A Short Story.

I can't remember the last time I saw a legitimate couple. There used to be a plethora of respectable lovers. Nowadays love is polluted and diluted with unimportant symbols of compassion and sincerity.
"I put you on my top friends. Number one, babe."
"IMY. ILY. <3"

This is today's generations ideal of love. Shame.

Those premature kids sitting in a cramped booth with torn, red leather seats think what they have is some kind of exotic, unique love when in fact what they have is easily compared to a stray dog sniffing the rear of a bitch that ultimately results in a round of quick fornication. One can see the value of one another by the focus in their eye contact.

To him: A source of breast contact and "sensual touching"

To her: Constant attention and this poor idea of affection.

They don't need each other. They will soon learn a valuable lesson.

I sit alone in this cold diner. Some what of a recluse. I am kept company by the fictional writers of my New Yorker magazine and a cold clam chowder, with a packet of saltine crackers.
There once was a time where I was accompanied by a superb woman. The waitress' don't notice her absence. To them, she was just this...attractive brunette who ordered the pastrami cheeseburger and never finished it. The, customer who calculated the tip exactly. 10% of $5.60.

The story of where she has gone is not needed. But she is not here anymore.
I referred to her as the part of me you never met.
She did not control me. She was the reason for my self control.
She did not manipulate me yet her heart forced my heart to do stupid and unselfish things...
Okay, she manipulated me.
She would always find a way to keep an upper hand on me. I could never make her believe what I wanted her to believe. She always told me " no beans on my nachos! " One time, I purposely forgot so that we can bicker about it. The next time, I remembered so I can get the " aww you remembered! How thoughtful!" ...She knew my plan. She must've read my book. But she loved me for it anyway.

These kids...
This young girl. Her heart will be broken in a couple weeks. She'll hate men. She'll hate herself.
She will no longer trust. She'll fall in love when she least expects it.
This young man. He will soon fall in love with an amazing young woman who is too good for him. This love will not be reciprocated and he will be torn. He will be unwilling to exhibit his true heart for display again.

The customers in this diner see an 83 year old man slowly consuming a creamy clam chowder.
There used to be a phenomenal woman across my table who saw a philosophical thinker, a modern genius...