It's A Good Feeling.

Making new friends.
All it takes is a question.
" Waddup? "
" Whats your major? "

Working at my school enables me to interact with all of the students that attend, also with faculty members. A lot of people these days just TAKE the day and don't LIVE it.
They wake up, do their daily routine, and keep it pushin'.
It's no fun when you see different faces and TAKE them as just another face.
I always like to bring some kind of energy to a new face everyday. I don't do it for me, I do it for the stranger. Because it's a good feeling when you are treated like a friend by a stranger. Word to Tupac.
"Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers."
I'm saying, we were all kids not too long ago. As kids, it was easy to make a friend. If you had a rubber hand ball, then we boys for life! But now it seems like we judge and analyze everyone before we befriend them. Know what I'm saying?
All it takes is a smile and introduction. The familiarity starts from there.
We ALL search for the same things. We can all help each other, no doubt!
I'm one of the few who believe every human being is born in good and acquire evils throughout time. No one is born greedy and selfish and all that. It is all picked up. I hate how everyone distances themselves these days. A smile is always a welcome. Feel me?
LIVE your day to the fullest! Appreciate the friends that you've got now and welcome new friends every day.
To all of my friends, I Love You. All of my true words are spoken for you.

When I was a kid, I didn't understand what Tupac meant with his song " Changes " but it's definitely obvious now. I'm just not feeling the whole "Even though it seems Heaven sent, we ain't ready to have a Black President."

I just began a new book. " The Urban World "
I'll fill you in.

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