City of Angels and Constant Danger

I haven't been keeping up with a few of my 2009 Resolutions. For one, I most certainly have not been eating healthy. My weekly diet consists of an average of 5 Bacon-Wrapped Hotdogs from the LA street vendors and 9 Tams Cheeseburgers. I'm sure I've got all kinds of clogged arteries and a thick liability for Acid Reflux. I'm studying the GI Tract at school and I saw how ugly it can get in all your internal plumbing so that's why I'm bugging about my current diet.

Although I do indulge in a lot of trash fast food, I'm not gaining weight. I've been at 165ish since my Senior year. I need to switch up my semi-sedentary lifestyle.

The other resolution I'm having problem with is defeating Davon in Madden and/or 1-on-1. I can't let it get frustrating or else this will happen:


*New Poetry later this week.

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