This Is Just A Story Of When I Was Just A Shorty.

When I was a senior, there was this one girl who had a crush on me. It was evident because she was always quiet and shy around me. One of her homeboys came up to me a couple times talkin' bout "wassup with you and ol' girl?" because she was too shy. One day, she walked up to me at lunch holding out a folded up piece of paper. I already knew what was up; I didn't even have to open the shit! I just hit her with the smile and said "alright" with a nod. Word is bond! I don't remember exactly what the note said but it was on some "Do you like me? Circle Yes or No" type shit.


I kept thinking about how immature that was. I never replied, never spoke to ol' hispanic girl. I was 18 at the time and was past writting notes back and forth. I stopped doing that in 9th grade. Even then I thought it was a waste of paper so I would write my response on the back of her notes every time.

I hope she learned something from that experience. Let go of those kiddie tendencies. We're adults now.

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