December 9, 2008.

Dedantheman: we can write a poem togetherr
Her:ohhh ok.
Dedantheman: bout whaat?
Dedantheman: you decide.
Her:i want to write about love, but it's like. you can't just write about LOVE. it has to be something specific. and that i just don't know yet.. any ideas?
Dedantheman: what do you get when you mix love and unity
Dedantheman: something deeper than you and me
Dedantheman: something further than eternity
Dedantheman: something deeper than the core
Her:no no. i can't write about love.
Dedantheman: keeeeeep thiiiiiinking
Her:i just like looking at you,
i don't care to compare thoughts about chemistry, or even mix love and unity.
i just like your silhouette on my eyes.
Her:ohh. i don't care to compare notes about chemistry.
Dedantheman: if math is exact then we are perfect. backed by the science of numbers we are two fractions for a whole
Dedantheman: go.
Her:hmm. i don't like that line :/ can't write after it.
Dedantheman: on paper we are etched as everlasting roman numerals
Dedantheman: the rock is unknown so our love can never be written in stone.
Her:ughhh. i'm sorry. i can't write right now.

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J.Ford said...

If THATS not rejection..
i dont know what is..