Where I Be/ It's A Recession.

I spend a lot of my time on my campus. I work in the Financial Aid Office part-time and I have class 3 days a week. When I don't have class, I'm working. Ask your counselor about the Federal Work/Study Program at your school so you could be Boss-Hoggin' like me.

My school consists of two main buildings; One with all the classrooms and one for student services, finance, financial aid, human resources, and library. Currently in construction is the new Nurses building which should open it's doors Spring 2009.

The Great 2009 Recession, as I like to call it, has finally affected me. The cost of tuition will be rising by next year. Perhaps your school is doing the same. My university, such as many other companies and universities, has been cutting costs and faculty. For example, our grass and trees will be cut less often to save on maintenance expenses. My suggestion is to pick up a few hispanic day laborers and cut the costs by more than half. Know what I'm talking 'bout?

Has this recession affected you? I quit my job from Mervyns before they went out of bi'ness. Krispy Kreme, Sbarro's Pizza, Six Flags, and Blockbuster are sweatin' right now.

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