Visualizing The Realism’s Of Life In Actuality.

Every night before I sleep, I stay awake to think about what my reality will be like when I'm on my own two years from now. See, I did this two years ago and I'm on the same path as I visualized. You've got to realize your reality to live it in actuality. Without picturing what your path looks like, you can easily lead yourself into the wrong one that takes you back to where you started.

When I say " I see my reality in dreams and my dreams in reality*" what I mean is the tangible life around me right now is what I envisioned for myself when I dreamt about it. So basically, I planned my dreams. Those BIG BIG plans that you spend years wishing you had, yeah those. I've been planning each stepping-stone to get up there!
[Pharmacy Tech License, AS Degree, Experience, Pharmacist License]

The biggest thing for me is to accomplish something great in MY eyes. To live a life without that ONE major accomplishment is a waste. You can search the world for a huge gold mine and set your family up for future generations to come. Accomplishment. Become Rookie of the Year. Accomplishment. Publish a book of poetry. Accomplishment. Get a Gold Medal in Volleyball at the Olympics. Accomplishment. Even if you FAIL in the eyes of others, can you really call it a failure if you got second place, knowing you tried your hardest? You know that Michael Jordan quote? "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying." So you can be 80 years young and still have pride. Feel me?

The important thing to remember is this is YOUR life. We are never handed a card that directs us to accomplish a goal that is not ours. Nothing is predetermined. It's easy to say 'We chose our own outcome in life' but you have to actually mold it with your hands until that Rheumatoid Arthritis kicks up. Life without a true goal has no definite beginning yet it has a definite ending. That's some real shit I just said. LIFE WITHOUT A TRUE GOAL HAS NO DEFINITE BEGINNING YET IT HAS A DEFINITE ENDING.
Real talk.

*=poem coming soon.

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