Controversial. Nice Guys Finish Last Pt.2

You remember my "Nice Guys Finish Last" post a while ago?
Well since then, it has proven true 4 times. Allbeit not with me but with others I know.
The girl. She'll leave the greater for the lesser soon to become heartbroken.
The guy. He'll learn a lesson, lose trust and just keep it pushing.
Nice guys finish last...but in the end the girl loses.

Her: ok so when you said that nice guys finish last, it doesnt really make sense to me because that is not always, true, because even the nice guys are assholes, it's mainly about the respect he has for a woman.
Dedan: you know that saying " a wolf in sheeps clothing"?
Her: yeah
Dedan: see- if all i wanted to do was have sex with a girl, i'd say what she wants to hear and all thattt. A nice guy is a nice guy. if the girl doesnt respect herself, why should the nice guy respect herr?
Her: but then eventually ur gonna have to take that costume off, and ur real side will show, then what?? in the end all we want is a person that we can trust and knoe that he has respect for us and loves us, not just a bad boy.
Her: but what if the girl does have respect?? for herself of course
Her: its almost like we have to settle for less all the time
Her: cuz not to be mean, but it is true that most guys are assholes
Dedan: thats ONLY because girls KNOW they can manipulate guys!!
Her: thats not always true, cuz guys always manipulating the girls for sex
Dedan: nah nah nahh girls know they're in control of sex.
Her: yeah, but then thats only because we think that the guy really does care for us, and im only speaking for the respectable girls, not the hoes, cuz that is a whole different story lol
Dedan: alrightt, check it outt. i'll be talking to this girl and treat her like a queen! but then this random guy will come out from no where and put up a front just to be with this girl. she'll drop me, pick up the other guy and think thats what she wants.
Dedan: this guy will treat her good for a couple weeks but his front will eventually break down
Dedan: and she'll be hurt
Dedan: and heartbroken
Dedan: and want to go back to the guy who treated her like a Queen.
Dedan: it ALWAYS happens.
Her: oh no see that girl has no sense what so ever, and maybe its the girls out here doin that type of shit messing it up for the good girls, and maybe that is why guys have this perspective of being the bad guy will always get the girl, which in my case and for a few other girls out there is not true at all
Dedan: this is why love is never fair. love is tricky. and why love is a game.
Her: uuughh thats what i hate, that shit is wack lol

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment"

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ponyboy said...

word, its sux most girls have a strong perspective that guys will only fuck and leave.When there are some guys that aren't in it for the sex .