You Are NOT The Best.

I'm good at admitting things I absolutely need to admit and usually good at letting things go.
But this is a different situation. Some of you know wassup with Madden 09.
Now, if you think you can beat me- you've lost your mind.
There is only one person that is-basically impossible to beat. Davon Binford.
He is a constant source of extreme frustration and anger. I mean, he's not the worlds greatest Madden player! It's just that-He gains off my mistakes. Thats the best way I can put it. [Dedan that's loser talk]
I don't want to admit that I can never beat him because then there will be no reason to play the damn game anymore. I've been practicing. My kids will be ashamed of me to know I put my homework and studying aside to "practice". I am currently... 0-13 with Davon.
Insult to injury, he's beaten me with just about every team under an 80 rating. Damnit.
The day will soon arrive that I whoop his ass in this damn game and I'll will let the world know.
Ayo, Davon!


Noir said...

member when Twan kept beating ur bro?
that nigga was PISSED!
throwin the controller n shit!
too funny

Dedan K. said...

my brothers ALWAYS been weak on sticks.
he loses.
thats automatic