I Can't Believe.

I'm in college and I still have a damn pre-algebra class.
Two years of pre-algebra in 9th and 10th grade made me HATE math. I also had a summer school class during the summer between those years because I had an F one semester.
Mr. Monroe did a hell of a job getting me to be excited about math during 11th grade Algebra 1.
I got A+'s both semesters.
I refused to have a math class my senior year so I took an extra semester of a science.
Now, I feel I'm in 13th grade with this Online Pre-algebra class.
I wouldn't mind at all except-
this is the exact SAME online class I was doing during 10th grade!
You see-my friend Marshawn Friloux and I were clowns in our math class so we were sent to Mr. Napiers class to do this online pre-algebra class everyday.
Here I am. Working on prime and composite numbers.

"Identify whether 21 is a prime or composite number.


Congratulations! You have completed this lesson! "


ponyboy said...

Mr. Napier was lowkey on everyones nuts tho!


damn, thank god I'm not the only one.