I'm Still Saying

No on proposition 8. Politics and church aside-
Look at these people fighting for their rights! What California has voted for is to make these people miserable and unhappy. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Nahh, I don't want ya'll to be happy."
I see it as if YOU follow the bible, then YOU should interpret it YOUR way and YOU should follow what YOU feel is right in YOUR eyes. If you disagree with gay marriage, then YOU shouldn't do it. If you voted YES on 8, you basically said:
" Ayo, I read this book and it says not to do this and I see you doing it so I'm going to make sure you can't do it anymore because what you're doing is wrong... according to this scripture. "
There are more bad drivers than there are gay people. So why don't we take rights away from them? Feel me? Because that's on the same narrow track as the marriage thing.

Killa Cali, you are letting me down!
>High Rates (Gas, Rent, Mortgage, Interest)
>Clogged Freeways (105,110,710,10, 5)
>Arnold Schwarzenegger
>Taking Rights From People

Killa Cali...you are R.I.P. You stay disappointing me.
I'm moving to *****N.


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Simplistically Speaking said...

Im with you, a couple years and I am out.haha