You are everything I love to hate.
You are everything I hate to love.
See, you are an entity that splits me.
Either I am attracted to your radiance that glows behind beauty
Or you're just another pretty face that masks the absence of a respectable personality.
Yeah, I think you're one of those "God gave me this body so I'm going to work it" types.
What I look for is one of those "I followed my God and he's blessed me with this mind so I'm going to earn it."
I would rather pursue a mind that softly hides her spiritual with intellectual.
Your cleavage is appealing but all it's revealing to me is an urgent need of attention and temporary affection that leeches on me. You are an impatient infection.
I respect the artistic ways you flaunt your curves in digital photography but those cheap sepia tones cannot compare to my greater appreciation for ancient theology and exploration of modern geography. You have no place on my maps. Perhaps your belonging is galactically spatial because your facial features are nonequivalent and unparalleled within this atmosphere.
What would you do with a mind like mine in the hands of yours?
My complexity will deteriorate you physically and bend you mentally. I'll speak to you in metaphors and your replies will begin in similes. "Like, what do you mean?"
I am more attracted to a mind built upon math and books than tasteless ass and looks.

Intelligence. She wears this black dress and a shows a bare back, softly revealing her golden skin. She is this. . .waitress in Spain. She serves daily patrons dark violet wine in crystal glasses and leaves warm dinner rolls on every table. Her beauty is reflected off the beads of sweat on her forehead and her spirituality is awaken as she gives off sighs of relief at moments of rest.
Intelligence. She wears this black dress and from behind her glasses, with a welcoming smile, she smiles back.

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