You As One.

Regardless of where you stand, stand with a purpose. A purpose significant to your own unique heart. Appreciate "you-as-one". Stand because each piece of the puzzle you must hold as elegant. A heart of value holds pride of lion and strength of elephant. Deliver your meaning to the world, post mark it before the third and make sure it doesn't go unheard. As you stand, breath but don't believe that which you cannot see But keep it around and follow it devotedly.
Appreciate "you-as-one" because your heart and soul are embodied in a body that nobody can copy.
"You-as-one" will lead to a world of pure honesty and individuality.

Written August 2008

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kristine & reyna said...

love your writing .
YOU should be HERE majoring in english
instead .
by the way i think i'm changing my major to political science .
- jay <3