95,000 Thick For The Purp & Gold.

You know I had to be at the 2009 Laker Parade. This was my favorite season of basketball ever. I feel this is going to lead to a 3-Peat so we definitely had to be there. Los Angeles knows how to represent! We know how to get hyped like no other city in the world! Who else kicks in newstands and toss trash cans in metro bus windows? NOBODY! L.A. GETS HYPED! What do they expect us to do? Hold hands and chant "HIP HIP HORRAY"?! We're setting taxis and trains on fire next year! Everyone knows we wild out when the Lakers win so they should prepare it like they prepared for Hurricane Katrina. Board up the windows and house the refugees in the Staples Center, damnit!


The police were there in full effect. I felt a little nervous because all it takes is ONE jackass to toss a water bottle and we're all catching all kinds of rubber bullets and tear gas. But the melting pot that is Los Angeles showed up 95,000 thick and there weren't that many problems. The street vendors were on their grind slanging water bottles at a 40% markup rate. When was the last time you paid $8 for a burrito with 93% white rice and 7% meat? FTL.

USC can't even fill up their own stadium like the Lakers fans did today. Bunch of stuck-up cockazoids with fanny packs and sunscreen...Catch me at Elysian Park when the Dodgers
make some noise in the playoffs. I roll with the Angels but Dodger fans know how to roll thick. Dodger Dogs FTW!

(More pictures from the Coliseum later.)
(Kobe's wife is killing the summer dresses.)

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