The Hundreds Is Gone.

Many of you who read my blog are familiar with The Hundreds. I've been a big fan of their clothing line and blog for about 3 years now, before "streetwear" become a whored popular culture. Back then, this type of streetwear actually had meaning because it was the era of the white XXXL Tall Pro Clubs. So of course, if you were rocking a shirt that was fitted correctly, you were looked down upon. But now, you've got a plethora of streetwear names that have become popular in the past two years such as Stussy, The Hundreds, 10Deep, and Crooks and Castles.

This is for my friends who've been riding with The Hundreds for as long as I have: Has The Hundreds reached their peak? Are they facing a decline in the substance and meaning of their clothing line and blog? You know what I'm talking about. I know you looked at that whackass Bun B collab like "wtf?" And when they teamed up with Kurupt...of all the classic West Coast rappers, they team up with Kurupt and release a shirt. We couldn't get Dr. Dre or Ice Cube?

If you're like me, you check their blog more than once daily. But lately, I could care less about the BS Bobby posts up. They've lost sence of what we the consumers want to see. I could care less about the damn arcade in their office. You feel me?

I've got the answer: Johnny Cupcakes.

This is a brand that sticks to it's theme through every item pressed. The company is built on a whole cupcakes/bakery goods theme.
The main thing I appreciate about Johnny Cupcakes is how they give back to it's supporters through raffle contests, store parties, and giving lectures at universitites and high schoools.

The blog is relatively better than The Hundreds, IMO. I've been trying to find out what kind of camera Jonny uses.
This is a nice taste to the Jonny Cupcakes Online Shop (Pun Intended)

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Adrian R. said...

someone needs to knock some sense into Bobby Hundreds! Kurupt, sriously? Haha.