Inspiration For Days.

AndeeezyTHO (10:54:39 PM): im tellin you
AndeeeeezyTHO (10:54:48 PM): you're gonna be big
Dedantheman (10:55:01 PM): i'm working on it maan
Dedantheman: everyday!
Dedantheman: never stop
AndeeezyTHO: that's wassup
Dedantheman: i got tooo many ideas and tooo much love
AndeeezyTHO: yeah you do
AndeeezyTHO: you've experienced everything
Dedantheman: Poetry is a little window into my heart.
Dedantheman: i open it more and more
AndeeezyTHO: damn man
Dedantheman: and once its open all the way, then i can die happy
Dedantheman: i'm not looking for moneyy, maaan. All i want to do is motivate this world to be great
AndeeezyTHO: that's some president talk right there
Dedantheman: we'll see where my heart takes me. i'm just following my dreams maan
Dedantheman: thats what I want you to do
AndeeezyTHO: yea man
AndeeezyTHO: you're fuckin inspiration for days
Dedantheman: no doubt!! i'm NEVER going to stop.
Dedantheman: hahaa
AndeeezyTHO: taahhaha!
AndeeezyTHO: that's right!

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