Burning Cocoon.

Beliefs expose themselves panoramically inside the cocoon.
The exoskeleton of values never break, it clings to the branch until a beautiful butterfly burrows from the bottom and blossoms with a brilliance.
A second birth begins on the brown earth where life once was constrained to.
Now two wings and a few more eyes feel the absolute freedom of flight and precise, unadulterated sight.
The violet sky, along with pleated lines combine to persuade natural minds towards warmer wings when weather gets weary with winter.
Religion clings to both wings as particles of pollen from every flower and power plant.
Life depends on the bee who stings the poor and wise.
Within the metamorphosis of Monarch butterflies, paradigms of life are molded into modern day Mayan pyramids miles below miracles of the sky.
The moon was once a thing of solar disguise until the sun blossomed from its burning cocoon.

It took me more than 2 months to write this. There's a lot said in here, alot of real shit.

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