Beautiful Notes Are Forever.

What's all this applause about?
I'll blend in with the audience and take a seat
whistle and clap for the feature presentation.
I'm anxious to see whats hidden beneath the darkness of those velvet curtains.
The curtains are drawn and the music begins.

Slow jazz with the melody of a sour saxophone.
Black and white as a young kid and his older brother slowly place together parts to a scenic puzzle.
Parents arguing in the background.
Blurred out as to show the audience whats most important.

The jazz notes continue as a soft piano slowly rises.

The curtains close and once they open, a new scene appears.
The two kids are now older as they open their presents on a cold Christmas morning in their pajamas. One parent there to record the excitement on camera. Merry is this morning indeed but something still feels empty.

The jazz speeds up as drums start to bang and trumpets blare.

Still frames of the two kids with smiles flash by the screen. I caught one where the youngest is crying and the oldest is hugging him, as if to shelter him from any danger.

And now the jazz stops as the most powerful frame is displayed. A mother, with sweat on her forehead, tears in her eyes and blood under her feet. Holding the hands of two men. The background, the world seems to be crumbling behind them. And they hold still, as if to show nothing can penetrate their bond. An indestructible force of three. The mother and sons are still holding hands and aging. Two beautiful women appear on each sides of the men each holding infants in their arms. A new world sets in behind the growing family.

Curtains close.
A spotlight shines on me and the crowd begins to applaud and cheer. They cheer for my story. They cheer for my fight. They cheer for my growth.

The jazz symphony has yet to stop.

The beautiful notes are forever.

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