealing but all it's revealing to me is an urgent need of attention and temporary affection that leeches on me. You are an impatient infection.
I respect the artistic ways you flaunt your curves in digital photography but those cheap sepia tones cannot compare to my greater appreciation for ancient theology and exploration of modern geography. You have no place on my maps. Perhaps your belonging is galactically spatial because your facial features are nonequivalent and unparalleled within this atmosphere.
What would you do with a mind like mine in the hands of yours?
My complexity will deteriorate you physically and bend you mentally. I'll speak to you in metaphors and your replies will begin in similes. "Like, what do you mean?"
I am more attracted to a mind built upon math and books than tasteless ass and looks.

Intelligence. She wears this black dress and a shows a bare back, softly revealing her golden skin. She is this. . .waitress in Spain. She serves daily patrons dark violet wine in crystal glasses and leaves warm dinner rolls on every table. Her beauty is reflected off the beads of sweat on her forehead and her spirituality is awaken as she gives off sighs of relief at moments of rest.
Intelligence. She wears this black dress and from behind her glasses, with a welcoming smile, she smiles back.


There's A Reason

Why I don't celebrate Halloween as well as the Fourth Of July.
Back in elementary school, I had a friend named Alphonso Bean. We were real close until we graduated from 6th grade. He didn't go to Bellflower Middle School like the rest of my friends. This is when we lost contact. He was my best friend. My first best friend. We spent Halloweens and Fourths together and it was always fun. And Cinco De Mayo is his birthday. I remember sleeping over his grandma's house in one of those Cerritos culdesacs and this apartment down Cornuta. When I first moved to Cornuta, I was sort of indifferent because it was a new crib but also a few doors down from where my best friend used to live.
I still consider Alphonso my best friend. We were friends when being friends had a stronger value. These days Friendships are watered down and I say that because it seems friendships [these days] can only be made on the basis of sex, money, immature cliques, and race.
We became friends because we had FUN together. We never talked about "fucking this bitch" or spending money on some fly-ass gear. It was about "Yo Mama" jokes and Pokemon Cards.
Alphonso is one of my "Road Dawgs For Life."

Today is my Fathers Birthday. Today, Everette Hedrick turns 81.
Fun Facts: He was born in the same year as Cesar Chavez. He's two years older than Martin Luther King Jr.
Happy Happy Birrthday, Daddy.

I am more excited for Nov. 4th than I was for my 18th birthday. [And that's saying alot, considering where I went. ] Obama 08! and I'm writing a little note on my vote card with "TWO TERMS!" And I'm going with NO ON Prop 8.

>"The Illusionist" is a great movie. (Ed Norton, Jessica Biel)
>I do NOT consider Lil Wayne Hip-Hop. (He Also steals lyrics)
>If California was Human, I think she would be one of those supermodels who are into drugs and always depressed. Know what I mean?
>Why are the Titans undefeated?
>Go eat at Pat&Oscars. Pizza, chicken, ribs and breadsticks.
>You should smile more often.