There's A Reason

Why I don't celebrate Halloween as well as the Fourth Of July.
Back in elementary school, I had a friend named Alphonso Bean. We were real close until we graduated from 6th grade. He didn't go to Bellflower Middle School like the rest of my friends. This is when we lost contact. He was my best friend. My first best friend. We spent Halloweens and Fourths together and it was always fun. And Cinco De Mayo is his birthday. I remember sleeping over his grandma's house in one of those Cerritos culdesacs and this apartment down Cornuta. When I first moved to Cornuta, I was sort of indifferent because it was a new crib but also a few doors down from where my best friend used to live.
I still consider Alphonso my best friend. We were friends when being friends had a stronger value. These days Friendships are watered down and I say that because it seems friendships [these days] can only be made on the basis of sex, money, immature cliques, and race.
We became friends because we had FUN together. We never talked about "fucking this bitch" or spending money on some fly-ass gear. It was about "Yo Mama" jokes and Pokemon Cards.
Alphonso is one of my "Road Dawgs For Life."

Today is my Fathers Birthday. Today, Everette Hedrick turns 81.
Fun Facts: He was born in the same year as Cesar Chavez. He's two years older than Martin Luther King Jr.
Happy Happy Birrthday, Daddy.

I am more excited for Nov. 4th than I was for my 18th birthday. [And that's saying alot, considering where I went. ] Obama 08! and I'm writing a little note on my vote card with "TWO TERMS!" And I'm going with NO ON Prop 8.

>"The Illusionist" is a great movie. (Ed Norton, Jessica Biel)
>I do NOT consider Lil Wayne Hip-Hop. (He Also steals lyrics)
>If California was Human, I think she would be one of those supermodels who are into drugs and always depressed. Know what I mean?
>Why are the Titans undefeated?
>Go eat at Pat&Oscars. Pizza, chicken, ribs and breadsticks.
>You should smile more often.


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